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Canon L Series Lenses

L - The Mark of Destinction

The bright red line emblazoned on the lens barrel, the luxury of the letter "L"... Canon L Series lenses are not only distinguished by unsurpassed imaging performance, their superior operability and toughness, but also by the people who use them.

Global Adventurer Will Gadd has made a life of relentlessly pursuing the edge of the envelope. Whether he's paragliding to catch the view from above, climbing a big rock face or simply sharing an outdoor adventure with his daughter – Will embraces these experiences and captures each story in the best possible quality. L Series lenses are an essential part of the high performance tools that Will counts on. They capture images with an incomparable level of sharpness, clarity and colour accuracy and stand-up to the challenging environments that Will seeks out.

The Story of L Lenses

Just like Canon's lineup of high performance EOS cameras, their lenses are made entirely in-house with the help of their Lens Masters. These masters of the lens crafting trade each hold a minimum of 25 years' experience shaping glass and carefully assembling lenses – making them world leading experts.

Canon has been perfecting the process of building high quality lenses for over 75 years, innovating technology that pushed the boundaries of what was optically achievable. Incorporating specialized optical materials such as fluorite, super UD glass, and large aperture high precision aspherical lenses, L lenses have earned the overwhelming support of professional photographers by performing to the highest photographic standards.

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