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Product Highlights
  • 20.9 MP DX Format Sensor
  • NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR
  • 4K Ultra HD
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  • 20.9 MP DX Format Sensor
  • NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • 11 FPS
  • Flip-Under LCD Monitor
  • Smartphone Pairing
  • The 16-50mm lens kit pairs the small but mighty Z 50 with the smallest Nikon DX lens ever, the NIKKOR Z 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3. The NIKKOR Z 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 lens offers a versatile zoom range of 16-50mm, with Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization built-into the lens; and quiet operation, making it ideal for video as well as still images.
  • The Z 50 takes full advantage of Nikon's larger Z-mount, providing creators of all types with the most innovative optical system for superior image and video quality. The compact and lightweight Z 50 was made for unique individuals seeking a camera that has the speed, portability and style to keep pace and share their creative storytelling and imagination, especially when paired with the ultra-compact 16-50mm zoom (Included) and the slim 50-250mm telephoto zoom (Sold Separately).
  • Taking advantage of the Nikon Z mount, the Z 50 produces stunning image quality and provides optimal performance for any type of content creation, from still photography to high-quality 4K video.
  • INSIDE Z 50
  • 20.9 Megapixel DX-Format CMOS Image Sensor:
  • Based on the sensor design from the award-winning D500, previously considered by many to be the best DX DSLR in Nikon's history, this remarkable Z series sensor captures staggering detail, even in challenging light.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:
  • Z 50 has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and works seamlessly with a compatible smart device using Nikon's SnapBridge app. Instantly transfer photos and videos right to your smart device, or use it for remote shooting - see what the camera sees, adjust settings and control the shutter or start/stop video recording.
  • 209-Point Hybrid Autofocus:
  • 209 focus points and focal-plane phase-detection pixels are incorporated right into the image sensor for extraordinary AF performance during both still and video recording.
  • Eye Detection Autofocus:
  • Z 50's sophisticated facial recognition algorithm precisely locks focus onto your subjects eye to ensure tack-sharp results, even when your subject is in motion.
  • Native ISO 100-51,200:
  • Z 50 shines in low light. Shoot stills up to ISO 51,200 with virtually no noise - great for low-light indoor shots or outdoors after dark. Record 4K UHD videos at up to ISO 25,600.
  • Expeed 6 Image Processing:
  • Like Z 7 and Z 6, Z 50 is powered by Nikon's fast, comprehensive EXPEED 6 image processing system. It's the power behind the camera's stunning photo and video quality, low-light performance, distortion control and more.
  • OUTSIDE Z 50
  • Compact, Lightweight, Portable and Ergonomic:
  • Lightweight, durable and sleek, the Z 50 stays true to the Z series design concept of putting the image creator first. Weighing just 14 ounces, the camera body is easy to carry and will feel like an extension of the user. Authentic controls and dials, state-of-the-art touch LCD technology and an ergonomically shaped grip are just some of the features that define the image creation experience. Minute details have even been fine-tuned to improve comfort, operation and style, including the sensation of the pressurized button clicks, the feel of the rugged metallic structure, the finesse of the body design and the ability to take photos in complete silence, so you can enjoy capturing moments without fear of interrupting them.
  • Revolutionary Z mount:
  • The Z 50 isn't just another compact mirrorless camera: it delivers superb image quality. That's because it uses the same Z mount as its larger siblings, the Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 cameras. This lens mount features a 55mm opening, wider than any competing camera in its class, which invites in a huge amount of light*. The short, 16mm distance from the mount to the image sensor enables more flexible lens design and a smaller camera body. This combination allows engineers to use light more effectively, and develop lenses with outstanding optical performance, providing even higher resolution and more beautiful bokeh. The Z 50 can be used with the dedicated kit lenses, but is also compatible with a growing lineup of superb NIKKOR Z lenses and utilizing the Mount Adapter FTZ its also compatible with approx. 360 F-mount lenses.
  • *As of October 10, 2019.
  • Flip-Under LCD:
  • Point the camera towards yourself, flip the tilting monitor 180 degree downward to face you, and Z 50 will immediately turn into a selfie camera. The operation buttons and dials lock, so you won't accidentally press the wrong button. Use Touch AF on the LCD to focus and take shots - great for stills, even better for vlogging.
  • Organic EL Electronic Viewfinder:
  • Put Z 50 to your eye, and the high-resolution organic EL panel automatically turns on and gives you a brilliant, sharp view without any glare. And it's showing you the shot exactly as it will look - with all camera settings and creative effects applied in real time. It also displays the same settings as the camera's LCD monitor, so you can make changes without taking your eye away.
  • Photo/Movie Selector:
  • When shooting video, you often want to use different camera settings than those you need for stills. Z 50 lets you separately save the most appropriate settings for each shooting mode and then change smoothly between them with the flick of a lever.
