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Product Highlights
  • Super-Cardioid Recording Pattern
  • Professional Audio Peak Indicator
  • Tri-Isolation System
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  • Super-Cardioid Recording Pattern
  • Professional Audio Peak Indicator
  • Tri-Isolation System
  • Windscreen
  • Camera NOT included
  • Adjustable AF peaking to Synchronize with any Device:
  • While most shotgun microphones work with separate recording devices that will force you to set and monitor your levels through a complicated set of steps and external units, the V-Mic D2 was carefully designed to simplify operation
  • No longer do you need to operate so many units check the audio levels or settings anymore
  • It is the first microphone that can show when your recording levels are peaking on the actual microphone unit
  • Continuous Sensitivity Adjustable:
  • The first thing you'll notice when you hold the V-Mic D2 is its sensitivity wheel
  • The wheel is able to move freely and adjust the sensitivity to fit the volume of audio you would like to record
  • The wheel is dampened to ensure a feeling of stability and precision
  • In addition, the sleek, edge-less design of wheel provides a sense of security
  • Due to the wheel's metal protective encasing, you never have to worry damaging the wheel in transport or use
  • Super-Cardioid Recording Pattern:
  • A super-cardioid polar pattern ensures that the surrounding audio is minimized and your recording is focused on the subject in front of the camera or camcorders
  • It is directional in its sound gathering which helps it pick up on-screen subjects with clarity, even in a noisy environment - just orientate it towards an interviewee or music video singer to hear pure, natural audio
  • Flat Frequency Response to Restore Pure Audio:
  • What is true response? True Response is a flat frequency response that results in a pure, untransformed audio signal
  • It ensures that what you record is clear and untouched
  • The V-Mic D2 captures the natural sounds and music of our lives, keeping sensitive audio like familiar voices just as they are
  • It is the perfect tool for capturing ADR in the studio or creating Foley
  • Low-Cut Filter:
  • The low-cut filter is easily accessible on the face of the microphone operation panel
  • It filters any sound lower than 100hz, which prevents low-end noises such as air conditioners, traffic or the sound of the camera's native system from being recorded
  • It's a single step solution to controlling the levels in a noisy environment
  • Low Self-Noise:
  • When looking for a microphone, we're all looking for a quiet one?one that doesn't generate noise itself. The D2 is a nearly silent microphone
  • A low noise level is especially desirable when working with low sound pressure levels so the sound will not drown in noise from the microphone itself
  • The D2 utilizes an optimized circuit with an output transformer which minimizes the entire electronic stage of noise
  • High Quality Electronic Components:
  • All the selected components inside D2 ensure the perfect performance
  • The D2 is a mic which has no compromise of quality during the manufacturing
  • Low Power Consumption (supports 100h):
  • To maximize battery life, Aputure developers have minimized the power consumption of the V-Mic D2
  • By needing less power, the device increases its signal speed in critical parts of the circuit and lowers power on its non-critical paths
  • It even uses different transistors in each of its circuit paths in an attempt to further reduce power consumption without losing any performance quality
  • The V-Mic D2 only takes 0.03w while recording
  • 2 AAA batteries can power the V-Mic D2 for over 100 hours
  • Professional Audio PEAK Indicator:
  • The audio PEAK indicator lets you see and track the audio levels recorded
  • It warns you if your audio levels exceed your recording levels, which may cause your clips to result in audible distortion
  • When an audio clip is approaching peak levels during recording, the led blinks red
  • To avoid having the clip volume of your audio exceed peak levels, adjust the sensitivity
  • The peak level indicator can help you monitor your levels with ease
  • Low Power Indicator:
  • The battery warning beside the mode switch blinks red to alert you that it has insufficient battery power to support its tasks
  • When the power indicator blinks red, it is time to replace the batteries as soon as possible because this means that the battery life available has reached 1% or less
  • If no new power is supplied, it will shut down automatically. This protects the microphone
  • Tri-Isolation System:
  • The V-Mic D2 has an innovative isolation system with two forms of anti-shock mounts and a special shockproof design inside of the microphone
  • Two forms of anti-shock mounts separate the V-Mic D2 capsule and electronics from its mount and provide isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted bumbles and vibrations in the microphone
  • Also, with a reliable internal isolation system, the microphone is fit for any use ranging from protected studio use to run-and-gun guerilla or extreme shoots
  • 1/4" Metal Hot Shoe Mount:
  • The microphone uses a metal standard-sized hot-shoe mount for DSLR camera use, but also features a 1/4" thread in the base of the mount for variable mounting
  • Since it incorporates both mounting options, the V-Mic D2 can be used on any rig, boom pole or custom set-up
  • Compact Locking Wheel:
  • The V-Mic D2 also features a custom locking wheel
  • When you rotate the wheel tightly, it'll lock your microphone in place and ensure that it stays right where you left it. It's a simple, but dampened rotation
  • It also uses a high-quality ABS turning system to guarantee a long lifespan
  • Even though it uses very little pressure to mount the shotgun, you can rest assured that the shotgun mic will locked in place
  • Wind-Screen and Wind-Shield Included:
  • We provide you with both an elegant wind screen and a sound-absorbing wind shield inside of the package
  • They are both designed for recording outside and preventing the capture of unwanted wind noise
  • Each unit has good air permeability, which ensures the sound you capture sounds just as it does in real life
  • Even though they are most commonly used outdoors, both are also helpful when used in the conference room, news, stage performances and other public places
  • Specifications:
  • Transducer Principles: Back Electric Condenser
  • Dynamic Range: 114dB (per IEC651)
  • Polar Pattern: Super Cardiod
  • Maximum SPL: 134dB (@1kHz, 1% THD into 1k ohms)
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz
  • THD: <=0.5%
  • Output Impedance: 200 ohms
  • LCF: 100Hz
  • Sensitivity: -50dB to -10dBre 1V/Pa @1kHz
  • Power: DC 3.0V ( AAA 1.5V ×2)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 74dB SPL (@1kHz, rel 1Pa per IEC651)
  • Dimensions: 194 x 44 x 92mm
  • Battery Life: > 100h
  • Weight (No Battery): 126g
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