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Company History

Celebrating Over 100 Years in Business!

Who is Henry anyway?

In 1909, at the age of 19, Harry Stein opened his first jewelry business. He called the store Henry & Company, since he never really liked the name Harry. Now you know: there never really was a "Henry"!

On the move...

Our first store was located on Yonge Street, in the heart of Toronto's growing business district. Henry & Company changed locations several times during the early part of the twentieth century, all within the city of Toronto. From the Junction to Bloor Street to the Danforth, Henry & Company was a company on the move. In 1932 we relocated again, this time to Queen Street, much closer to the downtown core and not far from where our current superstore location resides.

Shifting Focus...

By the late 1950s, innovative and reliable photographic products were being manufactured in Japan. Now that cameras were becoming more affordable and easier to import, Henry & Company decided to take a shot at the photographic retail marketplace. The first few years were tough, but hard work and perseverance paid off. By 1964 Henry & Company was a successful retailer of photographic equipment.


A 2000-square foot retail outlet at 135 Church Street seemed huge in 1971, but it only took three years to outgrow it. In 1974 the company purchased a building at 119 Church Street. Just before moving to the new space, Henry & Company was renamed a more modern sounding Henry's. Along with the new name we launched an orange logo, giving the brand a fresh and distinctive identity.

Hard times...

The economic climate had been changing throughout the 1970's. By the beginning of the 1980's, the country was in the midst of a deepening recession. Interest rates were skyrocketing and a recently acquired photofinishing company was performing poorly. Henry's went into receivership on November 15, 1982.

Back in Business!

Within a year, we refocused on what Henry's does best: selling cameras! The 1980's brought some of the biggest advances in the industry and we were at the forefront, introducing many of these breakthroughs to our customers. This was the era of autofocus: the public was starting to feel excited about photography again, and we were there to meet their needs.

Meeting Demand...

With growing demand for expert photographic advice and superior selection of equipment, Henry's opened a second location - in Thornhill - in 1992. We expanded into Oshawa and Mississauga in 1997. The digital era was now upon us, and it was time to rethink modern photography. As 'Canada's Greatest Camera Store', Henry's initiated some of the greatest interest in this new digital age, and by the early 2000's we were the industry leaders in offering customers the greatest selection of digital cameras in Canada.

Over One hundred years later...

Henry's now operates twenty-two locations in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, and Quebec. As we continue to expand, so do our services. With a wide range of services, Henry's will always be on the cutting edge of photographic retail innovation. We look forward to, and are very grateful for, the continued support of our clients. Thanks from all of us at Henry's for helping us achieve this landmark anniversary. Harry would be proud!

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