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Whether you're creating for yourself or looking to blow away your audience, your gear just has to deliver. From pros with studio set-ups to the aspiring at-home creator, we have product recommendations and advice to help fuel your creativity on any budget.


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In The Community

Henry’s is proud to have to opportunity to work alongside some amazing creatives across Canada. From photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, athletes, and more, we are beyond excited to show you just how rich our creator community is.

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Sony Alpha A7R V - Pushing Boundaries

Learn why this camera is a top choice for professional photographers and serious enthusiasts alike. Known for blending high-resolution imagery with impeccable performance, the A7R V stands out as a versatile powerhouse in digital photography.

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What Lighting Brand do Photographers and Videographers Turn To?

Lighting plays such a pivotal role in photography and videography. Godox consistently provides innovative and versatile lighting solutions that cater to all creatives. Whether you're an amateur exploring your passion or a professional refining your setup, read on.

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A photographer standing on a rooftop taking a photo of a cityscape

Tools to Master Landscape Photography

Whether shooting serene lakes at dawn or rugged mountains at sunset, stability is often the key difference in capturing breathtaking vistas and the subtle beauty of nature. How do you choose a reliable tripod? What are the essential features? See what brands like Manfrotto, Vanguard, and JOBY have available now. Read more... Image - attached - will need to be resized.

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Henry's has long been known in the Canadian photographic industry as the source for the best and newest products, informed Imaging Experts, award-winning customer service and competitive pricing. Henry's, a family-owned and -operated business, first opened its doors in 1909 and has evolved into Canada's largest independent photographic and digital retailer. Henry's carries over 15,000 products in stores across Canada and on from such major manufacturers as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and Epson.

With over 500 Imaging Experts specializing in the capture, storage, transportation and presentation of your photo, video and digital images. Henry's can help make the most of your moments. Many of our employees have been with the company for over a decade. It's these years of experience and dedication that allows our Imaging Experts to pass along their knowledge to customers and world travellers alike who visit our stores time and time again. Whether purchasing goods in person, by phone, by fax, or through, you can be sure that we have what you're looking for.