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Henry’s Featured Artists

Showcasing Canadian Creators

Henry’s has been a proud supporter of creatives since 1909 and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Henry’s Featured Artists project shines a light on some phenomenal creatives across Canada. Our goal is to provide these hand-picked artists resources and community to showcase their best work to amplify the important stories they’re building. From photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, athletes, and more, we are beyond excited to show you just how rich our creator community is.

At Henry’s, we’re not just Canada’s greatest camera store, we’re Canada’s home for creators.

In the Spotlight

Juan Morales

Sports content producer and creative director

Juan Morales is a Colombian born, Canadian-raised sports content producer and creative director based out of Toronto, Ontario. Currently a video editor and content producer for the NHL, his skillset is based out
of documentary style filmmaking and social media video editing, where he finds his passion in the concept of storytelling within the sports world. In only 5 years in the creative industry, he's previously worked
with the Toronto Maple Leafs, TFC, Toronto Argonauts, and TSN/BarDown.

A graduate of TMU's RTA Sport Media program, he found his love and passion for creating sports-based content during his early experiences as a content producer for the TMU Bold Athletic department. Since then, he's been able to develop his skills both as a freelancer and a full time creative, having had the ability to capture major sporting events such as the Stanley Cup Final, the NHL Winter Classic, amongst others.

Apart from his full-time work, Juan has developed a significant brand as an educational creator on YouTube and Tiktok, aiming to help people grow and find opportunities in the sports creative field, as well as producing his own podcast where he connects with other talented creatives across the sports landscape.

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Producer, mixing engineer, singer and South Indian hand drummer

Yanchan is a Canadian-Tamil producer, mixing engineer, singer and South Indian hand drummer (Mridangam) from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. As a producer and artist his unique sounds that express his Scarborough upbringing with Tamil foundations has been evident in his consistent release of solo and collaborative projects that have garnered over 4 million streams on Spotify. Yanchan most recently has helped build Emtee Projects, an artist development and music education firm for artists and labels both independent and major.  

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Kate Whyte

Award-Winning Commercial Photographer, Canon Ambassador and Profoto Shaper of Light

Kate Whyte is an award-winning commercial photographer, Canon Ambassador and Profoto Shaper of light with over 15 years of creative accomplishments for brands like Netflix, Tom Ford, Coach and Nars as well as promotional work for various local and internationalnpersonalities. When she’s not taking photos, she can be found making props for future shoots, or illustrating on her iPad.


Peter Sarellas

Videographer and video editor

Peter is a videographer and video editor specializing in content for sports and events. Based out of Toronto, he has been working in sports since 2018 during which time he has produced videos with numerous athletic and lifestyle brands, professional sports organizations, and post-secondary athletic programs. Peter also regularly posts informative tips and tutorial videos about his craft on his self-titled YouTube channel, which focuses on supporting aspiring videographers on their content creation journey.


Gregor Reynolds

Content Creator

Gregor is a content creator that has over 9 years of experience publishing videos online for large audiences. Gregor works alongside brands, agencies, and celebrities to produce engaging, comedic short-form video. Gregor's produced branded content with Disney, ByteDance, Sony Music, Uber, FritoLay, Proactiv, and more! He's worked with the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Dan Levy, and the Scott Brothers.


Bhumika Mehta

Freelance cinematographer and video producer

Bhumika is the founder and creator of The Writer Eats. She’s a food and product photographer, videographer, and content creator for vegan, vegetarian and cruelty-free brands who digs oat lattes, food puns and dad jokes. She was born in India and grew up in Dubai before coming to Canada for uni, where she majored in marketing. Bhumika began documenting her food journey while she struggled with her mindset around food and body image. She learned the basics, experimented with different cuisines and posted her creations online, where her friends and followers began asking for the recipes. Her experience in marketing and discovering her love for food through a creative outlet like food photography has allowed her to expand her talent into videography, recipes, and content creation. She loves telling a brand’s story through drool-worthy brand-aligned visuals! In a world littered with mediocre products, customers need to see what products look like and how they could experience them in order to make a decision. She does just that and helps elevate and grow businesses through brand-aligned, drool-worthy visuals that draw their customers’ eye and create an impact in their lives. Her past clients have had products across Canada and the US, in cafes and grocery stores. She couldn’t be more grateful for the path she is on because she’s happy to turn her passion into a business and help others.


