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Henry's Events & In-store Seminars

Throughout the year, Henry's hosts a variety of events and seminars. These seminars are presented by members of the Henry's community and sales staff, and cover a wide range of topics such as how to use a video or still camera, using a flash, lighting techniques, lenses and general maintenance of your equipment. Please check back frequently for news and information regarding upcoming seminars!

All About Shooting RAW
Sponsored By Henry's

All About Shooting RAW

Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Time: 8:00pm–9:30pm E.S.T.
Location: Online
Cost: $10 (in support of the Henry's Foundation)

By default, most cameras are configured to shoot in the JPG file format. This set-up allows for quick and easy photo capture. The other option available to you is to set your file format to your RAW option. When doing this, you will uncover a bounty of options that will allow you to improve your photography in the post-processing stages for staggeringly improved results.

During this seminar we will demonstrate:

  • How to set the RAW file format in your camera (supported by virtually ALL interchangeable lens cameras)
  • What the key benefits are to shooting in RAW
  • Mythbusting: why RAW isn't just for pro photographers
  • The science behind why RAW is so beneficial (and why JPG files can limit you)
  • Tools you will need to process RAW images
  • Full demonstration of processing RAW images using various tools including Adobe Lightroom
  • Q&A session

The session will be a minimum of one hour but may extend to 90 minutes depending on questions, etc.

To register, visit and choose the July 8 session. Once registered you will then be sent a link for the event which you can use to gain access.

Your registration fee of $10 will support the Henry's Foundation and will help improve mental health services and research for all Canadians. We are very proud to support the Henry's Foundation and its efforts to champion mental health issues. Please visit for more information.

Live, Interactive Online Photography Courses
Sponsored By Henry's

Live, Interactive Online Photography Courses

Dates: Varied (see schedule at
Times: Varied
Location: Learn from anywhere!
Cost: $169 / each 4-week course

Announcing extensive and in-depth online photography courses—now available! These courses are designed with new photographers in mind, or for those needing a refresher. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and your camera. The courses and instructor have been very highly rated for quality of instruction and immediate benefit.

The initial offering will be the famous 'Photo 101' course, which has been reformulated into a 4-week offering for online learning. Class sizes are small to allow all attendees to be able to ask questions and communicate in the group with ease.

Each course will begin on a specific day of the week and be repeated on the following week on the same day and time. The entire course is over 8 hours in duration, with each week taking 2+ hours to cover the material and allow time for asking questions and covering additional topics as they arise. The primary goals are: to make you successful by covering the essential fundamentals for all photographers, and learning how to solve problems, taking full advantage of the camera.

The basic course outline includes but is not limited to:

  • Essential camera settings and camera set-up
  • Controls for solving problems
  • Taking full control of focus
  • Mastering depth of field for blurred backgrounds and more
  • Mastering shutter speed to control motion effects and freezing action
  • Lenses/focal length and choosing the right lens for the shot
  • Composition
  • How to take control of light for the right 'mood' of the shot
  • Controlling colour accuracy, and much more

Each course comes with a complete set of downloadable student notes and homework assignments. The classes are not recordings—you will be learning 'live' and interactively with a small group of other keen photography enthusiasts such as yourself.

For a complete agenda, schedule and any other information you may need, please visit and choose 'Photo 101 - Online'.

These courses are offered by James Ogilvie, founder of with the kind sponsorship of Henry's. James is responsible for the development of many photography courses and has been teaching/developing courses since 2008.

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Complete Lighting and Shooting Workshop
Sponsored By Henry's

Complete Lighting and Shooting Workshop Event

Dates: Varied - Sold Out
Time: 11:00am–5:00pm
Location: Studio 311 - 9 Davies Ave., Toronto (Queen E. & DVP)
Cost: $259 - Registration Required

This extensive hands-on learning and shooting experience is designed to take your studio photography to new creative heights. During this six-hour event, you will learn core lighting principles and work with professional studio lighting gear. This is a skills-transfer workshop with plenty of hands-on. You will learn everything needed to set up and use studio lighting for yourself. You will learn all about an array of light modifying tools that you can use to shape and control the light to suit your creative vision.

We'll also provide an extensive set of student notes, including buying advice and tips.

You'll use your camera to photograph professional models in multiple genres such as portraiture, beauty, fashion and athletic. During this event, you will make images that you'll be proud to have in your photography portfolio. Whether you're completely new to studio photography or have a bit of experience, this workshop is for you.

Ultimately, this workshop is about learning the skills to be able to set up and control lighting to evoke the mood and feel you want to create for your photos of people.

All you need to bring is your DSLR or mirrorless camera, lenses, and a desire to learn and take amazing photographs in a studio setting. Space is strictly limited to 8 attendees. We provide all of the lighting gear. Please note, this course does not cover how to use continuous light for video or 'small flash' (aka speedlights). While the core lighting principles are similar, we use 'big flash' aka studio strobes to create our works of art. No previous lighting experience is required!

This workshop is conducted by James Ogilvie, a professional educator, photographer and photography course creator for Henry's prior to opening where he offers multi-week core photography courses at Henry's in the downtown Toronto location.

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