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Capturing Moments, Building Community

Henry's Creator Community is a place to explore the stories and work of those who create online content, produce films and documentaries, capture moments through photography, or podcast. Check out awesome content, featured creators, and tips, tricks, and tools to help you thrive as a creator.


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In The Community

Henry’s is proud to have to opportunity to work alongside some amazing creatives across Canada. From photographers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, athletes, and more, we are beyond excited to show you just how rich our creator community is.

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The Side Hustle - One Man's Journey

One example of tips, tricks and gear needed to start a side hustle. Follow Joe’s journey on his way to a new full-time career offering marketing services to small businesses. Joe believes it’s all about the creative community supporting each other. Looking to get started? Tell us about your side hustle on our social media!

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An old man sitting on a bench by the side of a city street

Street Photography - Discussion on gear features.

Exploring the relative importance of three elements when choosing gear and taking Street Photography: wide-angle lenses, image stabilization, and f-stop. With this understanding, both new and experienced photographers can enhance their creative take on the Street.

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A collage of camera lenses over a beach scene. Text reads, save up to $250 on select Sigma lenses for Canon, Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm cameras! Shop Now.

New Sigma RF Mount - What You Need to Know

After years of anticipation, SIGMA is finally releasing a selection of lenses for Canon RF Mount cameras. Canon’s RF Mount has gained popularity since its introduction in 2018. Today we see the first of six planned RF-mount lenses to be released by Sigma.

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Henry's has long been known in the Canadian photographic industry as the source for the best and newest products, informed Imaging Experts, award-winning customer service and competitive pricing. Henry's, a family-owned and -operated business, first opened its doors in 1909 and has evolved into Canada's largest independent photographic and digital retailer. Henry's carries over 15,000 products in stores across Canada and on from such major manufacturers as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic and Epson.

With over 500 Imaging Experts specializing in the capture, storage, transportation and presentation of your photo, video and digital images. Henry's can help make the most of your moments. Many of our employees have been with the company for over a decade. It's these years of experience and dedication that allows our Imaging Experts to pass along their knowledge to customers and world travellers alike who visit our stores time and time again. Whether purchasing goods in person, by phone, by fax, or through, you can be sure that we have what you're looking for.