Sham Waran

Mother, businesswoman, creator

Sham Waran is a mother, businesswoman and a creator. Her business is intimately woven into the narrative of her life’s experiences, forming the lens that she brings, fuelling her passion for building Sham Waran Luxury Hair Collection. Sham Waran Luxury Hair Collection is a luxury hair enhancement company that addresses the hair care needs of people that struggle with hair loss, whether from cancer, alopecia or other causes. In addition, the journey of being a daughter, wife, and mother has defined the ways in which Sham's labour - and women's labour in general - is understood as a journey that identifies the ways in which women exist and carve out our career paths.


Dana Castro


Dana Castro is a photographer specializing in branding and headshots based outside of Toronto. She is a Nikon lover and mom of 2 young boys. Dana loves connecting with her clients and getting them out of their comfort zone and in front of their ideal audience with bright and fresh images that tell a story about the person behind the business. Entrepreneurs are her niche and she is passionate about finding new ways to capture the spirit of her amazing and talented clients.


Anoshinie Muhundarajah

Choreographer, Dancer, and Movement Coach

Anoshinie is a Toronto-born Choreographer, Dancer, and Movement Coach. She is known for the way she captivates the audience through her creativity, musicality, and storytelling through movement. Anoshinie’s training began at 5 years old with Bharatanatyam and continued on to explore and train in Bollywood, Street Styles, Heels, and Jazz Funk. This opened up her world to fuse her South Asian dance with Western movement, creating her own niche. As her expertise was being noticed across the globe, Anoshinie was invited to choreograph, teach, and judge worldwide. Her passion has made her an advocate for using the arts as a platform to connect with people while inspiring and empowering communities globally. She is a visionary and at the end of the day, all she wants to do is make you feel!

Anoshinie’s credits include: The Juno Awards, Run the Burbs, Sneakerella, The Next Step, Reitmans, The Parker Andersons, BollyWed, Canada’s Got Talent 2015, International Indian Film Awards (IIFA), AR.Rahman All Access Tour, Lilly Singh World Tour, Nordic’s Dance Festival, Calgary Stampede, Avan Jogia, Raptors Half-Time Show, Pan-am Closing Ceremony, and TedX Talk.


Nicole Shapiro

Freelance cinematographer and video producer

Nicole Shapiro is a freelance cinematographer and video producer under her company NSHAPS Productions, based in Toronto, Canada. Some of her achievements include producing an international campaign for Native Instruments, producing a national campaign for Bulk Barn and YMCA, and production managing for a national Nobis campaign featuring Simu Liu. Behind the lens she has created commercial spots for clients such as OLG, Mazda & adidas. She graduated with a Kinesiology degree in 2019 from Laurier University, and has since pivoted into film and uses this sport background to further her creativity and leadership. From pre-production all the way to final delivery of projects and campaigns, she's known for her attention to detail and "outside-the-box" thinking. She makes it a priority to create a space that fosters good energy and communication for successful productions.


O'shane Howard

Commercial Photographer and Director

O'shane Howard is a Commercial Photographer and Director based in Toronto. His early experience in the industry as a model introduced him to various creative roles, leading into photography & video editing before taking a leap of faith into full-time shooting, devoting himself entirely to building connections and establishing his unique perspective. O’shane prioritizes emotion and culture in his imagery, often evoking solid sentiments that resonate, leaving the viewer wanting to learn more. O'shane has been featured by Love Magazine in ‘9 Black Photographers You Need To Know Now’ and by BuzzFeed as one of ‘27 Black Canadians You Should Be Following On Social Media’. His work has appeared in publications such as, Vogue Italia, CNN Africa, CBC Life Fashion Magazine.


Chrris Lowe

Director, Editor and Photographer

Chrris Lowe is a Toronto-based Director, Editor and Photographer with a focus on branded documentaries that are both visually driven and injected with deep authenticity. Her stories, both film and photo, are curiosity led and explore humanity in a way that leans into a distinct documentary style of storytelling that can be adapted to any project be that commercial, music video, editorial and everything In between. Chrris uses her varied experience in photography, filmmaking and interviewing to craft striking worlds that intentionally explore the human experience in a way that feels raw, engaging and honest. She leaves viewers feeling empowered to ask more questions and do further exploration on their own.


Sydney Rey

Freelance Journalist, Copywriter, Freelance Model

Sydney Rey is a multifaceted creative who carries a variety of skills under one umbrella. Her skill sets embrace her passion for storytelling which has stirred her towards a career in journalism. Her penchant for traveling has helped fuel her love for creative writing and journalistic expression. She's worked with Complex Canada, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Lifestyle, ByBlacks and many more.

A lifelong interest in fashion has encouraged her to explore opportunities in modeling and work with many brands to bring their creative direction to life. She’s worked with various brands such as: Footlocker Canada, Mackage, UGG Canada, BMW Canada, Real Sports Apparel, Rude Vogue, Adidas, Ciroc, Get Fresh Company, DSW Canada and more.


