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Henry's Learning Lab - A Note To Our Customers

Henry's has connected with hundreds of thousands of photo and video related creators over the years and we will continue to evolve how we can best continue to connect and inspire creatives every day. We are currently in the process of reinventing how we bring this education to life and as of October 1st 2018 Henry's Learning Lab will no longer offer it's regularly scheduled paid courses.

We will continue to offer private group and 1 on 1 training and as well we offer a variety of free events at our stores to participate in. Please check out our events page to see what is going on at your local Henry's store. Also please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube plus pick up our FREE magazine "The Lens" which also has a ton of great info, tips and tricks and highlights from the creative community.

We are so excited to share what we have coming soon in the coming months — so stay tuned to hear about what Henry's Learning Lab is up to!

How To's + Tips + Tricks


Henry's is at the heart of content creation, and content creation is at our heart. Our video series, product reviews and features are here to educate and entertain!

Here are a few of our most popular:

Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - How To shoot Music videos 1 shot 3 ways with Matt Tipold

How to shoot music videos, 1 shot 3 ways with Matt Tipold

In this edition, Matt shows us how three different perspectives to capture a shot. He explains the reason for each one and what benefits a closer shot can bring over a father shot. These different techniques can be used to change the way a scene is perceived regardless of the context.

Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - Portraits at 3 Different Focal Lengths

Portraits at 3 Different Focal Lengths

In this edition, Kailee Mandel shows us how three different Sigma Art lenses effect the appearance of a portrait. From a wider lens that will include more of the surrounding environments, to a narrower, telephoto lens, that flattens the background and isolates your subject from their surroundings.

Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - Creative L.E.D. Lighting for Your Video Scenes

Creative L.E.D. Lighting for Your Video Scenes

In this edition, Clement Lush shows us how three different types of lighting can change and set the scene. Clement explains how to achieve high-key lighting, moody lighting and how to mimic and create the appearance of natural light. These different techniques can be used to change the mood of a scene and how the viewers interpret it.

The Lens Magazine

Henry's Blog

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Henry's Learning Lab Online powered by Kelby One

Discover how easy it is to capture beautiful photography on your own schedule and at your own pace with online learning from the Henry's Learning Lab.

Henry's Learning Lab Online powered by KelbyOne features dozens of classes taught by some of the industry's most respected photographers. You'll learn how to master your camera and begin capturing stunning photos.

We offer a variety of learning options to best suit your needs.

Popular Courses

Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - Canon Camera and Technique Course

Canon Camera & Technique

Dozens of classes on capturing, enhancing & perfecting your photos. Classes cover camera basics, accessories, composition and much more!


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Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - Wedding Photography Course

Wedding Photography

Learn to master the art and technique of wedding photography from the most successful and influential wedding photographers in the world.


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Henry's Camera - Learning Lab - Lightroom Course

Adobe Lightroom CC

Over 14 hours of learning to to achieve optimal results with your photos through the editing and organizational power of Adobe Lightroom CC.


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