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Product Highlights
  • Touch-screen-operated Light Meter
  • Flash Analyzing Function
  • Flash Power Control
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  • Touch-screen-operated Light Meter
  • Flash Analyzing Function
  • Flash Power Control
  • 2.7" LCD
  • It has an array of unique, must-have features for both still and motion story tellers
  • Its compact size is both instantly familiar and comfortable to use
  • The large LCD (2.7") displays ambient, flash, cine and a host of other information in a clear and understandable way
  • Settings are made by simply touching or sliding a finger over the screen
  • The L-478DR can be quickly calibrated to your camera using Sekonic's Data Transfer software and either Sekonic or X-Rite Brand targets or by manually inputting data to the DTS program or on the meter itself
  • Keeping pace with wireless advancements, the L-478DR comes complete with exclusive PocketWizard ControlTL technology which combines light measurement and flash power control providing amazing control in your hand
  • Simple Operation:
  • Instantly familiar and comfortable to use
  • Make settings by touching icons or sliding a finger on the screen
  • The large colour LCD displays ambient, flash, cine and other information in a clear and understandable way
  • Flash Power Control:
  • Features PocketWizard wireless technology enabling fingertip control of remote flashes connected to PocketWizard ControlTL receivers
  • Touch sliders to adjust power levels of Nikon or Canon Speedlights mounted on PocketWizard FlexTT5 transceivers or select studio flash units connected to ControlTL receivers
  • Switch Zones on or off to measure remote flashes separately for precise ratios
  • The L-478DR also incorporates PocketWizard Standard Channel and Quad Zone capability and can trigger any flash with a PocketWizard connected to it, including those with PocketWizard modules built-in
  • PocketWizard family:
  • The Sekonic L-478DR provides triggering or flash control for the entire PocketWizard wireless family
  • Dynalite, Lumedyne, Photogenic, and Profoto incorporate the PocketWizard standard system
  • AlienBees, Einstein, Elinchrom, Canon, Nikon and White Lightning flashes connected to PocketWizard ControlTL products are perfect match to the L-478DR for power control
  • Radio Frequency and Compatibility:
  • The PocketWizard triggering systems use different frequencies in accordance with laws and regulations of the countries where they are marketed
  • Before purchasing a product using the PocketWizard system, be sure it is compatible with local regulations and the other PocketWizard products you use
  • Flash Analyzing Function:
  • The L-478-series meters are especially useful when using flash to lighten shadows or reduce background detail
  • That's because they measure ambient and flash simultaneously and automatically indicate the percentage of flash in the total exposure
  • Touch the screen to adjust settings to get the perfect the ambient flash mix
  • The meter's analog display uses color-coded lines to graphically display the relationship between ambient and flash components
  • Calibrated to your Camera with Exposure Profiling:
  • Every camera system is unique. Optical, mechanical and imaging components all act on each other to produce slight differences in the dynamic range and exposure
  • Knowing the limits of your camera enables making better exposures with less post-processing
  • Sekonic's pioneering Data Transfer Software enables quick dynamic range mapping and meter calibration for the most precise control of light
  • Create and store up to ten profiles with Sekonic or X-Rite brand targets or use the touch display to directly enter profile information obtained from other sources
  • Data Transfer Software (CD-ROM included):
  • Data Transfer Software enables:
  • 1) Dynamic range profiling and meter calibration.
  • 2) Customizing meter functions.
  • 3) Creating custom frame rate, shutter angle and filter compensation settings.