Thanuska Subramaniam

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle-related content creator

Thanuska Subramaniam is a South Asian Tamil speaking creative from Toronto whose time and work is dedicated to creating beauty, fashion and lifestyle related content. Her specialty over the past year has been creating viral transition videos on Instagram and TikTok that showcase a before and after of herself in various beauty and fashion looks. Her mission is to inspire generations of individuals especially within the South Asian community to tap into their creativity and talent and showcase their authentic self to a world that needs better representation.


Jessilynn Wong

International Wedding Photographer

Photography has always played an important part in Jessilynn Wong’s life. Growing up, her family put a lot of emphasis on the importance of capturing moments big and small. Since then, capturing fleeting moments have become an important part of her why because photos allow us to return back to our memories.

Jessilynn believes in going beyond giving people nice wedding photos. Shes strive to create a space where people can feel confident and free to be themselves. She values the beauty of natural movements over heavily orchestrated posing. Her intention is to document real life moments through a thoughtful lens.

Jessilynn Wong Photography is a Toronto-based International Wedding Photographer.


Saif Lens

Cinematic Videographer

Saif is a a self-taught cinematic videographer based in Mississauga. His interest in cameras started with recording himself in the gym. He didn’t know what he was doing at the time, but he enjoyed bringing his camera and tripod to the gym to see what he could create. Before leaving his job as a bus driver, he would use all of his spare time to learn about filming and editing, thinking of creative ideas and reaching out to people and companies so he would have something to shoot on his days off.

When he started his journey, he didn’t know exactly what to do, but since has niched his work down to videography with a cinematic aspect and he loves filming action. His advice is if you don’t know where to start, it's ok, just start and you will find out where you are meant to end up as you learn and grow in your creative journey. If you're a creative, even if you’re just starting out, Saif would love to see your work and connect with you, too.


Chloe Beth

Content Creator

Chloe Beth is a Vancouver-based content creator in the LGBTQ+ and travel space. Her platforms inspire queer folks to embrace authenticity, talk about hard things, and go out and see the world. In collaboration with her partner Jodie, Chloe brings you along on travels all over the globe, and shares raw perspectives on topics like mental health and the queer experience. You can find her on Instagram at @thechloebeth and read her blog at


Ahash Parthipan


Ahash Parthipan is a filmmaker based in Toronto. Filmmaking started off as just an interest, but after five years of shooting multiple projects across the industry it is now his profession. Ahash’s passion stems from storytelling and making sure all his clients are able to showcase their stories through his work. Through teamwork and collaboration, Ahash strives to create work that is impactful for viewers.


Tristan Barrocks

Commercial and Film Director

With over 20 years of experience, Tristan has been internationally recognized as an accomplished commercial and film director with a focus on digital storytelling which is the art of telling human-centred stories using new media platforms. He has produced films for established organizations like the Ikea Canada, Top Shop, ROOTS Canada and Footlocker Canada as well as worked with internationally recognized brands like Apple, and Foresight Group. He has several awards for his work, been featured in international film festivals and has lead national campaigns.


Chris Brockhurst

Content Creator

Chris Brockhurst creates video content for the Internet. This ranges from Wedding Films to Gym Content to working with Realtors. Most of what he creates is for his Youtube channel which, niched down, focuses on Camera Gear and the educational aspects of using this gear to help and teach viewers how to make their own content.


Rob Anzit

Commercial Photographer

Rob Anzit is a lifestyle-driven commercial photographer that thinks like a marketer to help sell brands online. He also helps creators, build confidence and clarity when landing their first or most expensive brand deal with his strategy focused mentoring.


Reni Odetoyinbo

Content Creator and Marketing Consultant

Reni is a content creator and marketing consultant. On her Youtube channel, 'xoreni', she shares resources about career development and financial literacy, and aims to make complex topics simple and accessible.



Red Lotus Films

Red Lotus Films is a film company that specializes in wedding films. Their style consists of a synergy between documentary journalism and cinematic storytelling. The Red Lotus Films team is filled with creative individuals who specialize in making sure they capture candid moments while allowing couples to relish their special day as it happens. With a team of audio technicians, colourists, editors, and cinematographers, they will turn a wedding day into a cinematic experience to be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Vonny Lorde


Vonny Lorde (they/them/theirs) is a Toronto-based photographer and creative director. They originally had intentions to pursue a career in sports but after a car accident that affected their performance, they found an affinity for photography. Lorde is known for their energizing and emotive shots that stand at the intersection of music and youth culture captured through their self-published coffee table book FILMFORFUN, however it is through their portraiture that their photography takes on a more visceral meaning.