  • Customizable i-menu:
  • New inspiration often strikes when you're in the middle of shooting. Z 50's convenient i button gives you a powerful shortcut to adjust camera settings on the fly. The i menu is fully customizable, letting you choose your 12 most frequently used settings and arrange the order for convenience. You can view the i menu items on the LCD monitor or the electronic viewfinder (EVF). You can quickly change these while confirming the results in real time - all without taking your eyes off your subject.
  • Pop-up Flash:
  • In scenes where your subject appears dark and flat - when backlit or in dark shadows, for example - Z 50's pop-up flash can be just the right amount of fill light.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recording:
  • Not all 4K is equal. With an outstanding DX-format image sensor, Expeed 6 image processing and the power of the larger Z mount, Z 50 records 4K UHD videos with dazzling cinematic depth and clarity.
  • 11 FPS Full Resoution Stills:
  • Capture 11 frames per second* continuously with full quality or up to a blazing fast 30 FPS with 8-megapixel stills in silent video mode.
  • * When using a mechanical shutter, in continuous H (extended) release mode and NEF (12-bit RAW) + JPEG image quality.
  • 120 FPS Slow Motion Video:
  • Record 1080p Full HD videos at an ultra-smooth 120 frames per second, making it possible to bend time, speed ramp and more.
  • 4K Ultra HD Time-Lapse:
  • Z 50's time-lapse movie function automatically shoots a series of still images based on your settings and then stitches them together into an astonishing 4K Ultra HD or Full HD video using the entire frame. Gradual changes of light in landscapes, movements of drifting clouds, fast-paced cityscapes - all of these can become jaw-dropping time-lapse sequences.
  • Multiple Exposure Mode:
  • Easily create unique images that combine multiple shots on top of each other. When capturing multiple exposure shots, you can confirm a semi-transparent view of the overlay image being created on the monitor or the EVF. This makes it easier to frame the next shot, resulting in a finished composition just the way you want.
  • Special Effects:
  • Get more playful and experimental with your photos and videos. Choose from Night Vision, Super Vivid, Pop, Photo Illustration, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Camera Effect, Selective Color, Silhouette, High Key and Low Key. With Z 50, you can apply the effects in real time to create your ideal shots.
  • Silent Shooting:
  • Shoot silently* using all 20.9 megapixels in single-frame release mode - ideal for weddings, events, museums, wildlife or any time you don't want to disturb the moment. You can also shoot 8-megapixel images silently at up to approx. 30 fps in movie-recording mode.
  • * Aperture and AF drive sound may occur. If a NIKKOR F lens is used with the Mount Adapter FTZ, aperture, VR driving and initial lens driving sounds may occur, for instance when turning on the camera.
  • Note: Rolling shutter distortion may occur during silent photography.
  • Creative Picture Controls:
  • Playing with different looks and colors can add different nuances to your images. You can see these by applying different Creative Picture Controls, confirming the appearance you get in real time via the monitor or EVF. It helps you create your ideal image, and the camera even lets you adjust the level within each Creative Picture Control.
  • Tiny has never been a bigger deal:
  • Meet the Z series mirrorless camera for the rest of us. Insanely small. Tough. Dead simple to use. Connected to your phone. Ready to transform you into a pro-caliber creator. Your followers won't know what hit'em.
  • Creativity comes full circle: A bigger mount. What a bright idea:
  • Z 50 is designed around Nikon's revolutionary Z mount, the widest lens mount of any comparable camera system. A wider mount means more light, and more light means more of everything good-sharpness, contrast, focusing speed, low light performance and image quality.
  • It's your story. Tell it beautifully:
  • 4K Ultra HD and time-lapse, 1080p slow-motion, filters, effects and so much more.
  • Edit videos on the fly:
  • Shoot a clip, trim it right in the camera, send it to your phone and post it without missing a beat.
  • Life's more fun in slow motion:
  • Turn an ordinary moment into an epic 120 FPS slow motion 1080p Full HD video, great for bending time, speed ramping and more.
  • Little but fierce:
  • Slim, sleek, rugged design for every adventure.
  • The power of Z, only smaller:
  • Z 50 delivers the award-winning performance of Z series in the smallest interchangeable lens DX-format camera ever.
  • Have camera, will travel:
  • Z 50's strong, durable magnesium alloy construction makes it tough enough to take just about anywhere without fear. No need to baby this baby.
  • Your 'gram is going to love it:
  • From camera to your followers in a snap.
  • Works with your smartphone:
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make sharing a snap. Install Nikon's SnapBridge app, and your Apple or Android-powered phone becomes a powerful accessory for Z 50. Easily transfer photos and videos from the camera to your phone, and even use your phone as a remote monitor to to see what Z 50 sees, adjust camera settings, take pictures and record video.
  • Shines in low light:
  • With a 20.9MP DX CMOS sensor, a robust EXPEED 6 engine and the light-gathering advantages of the wider Z mount, photos and videos shot in low light look clean and professional.
  • See for your selfie:
  • Flip down the LCD screen to activate Self Portrait Mode - perfect for taking selfies and for vlogging.
  • Eye catching in so many ways:
