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Product Highlights
  • 32" ColorBalanceCoach Disc
  • Looks like a photographic reflector
  • Can be collapsed to only a fraction of its size
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  • 32" ColorBalanceCoach Disc
  • Looks like a photographic reflector
  • Can be collapsed to only a fraction of its size
  • Made of 4 distinct regions called patches
  • Grey Patch Reflects 18%
  • Black Patch Reflects about 3%
  • White Patch Reflects 92%+
  • Translucent Patch Reflects 80%
  • Image is an Illustration Only, demonstrating the different qualities of the 4 patches
  • Largest is the grey patch (18%), made of chromatically neutral synthetic material - It will remain stable in density and colour for years to come
  • Black patch reflects only about 3% of the light it receives
  • White reflective patch will reflect more than 92% of the light
  • Dull translucent patch will reflect 80% of the light - Translucent patch is made of 100% colourless white fabric that will allow a shoot through white balancing area as well as a reflected low-light reflected white balance patch
  • Collapsible and comes with carrying bagPhotographic tool:
  • The ColorBalanceCoach disc was designed for the digital photographer, serious about the quality of images
  • Video tool:
  • The ColorBalanceCoach disc can be used as a large white balancing target for video enthousiast and as a calibrating reference when clips are made in different lights and you want the whole movie to be consistent
  • Exposure control:
  • By aiming a light meter or the lens of your digital camera at the dull 18% grey patch of the ColorBalanceCoach disc, you will be able to set the exposure exactly in any lighting condition
  • Incident white balance:
  • You may perform a custom white balance by aiming your camera at the main light through the transluscent patch of The ColorBalanceCoach disc
  • The chosen fabric is "born white" and synthetic, meaning that it has not been bleached
  • Bleached textiles will alway carry the trace of their original color, inducing an inadequate color correction
  • Reflective white balance:
  • You may perform a custom white balance by aiming your camera at the dull 18% grey patch of The ColorBalance Coach disc
  • 18% reflective grey:
  • The ColorBalanceCoach disc has a large 18% dull grey patch, making it easy to aim your camera or lightmeter to set your exposure and white balance
  • Size of grey card:
  • The ColorBalanceCoach disc is the largest grey card on the market. Beaten only in surface by the "Reference" series of grey cards
  • Contrast control:
  • When taking a test image of The ColorBalanceCoach disc and displaying it on your camera's monitor with the histogram visible, you will be able to check, set and correct the exposure for a total use of the range of contrast available to your camera
  • Maximun exposure safe zone:
  • With the 2 white patches, The ColorBalanceCoach disc will inform you on the histogram of any danger of overexposing
  • Black patch:
  • By setting the exposure to get the black patch away from the extreme left of the histogram you will achieve black with detail in your images
  • 18% grey target carry bag:
  • You just want to perform a quick light measure or color balance, just aim at the photographic grey carry bag of The ColorBalanceCoach disc, and voila
  • 4 density regions for RAW workflow management:
  • WIth the 4 distinct and color neutral patches, The ColorBalanceCoach disc is your best asset in RAW file color and density post management
  • Not made of plastic or rubber:
  • Because plastic and rubber tend to turn yellow or to crack when stored, ColorBalanceCoach is made of permanently dyed fabric to avoid usage and storage problems

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