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Product Highlights
  • Grey card of 18%
  • 26 grey areas
  • Zones from light to dark in steps of 1/6 stop
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  • Grey card of 18%
  • 26 grey areas
  • Zones from light to dark in steps of 1/6 stop
  • A 25 patch test target that gathers more information about the camera's exposure characteristics than the previous test target. It consists of two sides: An 18% Grey Card used to custom grey (white) balance digital cameras before profiling; A Profile Target consisting of a central 18% grey patch that is surrounded by 24 patches arranged in 1/6th stop values that are successively brighter and darker.
  • The Exposure Profile Target II offers faster, more accurate testing as it requires only three shots to gather a wide range of exposure data from the camera's imaging system. The first shot is made at the normal, metered exposure determined by a Sekonic L-758DR. The second shot is made at -3EV below the metered exposure and the third shot at +3EV above the metered exposure.
  • To profile your camera and lens combinations, the Exposure Profile Target II is fully compatible with FREE Data Transfer Software and the Sekonic L-758D, L-758DR, L-758Cine, L-478D, and L-478DR light meters (All Sold Separately). The result is total exposure accuracy.
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 35.00 x 20.00 x 0.50 cm / 13.80 x 7.90 x 0.20 in
  • Weight: 200.00 g / 0.44 lb
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