  • When shooting photos, Z 50's outstanding autofocus system can lock onto your subject's eye and keep focus there, even when they're in motion, for beautifully focused portraits.
  • Creative filters and effects:
  • Get creative with unique mood-setting filters and effects. Z 50 includes 20 high quality Creative Picture Controls and 10 Special Effects, all of which can be previewed in real-time and applied to both photos and videos.
  • Silence is golden:
  • When you need to be a fly on the wall - capturing intimate moments, candid portraits, wildlife, music and more - turn on Silent Photography Mode and shoot in complete silence.
  • Chic ergonomic: Form and function in complete harmony:
  • Comfortable viewing: Electronic Viewfinder is slightly extended for a more comfortable glare-free fit against your eye.
  • Smart controls: Extreme attention was paid to the placement of each button and dial for comfortable, efficient handling.
  • High-end feel: You can feel the quality. Well balanced, deep grip, magnesium alloy construction...sturdy in every way.
  • Oh, what a viewfinder:
  • Feast your eyes on Z 50's stunning high-resolution Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). It activates when you bring the camera to your eye, and it shows you exactly how your photos and videos will look - preview Creative Picture Modes, filters, effects and camera settings in real time.
  • A touch of genius:
  • Swipe through photos and videos, touch to focus, navigate camera menus as easily as using a smartphone with Z 50's large high-resolution touchscreen.
  • Z mount. One size fits all:
  • Your lens collection can grow with your creative aspirations. Z 50 works with all the cutting-edge NIKKOR Z lenses and approx. 360 compatible DSLR lenses (with the optional Mount Adapter FTZ).
  • SnapBridge:
  • +- Wi-Fi Compatibility
  • This camera's built-in Wi-Fi capability can only be used with a compatible iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod touch or smart devices running on the Android operating system. The Nikon SnapBridge application must be installed on the device before it can be used with this camera.
  • Using the SnapBridge App System Requirements
  • Android 5.0 or later, 6.0.1 or later, 7.0 or later, 8.0 or later, 9.0
  • iOS 10.3, iOS 11, iOS 11.4, iOS 12.4
  • A device with Bluetooth 4.0 or later (i.e., a device that supports Bluetooth Smart Ready/Low Energy) is required.
  • Updating to Version 2; Images downloaded to the smart device with version 1.x will no longer be displayed in the Gallery after you upgrade to version 2, but can be viewed in the "Photos" app provided with the smart device.
  • Compatible devices are those capable of acquiring location information and those that support BLE (iPhone 5S and later, iPad 5th Generation and later, iPhone X or later).
  • For compatibility and to download the application, please visit:
  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play
  • NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR Lens
  • The smallest, lightest NIKKOR Z lens. An excellent DX-format everyday photo and video lens that covers the sweet spot of the zoom range. Capture wide street scenes and landscapes as easily as portraits and close-ups. Powerful VR image stabilization. Fast, near-silent autofocus with suppressed focus breathing. Fantastic image quality. This is an ideal travel and on-the-go lens.
  • See the big picture with the smallest of lenses:
  • The absolute smallest NIKKOR Z lens - the smallest DX format lens ever, in fact - the NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR covers the sweet spot of the zoom range, letting you capture street scenes and landscapes as easily as portraits and close-ups. It has powerful Vibration Reduction (VR) image stabilization to keep your videos steady and your photos sharp. It focuses quickly and silently and suppresses focus breathing - ideal for recording videos and high-speed action. And when not in use, it retracts into itself for a compact profile and added protection.
  • NIKKOR Image Quality:
  • Capture vibrant street scenes, landscapes, portraits, selfies, low light, action, how-to videos and more. This little powerhouse can do so much.
  • Small and Mighty:
  • Delivers big imaging power and durability in an ultra-compact package. When used on the Z 50, you've got Nikon's smallest DX interchangeable lens camera configuration ever.
  • Rock Steady:
  • Built-in VR image stabilization keeps you sharp and steady, even when handheld. It also lets you shoot stills at slower shutter speeds (up to 4.5 stops*) - a huge advantage in low-light situations.
  • Wide or Vertical 4K Videos:
  • The NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR's zoom range is ideal for everything from interviews and how-to videos to close-ups and establishing shots. Like high-end cinema lenses, it's designed to suppress focus breathing - a common occurrence with smartphones, that makes videos look amateurish. Plus, its AF motor, focusing ring and control ring are virtually silent, so the camera's built-in mic won't pick up noise from the lens during recording.
  • Precision Autofocus:
  • The NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR uses a blazing fast, nearly silent stepping motor for autofocusing, and it performs brilliantly with Z series' Eye AF to keep focus right where you want it.
  • High Contrast:
  • An Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass lens element reduces colour defects and glare for sharper, clearer images with outstanding contrast.
  • Customized Control:
  • Assign your favourite function to the control ring - aperture control (great for iris transitions during video recording), ISO adjustments, exposure compensation or manual focus.


