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Henry’s Featured Artists

Showcasing Canadian Creators

Henry’s has been a proud supporter of creatives since 1909 and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

Henry’s Featured Artists project shines a light on some phenomenal creatives across Canada. Our goal is to provide these hand-picked artists resources and community to showcase their best work to amplify the important stories they’re building. From photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, athletes, and more, we are beyond excited to show you just how rich our creator community is.

At Henry’s, we’re not just Canada’s greatest camera store, we’re Canada’s home for creators.

In the Spotlight

Henry's | ROM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

We want to congratulate the entrants and individuals involved in the ROM’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest! 

From November 2023 to April 2024, the ROM invited amateur and professional photographers to share their captivating images of the natural world. We are proud that for this 9th year of the contest, Henry’s was once again able to partner with the ROM to provide incredible prizes for the winner of this amazing contest.

A male deer up to its eyes in a field of flowers

Yaron Eini

Grand Prize Winner – Adult Contest
2024 ROM Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest


A robin flapping its wings

Jonny Wei

Grand Prize Winner – Youth Contest
2024 ROM Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest


Baljit Singh



Baljit Singh, a self-taught photographer based in Mississauga, Canada, seamlessly weaves her Sikh-Punjabi heritage into a vibrant tapestry of work that transcends geographical boundaries. Her photography serves as a powerful storyteller, breaking taboos and exploring themes of nostalgia, immigration, and social issues within the community. 

Grounded in authentic documentation, Baljit's approach invites viewers to witness the raw, natural and at times the re-imagined selves of her subjects, spanning a spectrum from glossy editorials to intimate documentaries. In line with this philosophy, she co-founded the creative agency The Kollective, which aims to amplify the voices of underrepresented artists and connect them with opportunities to help grow their businesses. 

As a versatile artist, she extends her talents to video work, graphic design, and editing, drawing inspiration from old family albums and stories of resilience from her community. With global recognition from exhibitions and features in publications like Vogue, Elle, and FLARE, Baljit provides a captivating glimpse into the diverse narratives of the South Asian experience.


Daryna Myroshnichenko



My name is Daryna Myroshnichenko. Born and raised in Ukraine, but have lived in Toronto since 2017. I have done photoshoots for over 9 years, I really love it so it feels like I’ve been doing it all my life. I get inspired by capturing real emotions and life stories into an image where the warm memories can be kept forever. 

Over the past 2 years, I have worked with Canadian and global brands such as Samsung, Barbie, Lancome, 7th HEAVEN, GoodLife Fitness, I Love Wellness, Georgio Armani, and many more. 

In 2017, after I moved to Canada, Henry's was the first store where I bought my favorite lens, the Canon 24 1.4. For many years, I searched for my shooting style and tried myself in different genres! Now I can confidently say that my favorite types of photography are Branding, Fashion, Portrait, and Maternity. I love working with strong business - women who fill me with their energy. 5 months ago, I opened a photo studio - Icon Studio Space! It was my big dream to have my own studio for more than 3 years.

This studio is like a labor of love for me. It's the result of my deep passion for photography and my dedication to providing everyone with the best place to express their creativity. At Icon Studio Space, clients can experience the magic of photography, where ideas turn into reality, and we capture unforgettable moments. The studio is equipped with amazing photography equipment, cool lights, and various backdrops to suit different photo needs. Whether it's taking pictures of people, products, fashion items, or anything creative, I'm confident that this studio will make the photography experience awesome.

I want to express a big thank you to all of you who have supported me and provided me with opportunities. My clients, friends, and family have been my rocks during this journey.

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Zahra Hassan



I'm Zahra Hassan, affectionately known as Ms. Hassan, and I proudly wear the hat of a Grade 6 teacher in the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario. The joy I find in education is immeasurable, and every day is a new opportunity to inspire young minds and make a positive impact on their journey of learning.

Beyond the textbooks and lesson plans, I bring a unique flair to my classroom by seamlessly blending my love for education with a deep passion for fashion. My students don't just learn algebra or geography; they witness the fusion of style and substance in their lessons. Being able to incorporate my personal interests into my teaching approach allows me to connect with my students on a different level, making the learning experience not only informative but also enjoyable.

In this fast-paced world, I am grateful to have found my place in a profession that encourages me to be my authentic self. Whether it's discussing the intricacies of literature or exploring the wonders of science, I strive to create an environment where curiosity flourishes, and individuality is celebrated. My classroom is more than just a space for academic growth; it's a community where every student feels seen, heard, and valued. I aspire to instill a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom, shaping not only informed minds but also compassionate hearts. It's a journey filled with challenges, laughter, and endless possibilities, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Deji Majekolagbe



Deji Majekolagbe, born in 1996 in Lagos, Nigeria, currently resides as a photographer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His portfolio encompasses a diverse spectrum of photography, including weddings, fashion, street, and portrait photography. Deji's passion lies in capturing the essence of individuals from various walks of life.

In his creative process, Deji emphasizes the importance of simplicity, aiming to evoke emotions, stillness, and vulnerability through his work. His focus is on showcasing the genuine and best versions of his subjects. In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of photography, Deji is dedicated to finding his unique voice, embracing a journey of continual learning, overcoming failures, and persistent experimentation.


Desarae Dee

Instrumental Fusion Artist, Composer and Producer


Desarae Dee is an Award Winning Canadian Instrumental Fusion Artist, Composer and Producer who has made significant waves in the Canadian music industry since 2014. Known as “Toronto's Queen of Vibes,” her passionate and meaningful sound combines a unique mixture of faith, soul, vulnerability and divine balance. Desarae is an established premier talent whose unique and unconventional playing style is both genre-bending and boundary-pushing. Alongside being a solo artist, Desarae is a Micro-Influencer who provides diverse and creative music content. She has built a strong and loyal digital community and has been able to garnish over 60 thousand followers and over 2 million worldwide video views combined between Instagram and TikTok.

Desarae has an extensive resume that includes national and international touring, press coverage and radio plays. She has released an abundance of music throughout her career, with some of her notable songs such as, "Holiday Soul," "Chilly Timing," and "Meditation," allowing her to become a recurring artist on NPR Music's Jazz Night in America, in addition to being a cover feature on Spotify's Fresh Finds Jazz in July 2022. Being an underrepresented artist in Canada, Desarae has been able to garnish much success by creating her own niche and lane in the Canadian music industry. Desarae is a rising star and performer to keep an eye out for in the upcoming years. Desarae continues to blaze a trail of authenticity, while continuing to break barriers in the industry and forge a path for current and future Black Women Musicians in Canada.

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Prince Meyson



I am Prince Meyson, a Toronto-based photographer from Nigeria specializing in high-end beauty, skincare, and portrait photography. My artistic approach is to capture the elegance and intricate details, highlighting the unique beauty in each subject.

In addition to photography, I am passionate about teaching and sharing my expertise on my YouTube channel. Here, I provide tutorials on photography and retouching, helping to nurture the skills of aspiring photographers and enthusiasts across the globe.

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