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Product Highlights
  • Live Motion
  • Time-Lapse
  • Single Compact, Ultra-quiet Motor
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  • Live Motion
  • Time-Lapse
  • Single Compact, Ultra-quiet Motor
  • Built-in 7 hour Battery
  • Motion made simple:
  • Live Motion and Time-Lapse with a single compact and ultra-quiet motor.
  • Redefining how you move.
  • Rhino Motion enables you to capture stunning Live Motion and Time-lapse in a single unit. A large QVGA screen lets you set up your move quickly and start filming faster.
  • Using a powerful, ultra-precise (.7µ resolution) drive system and a built in 7 hour battery, you can film on multiple shoots without needing to swap motors or use external batteries.
  • Live Motion:
  • Turn wheel to slide:
  • Turning the controller wheel moves your camera along the slider and allows you to react in real time to dynamic scene. Whether it's waiting for the perfect moment at a wedding or capturing spontaneous live action, you can be confident you?ll get the shot on the first take.
  • Create a move:
  • You can also quickly program a move which allows you to program specific in and out points, time of travel, ramping, and looping. Ramping eases in and out of a set move. Looping repeats the move in the opposite direction which enables you to film an interview with your b-cam autonomously moving back and forth.
  • Time-Lapse:
  • Time-Lapse is as simple as setting a direction, length of travel and how long you want it to last. This is ideal for those just getting into time-lapse photography.
  • For those wanting more control use Advanced Time-Lapse which can trigger your camera's shutter with Rhino Motion's built in intervalometer (with the included shutter cable). Using the shoot-move-shoot approach, your camera is stationary while taking a picture and moves between shots to eliminate motion blur. Setting up a move is easy. Setting your exposure and duration defines how long your final clip can be in your edit. When you change the value of either exposure or duration Rhino Motion automatically calculates the new max clip length. Leave your interval calculator at home from now on.
  • Technology behind Rhino Motion:
  • Stealth Drive: Nearly Silent Operation:
  • We nearly eliminated motor noise at low speeds which allows live action filming without the need to re-record audio. The system is so quiet you can barely hear any operating noise.
  • Smart Position Sensing: Automatic limit sensing:
  • When connected to Rhino Motion, Rhino Slider EVO always knows where it's at on the rails. This means you can drive your camera around without worrying about running into the end. Even at full speed, once it senses it's close to the bumper, it automatically slows down.
  • Magnetic Encoder: Astonishingly smooth Live Motion:
  • When designing the controller wheel we implemented a brand new magnetic encoder technology which gives you extremely responsive control when filming and makes navigating menus simple and efficient. Compared to other optical based encoders, our magnetic encoder has over 100x the resolution resulting in smooth and ultra-responsive control.
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