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Accessories Included With Used Cameras: Any used digital camera that is compatible with a rechargeable battery will come with a battery and a charger. Other accessories may be included if they were part of the original trade-in, but are not guaranteed. Included accessories may not be the original manufacturer equipment.

Buy with confidence. All used equipment purchased at Henry’s has been cleaned and tested, and includes a 90-Day Used Warranty, which covers both parts and labour.

Plus, for only pennies a day, you can upgrade your warranty by up to 3 years with Henry’s Extended Life Plan (HELP).

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8+: 90-99% of original finish.

Gently used. Slightly marred finish revealed under close inspection. Optically and mechanically excellent.

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ALL of our used goods have limited quantities. Typically only one of each. These used goods are available for sale in our retail stores. When we sell on line, we pull back from our stores to ship to you. In the rare case that the item is sold in the store before your on-line order is picked, we will contact you to either change or cancel your order.

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Product Highlights
  • Single-lens reflex digital camera
  • Full-frame, 12.8MP CMOS sensor
  • 2.5-inch (diagonal) LCD monitor
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  • Single-lens reflex digital camera
  • Full-frame, 12.8MP CMOS sensor
  • 2.5-inch (diagonal) LCD monitor
  • Refined 9-Point AF System
  • Full 24x36mm size sensor - no "lens conversion factor"
  • Large individual pixel size (8.2 microns) - superb low-noise images, even at high ISOs
  • Wide sensitivity range: ISO 100 - 1600, plus ISO 50 and 3200 via Custom Function
  • New: Picture Styles
  • Six pre-set settings Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome
  • Each setting similar to choosing among different types of film
  • Each setting has four variables - Contrast, Colour Saturation, Colour Tone, Sharpness; the six pre-set settings have unique values for each of there categories
  • User can vary Contrast, Colour Saturation, Colour Tone, or Sharpness in any of the pre-set settings, or create a user-defined setting
  • Greater level of default sharpening now applied to images at "Standard" setting
  • Newest Canon Digital Photo Professional software (v2.0, included with EOS 5D) will offer full RAW file support for Picture Styles - event for images from older cameras
  • New: Auto Noise Reduction
  • Custom Function 2 has new "Auto" option for long-exposure noise reduction
  • System examines all images at shutter speeds 1 sec. or longer, evaluates whether noise is present or not - noise reduction applied if noise is detected
  • Benefit: faster writing to memory card if added noise processing is not needed
  • C.Fn 2 still has options for long-exposure noise reduction to be always on or off
  • Like EOS-1D Mark ll, shooting can be continued even during noise reduction processing
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • 35% smaller in volume than EOS-1Ds Mark ll
  • Approximately 33% lighter than EOS-1Ds Mark ll
  • Slightly larger and about 4oz. heavier than EOS 20D
  • Durable Magnesium-Alloy Exterior
  • Top, front and rear covers are magnesium-alloy; grip is integral piece of front cover
  • Excellent Overall Performance
  • 3 fps maximum continuous shooting; burst rate up to 60 consecutive full-res JPEGs
  • Up to 17 consecutive RAW images can be shot in one burst
  • Fast Start-up Time
  • Starts in o.2 seconds
  • Refined 9-Point AF System
  • New: six centrally-located "Assist Points" team up with centre AF point for superior focus tracking in AI servo AF in following conditions: *When Automatic AF point selection mode is set with AI Servo AF active *When user manually selects centre AF point, and expands it via new C.Fn 17-1 *Six "Assist Points" are in addition to the nine visible AF points, and user does not see them in viewfinder - they're only active in AI Servo AF, as described
  • Added Refinement at Centre AF Point
  • Better detection of severely out-of-focus subjects, and progressive switching from standard precision horizontal line sensor to high-precision sensor when lenses f2.8 or faster are used
  • System initially uses standard lines, then switches to high-precision lines to complete AF
  • LCD Monitor Size
  • New large 2.5-inch (diagonal) LCD monitor - largest ever on an EOS digital SLR
  • Nearly double the area of the 1.8-inch monitor in EOS 20D
  • Significantly larger text display for menus, etc.
  • Monitor Resolution
  • Approximately 230,000 pixels on monitor (twice the resolution of EOS 20D monitor)
  • Outstanding Viewing Even at Angles
  • LCD monitor can be viewed over arc of 170 degrees (approx. 80-degrees for previous EOS bodies)
  • RGB histogram option
  • Choice of standard brightness histogram for playback, or R-G-B histogram
  • Full-size, durable bladed shutter
  • Durability-tested by Canon, Inc. to 100,000 exposures
  • Electronic sync x-contact - OK with flashes up to 250v trigger circuit voltage whether connected to PC socket or camera's hot shoe
  • Responsive Shutter "Lag Time"
  • Approx. 75ms (vs. approx. 55ms for EOS-1Ds series)
  • Image Recording - Pro-level Folder Creation
  • User-created folders on CF card
  • User can freely create folders for image storage in-camera
  • User can select any folder, and subsequent images will be stored there - ideal for organizing of images prior to shooting for easy downloading to computer
  • Up to 9,999 images can be put into a single folder
  • File Numbering
  • When selected, immediately creates a new folder on CF card, and starts count at #0001
  • This feature not available previously on EOS 20D, 10D, etc.
  • Viewfinder New Interchangeable Focus Screens
  • New "Ee" series focus screens, dedicated exclusively to EOS 5D - three available
  • Standard Ee-A screen (all Precision Matte surface; for general viewing with most lenses)
  • New custom Function 0 allows metering characteristics to be set for each screen (note: C.Fn 0 must be properly set if optional focus screens are installed)
  • Screens can be easily changed by user, through camera's lens mount
  • Not compatible with "Ec" screens for EOS-1 series
  • Direct Printing
  • New options possible for full letter-size sheets with latest Canon Pixma printers
  • Letter-size print with basic shooting data imprinted on border
  • 35 images on letter-size "contact sheet"
  • 20 images with basic shooting data on single letter-size sheet
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