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Product Highlights :
  • Robust Articulating Arm
  • Pony Clamp
  • Thumbscrew Activated Clip
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  • Robust Articulating Arm
  • Pony Clamp
  • Thumbscrew Activated Clip
  • Foam Jaw Inserts
  • One end of the Plamp clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object
  • Use the Plamp to stabilize windblown subjects, adjust the position or angle of your subject, or move obstructing foliage
  • You can also use the Plamp to hold reflectors and lens shades
  • One day in the field with a Plamp and you will begin to realize its full potential
  • Redesigned Clip:
  • Thumbscrew activated clip jaws allow for precise opening and closing for delicate work and stronger clamping force when required
  • Foam jaw inserts allow you to grip delicate objects without damage
  • Zytel ST (Super tough) nylon offers nearly unbreakable clip jaws in even the most extreme conditions
  • Holding notch in the clip grabs the steel rim on large and small reflectors providing a secure slip-free attachment (applies to typical cloth reflectors with steel ring hoop)
  • The clip's arched recess reliably grips larger cylindrical objects (e.g. small flashlights, branches, etc.)
  • More Robust Articulating Arm:
  • Larger LocLine elements in the articulating arm create a sturdier and more durable product while still retaining flexibility and precise positioning for heavier objects
  • Reinforced, stiffer articulating arm vibrates far less reducing valuable wait time after each movement
  • Larger arm diameter makes it possible to clamp to another Plamp offering versatile positioning and extension
  • High Quality Pony Clamp:
  • Allows for adjustable clamping tension
  • Custom bevelled jaw pads grip cylindrical objects (e.g. tripod legs) without slipping
  • Uses for the Plamp II in the Field:
  • Steady wind-blown plants for ambient light photography
  • To hold reflectors, diffusers or small flashlights
  • Make small adjustments in your subject to align it with the film plane
  • Move your subject into the desired angle for lighting (i.e. back lighting, side lighting, and front lighting)
  • Change the orientation of your subject to make an impossible camera angle into an easy one
  • Move your subject so that it is in front of the desired background
  • Move distracting background or foreground elements out of the way
  • Move desirable background or foreground elements into the picture
  • To hold a small shade to block light from hitting your lens and causing flare
  • Great for studio use.
  • Specifications:
  • Weight: 224g (7.9oz)
  • Length: 58.5 cm (23 inches)
  • Maximum Clip Jaw Opening: 2.54cm (1 inch)
  • Maximum Holding Capacity: 227g (8oz) depending on position
  • The Plamp II will hold 12" reflectors and diffusers in any position without problem
  • 20" reflectors, which are generally held in a relatively vertical position and not fully cantilevered out, can be held and positioned confidently with a single Plamp II
  • 20" Diffusers can be cantilevered above your subject using one Plamp, however it is pushing the limits of the Plamp's holding capacity. It might take some experimentation to find a position that will hold. Aggressively bending the joints of the Plamp back and forth until they start making a louder squeaking noise will temporarily increase the holding power of the Plamp
  • For diffusers larger than 20" in diameter we suggest using two Plamps
  • Compatibility:
  • Tripod Compatibility
  • The Plamp II will attach to tripod legs whose diameter is between 23 to 35mm (0.9 and 1.4 inches)
  • This includes Gitzo series 1, 2, & 3 tripods and nearly all commonly used Bogen (Manfrotto) tripods
  • Lens Compatibility
  • The Plamp II is 23" long, which is perfect for 100mm and smaller macro lenses
  • If you wish to use longer lenses with the Plamp, you may wish to extend its length with the PP-222 Large Link Plamp Extension (Sold Separately)

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