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OLYMPUS TG-6 RED 12MP F2.0 4X 3"

Web Code: 566CAR326  •  Mfr Code: V104210RU000
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Product Highlights
  • Ultimate Tough Performance
  • Bright F2.0 Lens
  • Macro & Underwater Modes
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  • Ultimate Tough Performance
  • Bright F2.0 Lens
  • Macro & Underwater Modes
  • 4K Video
  • RAW Capture
  • You live for the outdoors. Hiking steep mountain trails. Backpacking through a desert canyon. Skiing in the wilderness. The Tough TG-6 is ready for adventure. It's built to endure all the extreme environments you love exploring. You can drop it. Step on it. Go deep underwater or out into a freezing blizzard. It just keeps on shooting awesome stills and video. Packed with pro features, you'll nail difficult shots - even in low light. Shoot intricately detailed macro photos and unique shots underwater with vivid colour. The lightweight, compact Tough TG-6. Engineered to survive the world's toughest places.
  • Highlights:
  • F2.0 High-Speed F2.0 Wide Angle Lens
  • 20 Frames Per Second Sequential Shooting
  • 50FT Waterproof Performance (15m)
  • 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Ultra HD 4K Video
  • TruePic VIII
  • 8x Digital Teleconverter
  • Microscope Modes
  • RAW Capture
  • Action Track Sensors
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Anti-Fog Lens Glass
  • Date Imprint
  • Underwater Microscope Mode
  • Underwater White Balance Modes
  • Underwater Shooting Modes
  • Anti-Reflective Coating (on Lens)
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, Dustproof, Crushproof and Freezeproof. It's built-in toughness that ensures you'll never worry about your camera.
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • Weather can turn nasty in minutes. A freak downpour quickly soaks everything. Plummeting cold exposes your camera to dangerous temperatures. The Tough TG-6 handles it all. Thanks to a system of seals and double lock construction, water, dust, dirt, snow and cold stay outside where they belong. Embark on your next adventure and be confident your camera is ready for any weather, anytime.
  • Anti-Fog
  • It's happened to practically everyone with a camera. You go from air conditioning to high humidity and suddenly there's condensation all over the lens. That won't happen with the Tough TG-6. The lens features hermetically sealed, dual pane protective glass to prevent fogging. Your lens stays clear and ready for action.
  • Lens Barrier
  • The Tough TG-6 features a high-speed, bright F2.0 wide angle lens. Use the optional LB-T01 Lens Barrier to keep dirt and dust off the lens and prevent scratching. Open and close the barrier with a quick turn - even with gloves.
  • Handles the Toughest Business
  • If you're shooting in tough work conditions, we have the camera for you. That's because it can take the abuse any construction site dishes out or survive the rigors of travelling from one crime scene to another - making it standard equipment for any law enforcement agency. Besides being nearly indestructible, the Tough TG-6 features GPS so you'll have an accurate record of where your shots were taken. The Date Imprint feature stamps your photos with the date and time for easy cataloging.
  • Leading technology combined with pro-level features ensure your adventure is captured in vivid color and exceptional clarity.
  • F2.0 Lens
  • A high resolution, high-speed F2.0 lens delivers exceptional image quality. The advanced design captures fast moving subjects. You'll be able to take bright, sharp stills and video in low light settings like around a campfire or at twilight.
  • TruePic VIII
  • Our Dual Quad Core TruePic VIII Image Processor ensures all your stills and video have rich, true-to-life colour. The same technology is used in our pro cameras to ensure world-class image quality.
  • Raw Capture
  • If you plan on importing your images into photo editing software like Olympus Workspace, the Tough TG-6 lets you save in RAW format. It makes processing is easier and helps you bring your creative vision to life.
  • Up to 8x Zoom
  • Get closer to your subject without moving. The Tough TG-6 is equipped with an impressive 4x optical zoom equivalent to 100mm. Adding our new 2x Digital Teleconverter doubles it to 8x or 200mm. You're able to capture beautifully detailed stills and crisp video from far away.
  • AR Coating
  • Anti-Reflective or AR coating means sharper images. Applied to the image sensor's sealing glass, our advanced AR coating minimizes ghosts and flares.
  • The Tough TG-6 features the latest technology for everything from recording data about your environment to shooting spectacular stills and video anywhere, anytime.
  • Action Track Sensors
  • While you're out shooting still and video, use the TG-6's Action Track Sensors that use the built-in GPS, thermometer, manometer (barometer) and compass to record environmental data. Captured data like location, temperature, and altitude or water depth can be viewed in real time or in post-production. Use the free Olympus Image Track app to sync Action Track data with your photos and video on a smartphone. It creates an immersive, exciting viewing experience that lets you tell better stories about your adventures.
  • Pro Capture Mode
