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The Lens Magazine

The Lens Magazine: Issue 6 - Fall 2019

Inside The Lens Fall 2019 Issue

Portrait of the Artivist

Benjamin Von Wong on how he went from taking amateur photos of the night sky to creating epic viral images that are changing the way we see the world.

Inside This Issue:

Inside The Lens Fall 2019 Issue

How To Create a Follow-worthy Niche Instagram Account

Expert advice on what you can do to build, grow — and even monetize — a highly targeted social feed. (pg. 15)

Inside The Lens Fall 2019 Issue

Close Encounters

A conversation with teenaged photographer Leah Denbok, who reflects on the photo series that turned her into a published author, a next-generation talent to watch and an advocate for the homeless. (pg. 26)

Inside The Lens Fall 2019 Issue

New Horizons

Four emerging fields in the image-based arts that go beyond the traditional photography career. (pg. 32)

Inside The Lens Fall 2019 Issue

The Quick-change Artist

Vancouver's Paul Lang on keeping his business on the cutting edge of advertising and photography trends. (pg. 40)

Inside The Lens Winter 2018 Issue
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