For Lorde, the objective is to highlight Black people’s agency through their work. Inspired by their grandmother who immigrated to Canada from Jamaica, they aspire towards capturing their subjects and the complexities of their experiences. After reading We Wanted a Revolution: Black Radical Women 1965-85 by Catherine Morris, they were inspired to shoot through a Black gaze to give their subjects more license to architect their narratives and lives, through images, the way they want to.


Ivan Chow

Street and portrait photography

Ivan Chow is a Hong Kong born, Canadian photographer and filmmaker based in Toronto. His work is a continuous exploration of life in both of his home cities. From candid street photos, to portraits and landscapes, Ivan uncovers the beauty in simple moments that we often overlook in our daily lives. “Interesting stories, random interactions between people and their environment, or simply a nice sunset. There’s a lot to appreciate if we pay attention and that’s what I try to share through my art.” Most of his work is done digitally but you’ll still find a couple rolls of film in his camera bag when he’s out walking the streets on a sunny day.


Viturshan Maharajah


Vithurshan Maharajah (Vithu) is a freelance cinematographer who has been filming and editing full-time since 2018. He loves filming products, music videos, short films, ads and trendy car videos. His journey started off with a Canon T3i and now he hoards equipment for a living.

As a one-person crew, working on a vast variety of projects over the years has led him to become a resourceful filmmaker who loves to problem solve and be flexible enough to tackle most jobs on set. His work has been featured on Henry's Camera, CP24, and Ciara's IG page. He’s even had a music video hit over a million views.


Anthony Gebrehiwot


Anthony Gebrehiwot is an award-winning visual artist, photographer and community leader whose creative lens re-visions photography as an ongoing dialogue of social change between subject and society.

A self-taught artist and photographer, Gebrehiwot founded XvXy-photo in 2014 focusing on studio portraiture. To date, he has worked with several notable brands such as Nike, Royal Bank of Canada, Vice Canada, Absolute, Hudson Bay, The City of Toronto and LinkedIn to name a few. His work has been featured in over thirty local and international publications such as the Star, the Globe and Mail, PAPER Magazine, Elle UK and Yahoo Lifestyle.


Avleen Kaur


From the artist: “The themes of my paintings are largely despairing and based on our solitary and collective human experience. The comically absurd Kafka-esque life that we find ourselves in allows for a lot of space to dwell in and extract from. Life growing up in the East exists in stark and absurd contrast to the West where I now reside. My paintings seek to evaluate my history, the history of my people, oversimplify, over-complicate and narrate a story you can only feel and not see. With drawing portraits and figures into the background through a limited palette, I rely on the viewer to read the light and shadow in the painting and spend time with the protagonist in a way that not only allows them to spectate but also leave with a false memory of what must have happened. A visceral feeling of misery, akin to sharp nails slicing through a soft neck, just enough to bleed, but not leave a scar.”


Zenith Entertainment

Media Company

Zenith Entertainment is a Toronto based media company that specializes in creative content including music videos, dance covers, commercials, and more. The word “Zenith” (synonymous with apex or peak) perfectly embodies the mindset they carry into every project – to reach for the highest point, despite any challenge or obstacle. This mindset is what drives the larger-than-life spectacle that has become a stylistic signature of Zenith’s productions. Their content is only made possible through the collaboration of their teammates – a group of four creatives, who emphasize the importance of originality and creativity through their work.


Oladimeji Odunsi

Commercial and portrait photographer, Canon Canada ambassador

Oladimeji ‘Oladimeg’ Odunsi is a commercial and portrait photographer and currently a Canon Canada ambassador. His peculiar style of photography is vast, with a specialty in producing striking portraits. His use of unique compositions, vibrant colors, contrasts, lights, and original creative techniques to create outstanding images has allowed him to work with various brands and individuals to help them tell their stories.


Seth Macey

Wildlife and landscape photographer

Seth Macey is a Canadian wildlife and landscape photographer. Originally from Oakville, Ontario, he now resides near Algonquin Park. He hosts a podcast called the Photographer Mindset Podcast, where he invites inspirational photographers to come on the show and discuss ways in which photographers can build their mental fortitude, develop out-of-the-box thinking strategies, and work smarter towards their versions of success.


Ashley Kraayeveld

Athlete, soldier, nurse, stunt double

Ashley Kraayeveld is a professional athlete and Canadian national team member of taekwondo. She has been practicing her art for over 20 years and currently competes at an international level. She’s also enrolled into the military where she represents the Canadian Armed Forces as both athlete and soldier.

When not competing, she works part-time as a registered nurse and in TV & film, doing stunt doubling and fight choreography.


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