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8x10 inch Prints Only $2.99!

Henry's Photo Printing


Henry's is pleased to announce that we will be making the transition over to a new online photo printing website at the start of October 2017 in order to offer a new and improved experience to better service our valued customers.

Henry's Photo Printing will be re-launched as Henry's Photo Centre with a new and upgraded online user experience.

This easy, simple to use interface will bring more products, more customization, improved turnaround times and overall a much better photo printing experience that is a key component of the new and improved "Henry's Experience".

Please note: Instant kiosk printing is still available at Henry's store locations.

During this transition, if you need to check the status of your order after September 17th, please contact your local Henry's store. We will be able to track your order for you.

We are looking forward to sharing this new photo printing adventure with you and hope you enjoy our enhanced photo printing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Henry's changing photofinishing providers?

In order to bring you the best possible photofinishing experience, we are changing how we do photofinishing. We will now be able to deliver faster turnaround times, higher quality prints and products, better quality control, an easier workflow bringing you a better customer experience. We're very excited about these changes and we know you will not be disappointed!

How are my prints and photo gifts different from other photofinishing providers?

We pride ourselves in delivering only the best quality products to our customers. We will have samples at all of our locations so feel free to take a look.

Will my prints look any different than the ones I receive today?

Yes! We will be using a higher end, archival, heavy weight photo paper. You will still have the option to order either glossy or lustre prints online. This new photo paper will show brighter and deeper colours along with richer detail.

What happens to the photos I've uploaded to LifePics?

After the switch to our new provider, you will no longer be able to access your account or your uploaded photos on LifePics. If you no longer have the original files, we highly recommend you download and save your images to your computer before September 17th.

How do I download and save my photos from LifePics?

When viewing your image in the album, click the magnifying glass to see the image bigger. Once it is enlarged you will see a "Download" option on the left. This will download a slightly compressed version of your original file.

What will happen to my current albums and projects I have in my LifePics account?

Unfortunately, any customer albums and saved projects will not be carried over to our new provider.

How do I track my order after the September 17th cut-off?

After September 17th, contact your local Henry's store with your order number and information. We will be able to track your order until our system is launched.

Are your instant print kiosks changing?

Yes, starting mid-September, we will replacing our kiosks with new Fujifilm Instant Print Kiosks.

How will these kiosks differ from the current ones?

Our new kiosks will offer better quality prints giving you richer colours. You will also be able to order prints and projects from our central lab and pick them up at a later date in store.

Where can I order prints and gifts?

Prints, Canvas, and Photo Gifts can be ordered online, in store, or on your mobile phone. Our new and improved website will make ordering prints, canvas and gifts easier.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Digital prints will be available in 3 to 5 business days for pick up in store. All other products will be delivered in 7 to 10 business days. Holidays and individual product times will vary.

Henry's has all of your photo printing needs covered!

  • Old photos of your kids? Update them today on the Kodak Instant Print Kiosk and print up to 8"x 12".
  • Empty walls? Order on line and create enlargement, canvas, personalized photo gifts.
  • Shooting 35mm film? We process 35mm film. Drop off at any Henry's retail location.
  • Old family photos? Transfer them to DVD and we'll send you a link of your videos to share with friends and family.
  • Passport Photos - Taken by a photography expert. Guaranteed or your money back.

Year-End Photo Books

Capture the highlights of your family's year in photo books. They're a great way to share and preserve your memories and make great gifts!

Create Your Own Year-End Photo Books

Also available: Cards, Calendars, Mobile Device Covers and more!

Instant Prints - Kodak Kiosk

Available at all Henry's retail locations.

Print from your Smartphone!

Print directly from your smartphone in minutes using your iPhone or Android devices (Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity required). Simply download the Kodak Moments app using the QR code on the Kiosk or click one of the links below:

Google Play

Tag your images using the Kodak Moments app before uploading your images for more efficient ordering.

Log into your social media account and print! No need to carry memory cards. Print your memories.

