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Henry's makes sure you get professional quality service for the wide range of products we sell. Manufacturer warranty repairs are sent to the appropriate authorized repair vendor, while non-warranty repair work is done by one of Henry's approved service providers. No repair work is done in-house and there are no repair technicians on staff at any Henry's/Lozeau location. Turnaround time varies with the nature of the repair, usually averaging between 4-8 weeks. This timing is dependent on the availability of parts. Repair times cannot be guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about repairs done while product is under manufacturer warranty?

Henry's sends all manufacturer warranty repairs to authorized repair vendors. The bill of sale – and only the bill of sale, not a credit card receipt – is required for all manufacturer warranty repairs. Henry's charges a $15 shipping and handling fee for all manufacturer warranty repairs with the exception of repairs on products covered by Henry's Extended Life Plan/Lozeau PLUS plan. Please be aware that most manufacturer warranties are valid only on goods purchased in Canada. For more details refer to the warranty information provided with your equipment or the manufacturer's website.

Common Issues that are not covered by Manufacture's warrenty or Henry's Extended Life Plan/ Lozeau PLUS Plan include:

  • Shutter use beyond manufacture's estimated shutter count estimation
  • Lens calibration
  • Sensor Cleaning

Any signs of external damage including the following void the manufacturer warrantyand the Henry's Extended Life Plan/Lozeau PLUS Plan:

  • Dents
  • Damaged LCDs
  • Bent Pins
  • Misaligned Lenses
  • Sand damage
  • Impact damage
  • Water damage/corrosion
  • Broken battery /card doors/memory card ejection
  • Broken shutter buttons
  • Salt water damage on waterproof camera seals
  • Damaged housing on POV cameras

Henry's will not send units with external damage to a repair vendor for a manufacturer warranty repair. In these cases customers must accept a pre-approved price, pay a non-refundable estimate fee or deal directly with the manufacturer. Note: cleaning is not covered by manufacturer warranty.

What about repairs covered by Henry's Extended Life Plan (HELP)/Lozeau PLUS Plan?

If you purchased a Henry's Extended Life Plan or the Lozeau PLUS Plan, please be sure to bring in your bill of sale along with unit needing repair. HELP is an extension of a manufacturer's warranty so any condition that a manufacturer warranty will cover, HELP/PLUS will cover. Similarly any condition that voids a manufacturer warranty (see above) voids HELP/PLUS. Henry's will not send in units with signs of external damage for a HELP/PLUS repair. In these instances customers must accept a pre-approved price for the repair or pay a non-refundable estimate fee. HELP/PLUS customers will receive a 20% discount on the repair cost if the unit is sent in for repair through Henry's. HELP/PLUS repairs taken directly to a repair vendor are not eligible for this 20% discount.

How much do non-warranty repairs cost?

Type of Equipment Approximate Cost of Repairs
Digital Point and Shoot $200
Mirrorless Camera $300
Cropped Sensor DSLR $300
Full Frame DLSR $500
CCD Cleaning $150
Video $300
Pro Video $500

Customers have two options when sending in a non-warranty repair. Customers can accept a pre-approved repair fee. If the cost of the repair is higher than the pre-approved price, the customer will be notified with an estimate. If estimate is refused there is no charge to the customer. This option results in faster repair turnaround time.

The other option is to pay a minimum $50 non-refundable/non-transferable estimate fee. If the estimate is approved the estimate fee goes toward the cost of the repair. Requesting an estimate increases repair time.

What is the average turnaround time for repairs?

Repair times average 4-8 weeks. Parts shortages and other circumstances can cause delays that are beyond Henry's control. Henry's cannot guarantee repair times, but every effort is made to ensure that repairs are done as quickly as possible.

Where do I drop off my camera?

You can bring your camera to any Henry's/Lozeau retail locations. Click here to find a location near you.

Can I mail or courier my camera to Henry's for repair?

If you prefer to ship the product to a Henry's/Lozeau location, click here to find a store near you.

Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number, email address and proof of purchase (if the repair is covered by manufacturer warranty, HELP, or Henry's Used Warranty), as well as a detailed description of the problem.

If sending repairs from outside Canada mark the outside of the packaging 'Canadian goods being returned for repair' to avoid problems with Canadian customs. Please be aware that customs charges and shipping fees are the customer's responsibility.

Who pays for shipping?

If your item is under warranty (manufacturer warranty, Henry's Used Warranty or Henry's Extended Life Plan) you pay for shipping the items to Henry's and Henry's will pay for the return shipping within Canada. There are additional charges for same day/next day shipping, larger items such as printers and repairs shipped outside Canada.

Are there any cameras Henry's does not service?

Yes, there are numerous older brands for which there are no longer parts. If in doubt please contact your local Henry's/Lozeau Retail location. Click here to find a store near you.

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