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  • Cloud Storage
  • 5 GB Free with Registration
  • iOS and Android
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POGOPLUG MOBILE CLOUD DEVICE Original:$79.99! Save:$55.49!

Sale Price: $24.50

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  • Cloud Storage
  • 5 GB Free with Registration
  • iOS and Android
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Attach your USB or SD card for storing data direct LOCALLY
  • Safely store photos and videos captured on your phone:
  • Automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Pogoplug Cloud - no sync required
  • Never worry about running out of space on your mobile phone again
  • Instantly share all of your HD videos:
  • Let your friends, family and colleagues watch your videos seconds after you take them. See a shared video for yourself
  • Publish to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with a single click:
  • Pogoplug lets you post your photos and videos to the most popular social sites with a single click
  • Your friends can watch your videos instantly and view your photo albums
  • You own your data, not the social networks
  • Collaborate with friends and colleagues on shared folders:
  • Collaborate with colleagues to easily exchange files. Create places where you and your family can add photos and videos
  • Stream your videos, photos and music from your cloud:
  • Stream your media to any device, including your smartphone, tablet and computer
  • Watch all of your movies, view all your photos and listen to all your music wherever you are
  • Expand your cloud:
  • We'll give you a free 5GB cloud for life, once you Register your Pogoplug Mobile
  • If you need more space, we offer affordable hosted storage for a monthly fee. Or you can host your own cloud with a Pogoplug device

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