  • Let's say you want to take a photo of a fish at the exact second it leaps out of the water. Pro Capture Mode ensures you get those near impossible shots. Just press the shutter button halfway to start buffering a running series of full resolution images. Then fully depress the shutter to capture that moment's image plus the previous five frames. One button press gives you six images. You can even reel off a breathtaking 10 fps to capture fast moving action.
  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • Capture your adventures in unbelievably lifelike resolution with spectacular detail and vibrant colour. The Tough TG-6 shoots any scene in 4K Ultra HD Video - some of the highest definition video available. You can also shoot Full HD 120 fps High Speed movies with options for shooting at 240 fps for HD and 480 fps for SD.
  • Date Imprint
  • The Tough TG-6 gives you the option to date and time stamp your photos. An ideal feature for law enforcement, construction or any business that requires proof of when a photo was taken or needs to catalog large numbers of stills.
  • Wi-Fi
  • The Tough TG-6 has built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing of stills and video. Use the free Olympus Image Share app to import photos and video to your smartphone or to remotely control the camera.
  • Easy to Hold and Operate
  • Out in the wild, you need to be ready to shoot in a split second. That's why the compact Tough TG-6 handles so easily. The rear LCD monitor features 1.04 million dot resolution for brilliant clarity and visibility in any condition. The dials can be turned and the buttons pressed even while wearing gloves. Two custom modes are instant shortcuts to your favourite settings. The micro USB connector lets you plug in a smartphone cable to charge the camera while still shooting. A small camera designed for easy operation no matter where you take it.
  • Shoot artistically detailed images thanks to a powerful variable macro system featuring four shooting modes.
  • 1 cm Focusing Distance
  • If you love macro photography, you'll enjoy this camera. The built-in Microscope Mode features magnified shooting as close as 1cm from the front of your lens. You can get up close in great detail to the worlds beyond.
  • Four Macro Modes
  • Macro photography is the art of capturing the unseen. The Tough TG-6 features four macro modes to produce artistic, richly detailed images. Two modes let you use the camera like a microscope by focusing as close as 1cm while achieving a maximum display magnification of 44.4x. You'll capture with striking clarity what the naked eye can't see - the outline of a snowflake or water droplets balanced on a tiny leaf. Focus Stacking and Bracketing modes shoot images of insects and other tiny objects with dramatic depth of field.
  • Microscope
  • Taking magnified photos of subjects as close as 1 cm from the front of your lens opens a new world of macro shooting.
  • Microscope Control
  • Add drama to your macro shots with a maximum display magnification of 44.4x.
  • Focus Stacking
  • Automatically captures and merges 3 to 10 macro shots at different focus points into one image with stunning depth of field.
  • Focus Bracketing
  • Capture up to 30 images at various focus points by slightly shifting the focal position with each shot. Images can then be composited in post-production using Olympus Workspace software to create an image with greater depth of field.
  • The Tough TG-6 has more ways than ever to help you capture crisp, colorful underwater photos in any lighting.
  • Underwater Shooting Modes
  • Underwater Microscope Mode: We're making underwater macro photography effortless. Our Underwater Macro Mode is ideal for close-ups of small fish, coral or plant life. Capture extreme close-ups using the Underwater Microscope Mode. Get as close as 1cm from the end of your lens for macro shots nothing short of spectacular.
  • Underwater Macro: Take your love of macro photography below sea level. Underwater Macro Mode zooms in on small objects to capture the rich color and detail in coral, plants or small fish.
  • Underwater Wide: The deeper you go, the less light you'll find. With Underwater Wide Mode, you'll be able to capture objects - such as manta rays and angelfish plus reefs and wrecks - with clarity and sharpness even in dim light.
  • Underwater Snapshot: Lighting is brighter in shallow waters. Switch on the Underwater Snapshot Mode to shoot stills that take advantage of natural colour and lighting.
  • Underwater HDR: A helpful underwater mode that takes multiple images at varying exposures, then combines them to boost dynamic range to recreate details in bright and dark areas.
  • Underwater White Balance
  • Underwater White Balance Mode gives you three options to enhance colour based on your depth. Shallow improves red tones in depths of approximately 3 meters or less. Mid-range adds vibrant colour in depths between 3 and 15 metres. Use Deep for strong blue tones while shooting deeper than 15 metres.
  • Take Deeper Dives
  • The Tough TG-6 doesn't need any housing down to 50 ft (15 m). But if you want to photograph sea life at deeper depths, you'll need the PT-059 Underwater Case (Sold Separately). It can handle water pressure down to 147 ft (45 m). Even with the case, you can use the camera control dial for exposure compensation. Return to the surface with incredible deep water images.
  • Accessories (Sold Separately):
  • The Tough TG-6 can be paired with an extensive ecosystem of accessories (Sold Separately) to take artistic macro images, shoot underwater and better protect the camera.


