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Product Highlights
  • Prevents damage to your camera's data ports
  • Quickest way to photograph on a tripod, then hand hold within a split second
  • Attaches to all DSLR Cameras
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Protect Your Camera's Data Port!

Concentrate on shooting — not your connection.

Designed by a photographer for photographers

TetherBLOCK® is designed to help protect your camera’s data connection port while shooting on a tripod or hand held. Camera data ports are fragile. One pull on a data cable connected to a camera can cause expensive camera repairs and a camera out of service on an important shoot!

Shooting Tethered Saves Pros Time

By snaking a your cable through the TetherBLOCK's S-channel and attaching the TetherBLOCK to your camera's tripod mount you'll be able to shoot tethered to a computer without fear that a trip over the cable will damage the camera's sensitive data ports.

Shooting Tethered Saves Pros Time

Benefits and Risk of Tethered Photography

Benefits and Risk of Tethered Photography

Photographing tethered directly from your camera to your computer is a huge time saver and certainly more professional. You cannot see enough detail on the back of your camera to make fine corrections and check sharpness quality easily. Professionals need to know where they are sharp and where they aren’t. Not shooting tethered, it is very difficult to tell if your critical area(s) are sharp. Exposure and lighting is easy to see on a computer, unlike looking at a small screen on the back of the camera.

No more more swapping and backing up memory cwhen using TetherBLOCK - it’s already on your computer! And you can easily make back up copies onto other hard drives. Since the images are immediately on your computer, you can share images across multiple devices.Your camera is a big investment, help protect your investment by shooting with TetherBLOCK®.

Rubber pads, that are inset into the surface of the TetherBLOCK®, hold the TetherBLOCK® securely in place without the need to over tighten. No tools are needed. All you need is a coin to tighten the recessed screw that attaches TetherBLOCK® to your camera body. TetherBLOCK® works great for also securing cables to your video camera.

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