Pricing for Prints, Photobooks, Calendars & More

Henry's Kodak Instant Prints Price
1 - 49 Prints
50-99 Prints
100 + Prints
1 - 9 Prints
10 +
1 - 9 Prints
10 +
1 - 4 Prints
5 + Prints
1 - 4 Prints
5 + Prints
1 - 9 Prints
10 + Prints
1 - 4 Prints
5 + Prints
HENRY'S INSTANT 4X6 PHOTOBOOK - Black Hardcover (20 PAGES) $11.99
HENRY'S INSTANT 6X8 PHOTOBOOK - Black Hardcover (20 PAGES) $16.99
HENRY'S INSTANT 8X10 CALENDAR - Monthly $27.99

Scanning and Storage

Store your old prints by scanning them and burning to CD. Use our Rapid Shoebox Scanner - Scan up to 200 prints! Or use the flatbead scanner for single prints. A great way to cherish your Memories!

Pricing for Scanning & Storage

Scanning & Storage Price
Scan up to 200 Flat Prints and Burn to CD $9.99
Picture Movie DVD with Licensed Music and Case $9.99
Picture CD with Wallet $4.99

Passports Photos & More

Passport Photos (Adult, Child and Baby) - Only $19.99!

Family Special: Order 3 or more and each photo is only $17.99

Digital Passport Photos while you wait! Have your Passport Photo taken by a Henry's Imaging Expert!
Photos are guaranteed to meet Passport and ID standards or your money back!

Adult, Child and Baby Passports available at all locations!

For babies, please bring a white blanket and car seat for the photo. Please ensure that your baby can open their eyes. Parents are welcome to bring a sweater to hold up the baby under the sweater if needed (parents hands cannot be seen in the photo as per Passport Canada regulations).

Passport and Visa Photos are available for the following countries. Please call your local Henry's location for a full list of countries available.

  • Canadian Passport Photo
  • Canadian Resident Photo
  • US Citizenship Photo
  • Permanent Resident Photo
  • Firearms License Photo
  • Australian Passport and Visa
  • Brazil Passport and Visa
  • China
  • European Union
  • India Passport and Visa
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines Visa
  • Russia
  • Thailand

New Passport Photo Technology Featuring Biometrics Now Available at Henry's

Easy. Quick. Accurate.

For more information on Photo Specification and Forms, please visit:

Biometric Software Technology takes the guess work out of ensuring you receive the highest quality passport photo. Henry's new state of the art biometric software automatically checks photos against all local and international regulations to ensure they meet ICAO ( International Civil Aviation Organization) standards. It measures over 30 biological features and spots prohibited areas such as shadows, hair over eyes, sunglasses, hot spots, alignment and more for over 100 countries.

Using the same technology, Henry's can email or copy your photo to USB so you can apply on line (applicable to countries offering on line applications) saving you time.

For the latest Biometric Technology and digital passport photos, please visit:

For more information on Photo Specification and Forms, please visit:

Video Transfers

Did you inherit old movies but do not own a movie or slide projector or VCR? Don't have time to transfer the movies?

Transfer your old movies to DVD with ease. Watch your memories at home on your computer, tablet or television and share them with friends and family.

Share your old movies with friends and family on line via email or social media! No need to transfer your movies and store them - share them. Sign up for a FREE private Memory Share account when you drop off your old movies for transfer and receive your movies online!

Turn old family tapes and films into online videos that you can watch and enjoy over and over again on your computer, connected TV, smartphone, or tablet. And, you can also share them by email or on Facebook.

Learn how to create a custom DVD

Learn to create and share your videos

Your Memory Share account is provided by Henry's with YesVideo. To keep your account active, simply log in to your YesVideo account at least once every 365 days to view, share, or create projects from your YesVideo videos.

All movies and images are transferred to Gold DVD. Visit or call any Henry's location for more information on the following services:

  • Videotape
    VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Beta, Hi-8, Digital 8, BetaMax, MiniDV
  • Movie Film
    8mm, Super 8, 16mm
  • Slides and Prints
    Prints 2" x 2" up to 8" x 12"

Custom Titles and Themes. Transfers will be divided into Chapters for easy viewing and sharing. If you are submitting multiple videtapes, reels, prints and slides and would like them transferred in a specific order, please number them.

Turnaround Time - 4 weeks

Call your local Henry's location for more details. Pricing is determined by the number of tapes, footage and copies required. Each order is priced individually and subject to change based on original footage submitted.

Image Recovery

Did you delete your vacation photos or the once in a lifetime photo of your kids? Is your memory card corrupt or damaged? Don't lose precious memories. Henry's Photofinishing can help you recover images from your memory card.

Image Recovery starting from $40*

Call your local Henry's location for more details.

*If images cannot be recovered then there is no charge.

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