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Product Highlights
  • Batch-scanning Facilities
  • Up to 8000 dpi
  • Up to 300 MB per minute
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  • Batch-scanning Facilities
  • Up to 8000 dpi
  • Up to 300 MB per minute
  • 3F File Format
  • Having a device that has the quality to reproduce all the subtle details embedded in your negatives and transparencies and which gives you full control over the crucial interpretation of your work is what makes a Hasselblad scanner attractive
  • Your valuable originals are never out of your custody and you are the one who decides when to do what and how. You are the one in control
  • Flextight scanners are all built to the same formula
  • A vertical optical system allows the CC D to face downwards creating a glass-free optical path between the original and the lens
  • The patented virtual drum solution produces optimal focusing across the whole of the original and the flexible holder guarantees easy mounting combined with a safe and cautious handling of your originals
  • The components in Flextight scanners are very much the same making the quality between the devices comparable
  • Differences between the models are more a matter of features and capabilities, the most important factor probably being productivity
  • Regarding productivity, the top model allows different feeding devices to be attached; the Batch Feeder for mixed originals and the Slide Feeder for scanning of mounted slides
  • Using these devices and the 3F workflow can produce a throughput that has to be seen to be believed
  • Ease of use, incomparable quality, unique, batch-scanning facilities all packed in a classical and characteristic design
  • Up to 8000 dpi:
  • The very high quality Kodak CC D is an 8000+ pix sensor
  • Even though you can find scanners with larger sensors you will not find better clarity and detail rendition when scanning photographic film
  • That is due to the electronic handling of the sensor, the mechanical precision as well as the quality of filters and the resolving power of the Rodenstock lens
  • Up to 300 MB per minute:
  • Running the electronics at this speed demands a great deal from the internal design and is also a challenge in terms of heat generation
  • Therefore the Flextight X5 scanners are equipped with a Peltier cooling device on the CC D itself
  • In this way heat is controlled which avoids compromising the quality of the scans
  • Dust removal features:
  • The scanner is equipped with a light condenser eliminating the effect of small dust particles, which are normally invisible unless you zoom 100% into your image
  • They can be the most annoying and time-consuming part of scanning but they are removed without losing speed or quality
  • Additionally, you can add the FlexTouch dust removal feature which will remove dust and small scratches without having any impact on the sharpness at all
  • Batch and Slide Feeder capabilities:
  • By attaching the Batch- or Slide Feeder it is now possible to set up an automatic scanning workflow
  • The Batch Feeder allows up to 60 originals to be scanned, unattended
  • The Batch Feeder can take most kinds of transparencies and they are automatically recognized and scanned according to pre-defined specifications
  • The Feeder holds up to 50 slides, which can be scanned in one batch
  • The files produced can either be final TIFF files cropped and corrected or saved as raw 3F files, which can be opened and corrected just if they were initial scans
  • The 3F file and workflow:
  • When selecting the 3F file format as automatic scan mode the images are scanned in a specified resolution at 16 bits per color
  • In this way the full range of the original is extracted from the scan
  • The 3F file is never altered but will act as a preview scan when you open it later and you can re-do all operations and change whatever parameter you like
  • This is exactly like re-scanning but without the film original present
  • Furthermore - every time you save a file from the 3F format the history of your decisions is embedded inside the 3F file, which will enable you to repeat whatever you have been doing whenever you like
  • Specifications:
  • Optical sensor: CCD (3x8000)
  • Original type: Neg/Pos/Prints
  • Color depth: 16 bit
  • Auto frame detection: Yes
  • Auto focus: Yes
  • Batch scanning: Yes
  • Batch- and slide feeder compatibility: Yes
  • Interface: Firewire
  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Dmax: 4.9
  • Film format: 100x280 mm
  • Reflection: A4
  • Active cooling: Yes
  • Flextouch: Yes
  • 3F scan initiated directly on scanner: Yes
  • Light condensator: Yes
  • Dimensions: 230x390x650 mm
  • Weight: 20.5 kg
  • Max optical resolution: 35 mm: 8000 dpi; 60 mm: 3200 dpi; 4"x5": 2040 dpi
  • Max scan speed: 35 mm: 1.55 min; 60 mm: 1.10 min; 4"x5": 1.23 min
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