  • 4) Upgrading the L-478-series firmware
  • Enhanced HD Cine / Cine Features:
  • Today's digital cameras are boundless and a variety of cameras can be used in a single production
  • The L-478 series has two motion capture modes to fit camera in use
  • Touch to set shutter speeds for DSLR cameras in HD CINE mode or quickly select frame rates and shutter angles for cameras in CINE mode
  • Create unique frame rates and shutter angles for special effects
  • Infinite Frame Rate/Shutter Angle:
  • Special effects and light sources can push standard camera settings to their limits
  • Allows creating unique frame rates and shutter angles to .000 to enable precise exposure and lighting, producing the very best images and reduce time in postproduction
  • Unique Filtration Compensation Mode:
  • Like all light and exposure meters, the L-478 series are calibrated for visual light
  • Because meters can't measure filtered light by design, Sekonic designers added a unique Filter mode that enables getting exact light levels with touch screen ease
  • Touch the L-478 series to instantly call up lightsource or camera filtration expressed industry standard CTO/CTB/ND terms
  • For special filters or applications, create a unique filter factor and give it a name. Up to four filters can be used together as a pack to assure full control in virtually any situation
  • Illuminance or Luminance Measurement:
  • Brightness measurement in Lux or FC and cd/m2 or FL will make the L-478 series a major player on movie sets around the world
  • Display brightness along with exposure measurements or simply by itself
  • Contrast Function:
  • The L-478 series' contrast function simplifies setting up lighting ratios or checking the evenness of a background or scene
  • Take a reading of the key or reference light and touch AVE/EV to create a standard
  • Then press the measuring button to display the brightness difference between the standard and new reading
  • Memory Mode and Latitude Display:
  • Up to nine readings can be memorized. An indicator appears on the analog display each time a measurement is memorized
  • This provides a fast and simple way of retaining and analyzing shadow, mid tone and highlight exposure readings
  • Digital readings can be recalled and/or cleared at any time for precise exposure control
  • The dynamic range of your digital camera or film can be programmed into the L-478 to create a Latitude Display that mirrors the range of your system
  • Set a Mid.Tone from Tool Box to display the Latitude Scale. This important guide will let you know readings are within the range of your camera
  • Additional Features:
  • Swivel measuring head with retractable Lumisphere
  • Reflected light metering: with separate 5-degree reflected light attachment
  • Thirteen custom settings provide quick and easy setup of personal preferences for expanded use
  • USB upgradeable via Data Transfer Software (in CD-ROM included)
  • Type: Digital exposure meter for ambient and flash light
  • Receptor Head: Rotating Domed Head 90 degrees to the right, 180 degrees to the left, Retractable for Contrast Reading
  • Light Receiving Method: Incident light and reflected light
  • Receptor Incident Light: Convertible to flat diffuser (Lumisphere in down position)
  • Receptor Reflected Light: 5° Viewfinder (Separate Accessory)
  • Light Receptor Element: 2-Silicon photo diodes (incident and reflected)
  • Measuring Range and Modes:
  • Measuring Modes Ambient Light:
  • HD Cine - Shutter priority metering, FPS (Frame Rate Priority) metering, Lux/FC
  • Cine - FPS (Frame Rate Priority) metering, Shutter Angle setting, Lux/FC
  • Simple brightness measurement (foot-lambert, cd/m2)
  • Simple illumination measurement (lux, foot-candle)
  • Aperture priority metering
  • EV metering
  • Shutter priority metering
  • Measuring Modes Flash:
  • Measurement using the included wireless flash radio triggering system (cumulative and non-cumulative) Without synchro cord (cumulative and non-cumulative) With synchro cord (cumulative and non-cumulative)
  • Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Light: - Incident light EV-2 to EV 22.9
  • Reflected light EV3 to EV 19.9 (requires accessory sold separately)
  • Measuring Range (ISO 100) Flash: - Incident Light f/1.0 to f/128.9
  • Reflected Light f/2.8 to f/128.9 (requires accessory sold separately)
  • Measuring Range Illuminance: 0.63 to 2000000lux - 0.10 to 180000FC
  • Measuring Range Brightness: 1 to 980000 cd/m2 - 0.29 to 290000 foot lamberts
  • Display Range and Modes:
  • Display Range Film Speed: ISO 3 to 409600 (in 1/3 steps)
  • Display Range Shutter Speeds Ambient: 30 min to 1/64,000 sec. (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps) plus 1/200, 1/400
  • Display Range Shutter Speeds Flash: 30 min to 1/1000 sec. (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps) plus 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
  • Display Range Aperture: f/0.5 to f/161.2 (in 1, 1/2, 1/3 steps)
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