Nikon Webcam Utility

Improve your live streams with a Nikon mirrorless or DSLR camera.

Now get incredible sharpness, clarity, and flattering depth of field while live streaming by using a compatible Nikon mirrorless or DSLR camera and the Nikon Webcam Utility. Go next level while streaming live, teleconferencing and gaming.

Download Software



Why use a Nikon mirrorless or DSLR camera to live stream?

If you want to look your best on-camera, you'll want to take advantage of the high quality optics and imaging found in Nikon mirrorless and DSLR cameras. When you're trying to attract new audiences, you need to stand out from the live streaming masses and put your stream on a level above the rest. Whether you want better quality in difficult lighting, choices in lens focal lengths, shallow depth-of-field or greater control of the look of your content, you'll be well on your way with the following quick tips.

Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras can use Webcam Utility for streaming


What You Need:


  • Nikon Z series mirrorless camera or compatible* DSLR
  • USB cable (provided with your Nikon camera)
  • Nikon Webcam Utility
  • Compatible video conferencing software
  • Fully charged camera battery or AC power adapter

Optional Accessories

  • Mount (tripod, clamp, etc.)
  • Constant light source (small LED light panels, Nikon SB-500 AF Speedlight, etc.)
  • External microphone (RØDE VideoMicro Mic, Nikon ME-1 Stereo Microphone, etc.)

* Supported digital cameras: Z 7II, Z 7, Z 6II, Z 6, Z 5, Z 50, D6, D5, D850, D810, D780, D750, D500, D7500, D7200, D5600, D5500, D5300 and D3500.



USB Plug-n-Play

This is ideal for those seeking a high quality video stream with the simplest setup and no additional hardware.

  1. Download and install the Nikon Webcam Utility.
  2. Connect your Nikon camera to your computer using the USB cable that was included with your camera.
  3. If you're using an external mic such as the Nikon ME-1, etc., plug it into the computer's mic port.
  4. Open any one of the compatible video conferencing software (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger and Skype)

Note: There is no audio feed coming from the camera since it is using a USB connection.



