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Henry's Half Back

Henry's guarantees Half Back of your original purchase price within 12 months on DSLR, mirrorless, point and shoot, and video cameras. Henry's Half Back is also applicable on all major accessories purchased with your camera including lenses, power grips and flashes. If you purchased a HELP warranty with the item that you are trading in, you can transfer your HELP to a new product. Note: Henry's Half Back is not valid on extra batteries, media, memory, printers, drones or media readers

To qualify for Henry's Half Back the following conditions must be met:

  • Equipment must be in good working order
  • All supplied accessories such as chargers, batteries, USB cables and manuals must be included
  • Customer must provide the original bill of sale and valid photo ID

Here is an example of what Henry's Half Back can do for you:

Buy a $500 digital camera (not including tax) at Henry's. If within 12 months of purchase you decide to upgrade your camera to a brand new model you will receive $250 towards your new camera, assuming that all the conditions of Henry's Half Back have been met.