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8+: 90-99% of original finish.

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Product Highlights
  • Wireless Functions
  • Wide Illumination Range
  • Material- Poly-carbonate plastic
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  • Wireless Functions
  • Wide Illumination Range
  • Material- Poly-carbonate plastic
  • For Sony A (alpha)DSLR cameras
  • Accessory Flash - can improve formal portraits, brighten low-light scenes, bounce lighting to soften shadows and illuminate the entire frame, provide fill-in flash for backlit shots and expand your creative freedom with complex lighting effects to give shots greater depth, erase or define shadows and bring hidden details into view
  • More Power, Longer Range - High illumination output in a small lightweight body, with effective range greater than 30 feet (10.5m) and guide number 42
  • Versatile Bounce Angle - Flexible adjustment angles of 90° up, 90° left and 180° right give you greater flexibility for bouncing light from ceiling, walls or bounce cards
  • Auto WB Adjustment - Intelligent features include the power to adjust white balance automatically -- with color temperature information signaled to the a camera before WB is adjusted
  • Auto Zoom Control - Automatically optimized for the APS-C size or 35mm full-frame size of the image sensor of the a system camera being used (DSLR-A700, DSLR-A200 and later models)
  • Wide-Angle Coverage - Automatically adjusts flash for focal-length settings from 24mm to 105mm -- and a built-in, slide-out wide-angle panel increases wide-angle coverage to 16mm
  • Wireless Operation - Sony á cameras feature an operating mode that sends wireless signals to one or more HVL-F42AM Flash Units, allowing you to operate and adjust off-camera flash lighting setups with greater ease
  • High-Speed Sync - Conventional flash only works well at shutter speeds from 1/125 to 1/250 of a second -- HVL-F42AM Flash Unit provides High-Speed Synchronization mode that enables flash sync with shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1/4000 of a second to catch fast-moving subjects
  • ADI Flash Metering - ADI (Advanced Distance Integration) metering capability enables the HVL-F42AM to work more effectively with lenses equipped with distance encoders -- combining TTL (through-the-lens) flash metering with guide number control calculated automatically according to the distance to the subject, the ambient light and the pre-flash reflectivity of the subject
  • Simple Controls, Flash Test Button - Flash controls are simple and easy to operate -- and a quick-reference flash test button provides both flash ready (amber) and proper exposure (green) signals
  • Fast Recharging Time - Recharges approximately 38% more quickly than Sony's previous entry-level accessory flash (HVL-F36AM), so your a system DSLR can be ready to catch the next great moment
  • Flash Effective Range - Shooting Distance - F2 :1m to 18m
  • Flash Effective Range-2 - Guide Number - Worth 42 (at 105mm lens focal distance)
  • Flash Effective Range-3 - Number of flashes - More than 180 times (using Alkaline batteries)
  • Flash Effective Range-4 - Lighting Angle (Vertical): Approx. 45degrees (at 35mm lens focal distance)
  • Flash Effective Range-5 - Lighting Angle (Horizontal): Approx. 60degrees (at 35mm lens focal distance)
  • Flash Effective Range-6 - Color temperature - approx.5500K
  • Flash Effective Range-7 - Connecter - Intelligent Accessory Shoe
  • Flash Mode(s) - Automatic Light Control
  • Flash Effective Range-8 - READY Lamp
  • Flash Effective Range-9 - Wide Panel
  • Flash Effective Range-10 - Lighting Angle (Vertical) --Use The Wide Panel approx. 155°
  • Flash Effective Range-11 - Lighting Angle (Horizontal) --Use The Wide Panel approx.125°
  • Flash Effective Range-12 - Bounce angles: Upward - 90 degrees; Left - 90 degrees; Right - 180 degrees
  • Battery Type - AA Alkaline /AA Ni-MH - requires 4
  • Weight (Approx.) - 12 oz (340g) (excluding AA batteries)
  • Dimensions (Approx.) - (WHD) 2-15/16 x 4-13/16 x 3-15/16" (75 x 123 x 100 mm)
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