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Wedding & Event Photography Equipment for Beginners & Pros


The perfect marriage of the right gear makes all the difference.

There’s a lot of similarity when it comes to the gear you need for capturing photos and videos of weddings and events. Close-up portraits, wide shots of the crowd, group shots of the bride and groom’s family or of the band – each requires the right lens and the best camera, lighting, and video support to catch the moment. There are no second chances, so backup cameras and accessories are a must.

Wedding and Event Photography

Cameras for low light and fast action

The bigger the sensor, the better the image, especially in low-lit situations like concert halls and wedding venues. Go full-frame for the full picture. These cameras are great options for shooting both stills and video:

Backup Cameras

Pros need to be prepared for anything – a spill, a drop, misguided fairy godmothers. Nothing can prevent you from capturing images that your client will cherish for the rest of their life. You need a good, solid, high-quality backup camera you can rely on when the day doesn’t go according to plan. These options are also great to consider for your primary camera if you’re a beginner looking to get into professional wedding or event photography. Make sure you’re covered with Henry’s Extended Life Plan for all of your main gear, too.

Commercial Pricing Available

Run your own business? Talk to us about special pricing for commercial customers. Stop by any Henry’s store location to find out more.

Lenses for All Situations

Speaking of being prepared, a pro wedding or event photographer needs a good range of lenses. Capture the perfect shot with the best lens for the moment. There are fantastic options from all the major brands – Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. – but also from third-party manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron.

Macro Lenses for Portraiture

Soft backgrounds and fine details to help the stars of the show stand out

Wide shots to embrace the moment

Great for group shots and setting the scene

Going the Distance

Mid to telephoto zoom lenses to get up close and personal without getting in the way


Lighting Equipment

Handy tools to keep in your kit for shaping and adding additional light

Audio for Video

Substandard audio can ruin a good video. Capture great sound with these mics and accessories:

Other Accessories

Easy to carry backpacks and bags to hold your cameras and lenses, memory cards, filters and other items to make your pro shoot a success. Remember backup batteries for your camera, too!

Got Questions?

Contact our Customer Service team using Online Chat, they’ll be happy to help.

Additional Information

We’ve found a few resources that you might find helpful as you explore your options:

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