Camera Type: Mirrorless Camera
Camera Style: Stylish & Sophisticated
Lens Mount: Nikon Z
Camera Format: APS-C
Effective Pixels: 20.9MP
Approx. Resolution: 21MP
Sensor Type/Size: CMOS / 23.5 x 15.7 mm / 0.92 x 0.62 in
File Formats: Still: JPEG, RAW; Movie: MOV,MP4
Dust Reduction System: Requires Capture NX-D
Memory Card Type: SD/SDHC/SDXC
Noise Reduction: Yes


ISO Sensitivity: Still: 100-51,200 (Expanded: to 204,800); Movie: 100-25,600
Shutter: 1/4000 to 30 sec, Bulb
Remote Control: via your Smartphone and SnapBridge
Metering Method: Matrix, Center-weighted, Spot, Highlight-weighted
Exposure Modes: Auto, Programmed auto with flexible program, Shutter-priority auto, Aperture-priority auto, Manual, User settings (U1, U2, U3)
Burst Rate: 1-4, 5, 11 fps


Continuous Shooting: 1-4, 5, 11 fps
Self Timer: 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec
In-Camera Image Editing: Yes
Connectivity: HDMI C, Hi-Speed USB with Micro-B Connector, Stereo Mini-Pin Jack, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SnapBridge App
Wi-Fi Capable: Yes

Focus Control

Focus Type: Hybrid Phase-Detection / Contrast AF
Focus Mode: Autofocus (AF): Single-servo AF (AF-S), continuous-servo AF (AF-C), AF mode auto-switch (AF-A, available only in photo mode), full-time AF (AF-F, available only in movie mode), predictive focus tracking, Manual focus (M): Electronic rangefinder can be used
Autofocus Points: 209


Viewfinder Type: XGA OLED
Viewfinder Size: 0.39 in
Viewfinder Coverage: 100%
Viewfinder Magnification: 1.02x
Diopter Adjustment: -3 to +3 m-1
Screen Size: 8.13 cm / 3.2 in
Display Screen Type: Tilt Touch LCD
Live View: Yes

AV Recording

Video Recording: Yes
Video Resolution: 4K UHD, FHD
File Size: 3840 x 2160, 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio: 16:09
Exposure Control: Auto, Program, Shutter, Aperture, Manual
ISO Sensitivity: 100-25,600
Exposure Compensation: Manual: 1/3-step or 1/2-step EV
Focus (Auto/Manual): Auto, Manual
Continuous Shooting Time: 29 minutes, 59 seconds
Audio Recording: Linear PCM, AAC


Flash Modes: Fill, Rear-curtain sync, Red-eye reduction, Red-eye reduction with slow sync, Slow sync, Auto
Built-in Flash: Manual Pop-Up
Max Sync Speed: 1/200 sec.
Flash Compensation: -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV available
Dedicated Flash System: i-TTL
External Flash Connection: ISO 518 hot shoe


Swivel/Tilt LCD: Yes
Weather Resistant: No
Built-in Flash: Yes


Battery: EN-EL25 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
AC Power Adapter: EH-73P charging AC Adapter (Sold Separately)
Operating/Storage Temperature: 0-40 degrees C / +32-104 degrees F


Weight: 395 g / 14.0 oz
Dimensions (WxHxD): 126.5 x 93.5 x 60 mm / 5.0 x 3.7 x 2.4 in
Colour: Black

Kit Lens Performance

Focal Length: 16-50mm
Aperture (Max. & Min.): Max: F3.5-6.3; Min: F16
Camera Mount Type: Nikon Z
Format Compatibility: DX
Angle of View: 83-31.5 degrees
Minimum Focus Distance: 25 cm / 9.84 in at 16mm; 20 cm / 7.87 in at 24mm; 23 cm / 9.05 in at 35mm; 30 cm / 11.81 in at 50mm
Maximum Close-Up Magnification: 0.2x
Groups/Elements: 7 Groups/9 Elements
Diaphragm Blades: 7

Kit Lens Features

Autofocus: Yes
Tripod Collar: No
Image Stabilization: Yes

Kit Lens Physical

Dimensions (DxL): 70 x 32 mm / 2.8 x 1.3 in
Filter Thread: 46mm
Weight: 135 g / 4.8 oz

Additional Information

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Nikon Canada Warranty

What’s Included:

  • Nikon Z 50 Camera Body
  • EN-EL25 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • MH-32 Battery Charger
  • UC-E21 USB Cable
  • AN-DC20 Camera Strap
  • BF-N1 Body Cap
  • DK-30 Rubber Eyecup
  • NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm F3.5-6.3 VR
  • LC-46B 46mm Snap-On Front Lens Cap
  • LF-N1 Rear Lens Cap
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