Camera Type: Waterproof
Effective Pixels: 12.0MP
Approx. Resolution: 12MP
Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Sensor Type/Size: 1/2.3" BSI CMOS
File Formats: Still: RAW, JPEG; Video: MOV (MPEG-4AVC / H.264)
Memory Card Type: SD, SDHC, SDXC
Image Stabilization: Yes
Built-In Memory: None
Colour: Red


ISO Sensitivity: 100-12800
Shutter: 1/2 - 1/2000 sec. (Night Scene, A mode: up to 4 sec.)
Exposure Modes: Intelligent Auto (iAUTO), Program Auto (P), Aperture Priority (A), Movie (Standard, 4K, High-speed), Custom1, Custom2, Underwater (Underwater snap, Underwater wide, Underwater macro, Underwater microscope, Underwater HDR), Microscope (Microscope, Focus stacking, Focus bracket, Microscope control), Scene Mode (SCN)
White Balance Modes: Auto WB, 6 Preset WBs, 3 Underwater WBs, 4 Capture WBs, Custom WB(Kelvin setting)
Burst Rate: 5 fps; 10 fps; 20 fps
Self Timer: 2 sec, 12 sec, Custom


Connectivity: USB 2.0 (Micro-B), Micro HDMI D, Wi-Fi


Lens: 4.5 -18mm (25 - 100mm)
Optical Zoom: 4x
Focus Range: Throughout entire zoom range : 0.1m - infinity; (Super Macro: less than f=5.4mm, from 0.1m to 0.3m/above 5.4mm, from 0.01m to 0.3m, microscope : 0.01m - 0.3m)


Viewfinder Type: LCD Display
Screen Size: 3.0"
Display Screen Type: LCD Rear Screen


Flash Modes: Auto, Red Eye Reduction, Slow sync. (1st curtain), Red-eye Slow sync. (1st curtain), Fill-in, Manual (1/1 (FULL) to 1/64), Flash Off
Built-in Flash: Yes


Battery: LI-92B Li-ion battery
AC Power Adapter: F-5AC


Waterproofing: 50ft (15m) - IPX8
Shockproof: 7ft (2.1m)
Dustproof: Yes


Weight: 253 g (0.56 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 113 x 66 x 32.4 mm (4.43 x 2.6 x 1.23 in)

Additional Information


What’s Included:

  • Olympus Tough TG-6
  • LI-92B Li-ion Battery
  • F-5AC Li-ion Battery Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
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