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Product Highlights
  • ROV Traveler Slider: 16 inches
  • Designed for Smartphones
  • Low Profile iPhone Mount
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  • ROV Traveler Slider: 16 inches
  • Designed for Smartphones
  • Low Profile iPhone Mount
  • Tripod Mounting (on Centre)
  • Smartphone NOT included
  • The easiest way to get cinematic camera movement is with a slider. ROV makes it even easier.
  • Move your shots with a motorized slider for your iPhone. Includes a mount for your iPhone.
  • You might not realize it, but smooth camera movement is key to making great videos. The problem is capturing smooth moment is hard and requires special tools normally used by Hollywood professionals. ROV brings this technology to the everyday user and makes it as easy as pressing record. Your phone moves and captures cinematic video or time-lapse simultaneously.
  • ROV Features:
  • Unibody CNC Milled Rail
  • High end coreless motor
  • 24 hour battery life
  • Low profile iPhone mount
  • Flush folding all-terrain legs
  • Tripod Mounting (on centre)
  • Videos are better with camera movement:
  • You might not realize it, but cameras are almost always moving in videos. Filmmakers use this intentional movement to tell more compelling stories.
  • ROV makes movement easy:
  • After you pair your phone to ROV over Bluetooth, you can start recording cinematic motion with the touch of a button. It's that easy. Just set the direction you want to go and the speed and your phone automatically moves and records a clip for you to use in your story.
  • App Controlled Motion:
  • ROV is full motorized and uses your phone to control it's movement. It uses a built-in rechargeable battery to power it for up to 24 hours (during normal use).
  • Night-Lapse Mode:
  • Have you seen the amazing time-lapses you can get with a DSLR? Now, you can capture those with your iPhone using Rhino Storyteller.
  • Set up a time-lapse in seconds:
  • To set up a time-lapse on ROV simply select your clip length (how long you want your clip to end up) and your duration (how long your time-lapse will run, and press record. Your minimum duration (based on your shutter speed) is automatically calculated to make set up even easier.
  • Amazing Slow Motion:
  • Capture ultra smooth slow motion on your iPhone or DSLR. Manually select your frame-rate and even set a timer to make sure you capture the shot at the perfect time.
  • ROV for smartphones. ROV is designed for iPhones and Android phones.
  • All-metal Unibody Rail:
  • The unibody design of ROV sets it apart from any other camera slider ever made. Extruded from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and CNC milled to perfection, the ROV rail allowed us to store the motor, electronics, battery, and drive system all within the itself. From the outside all that remains is an ultra sleek, beautiful shape. Other sliders put their electronics on top of the rail which raises the centre of gravity and makes it much less easy to pack.
  • High End Coreless Motor:
  • We agonized over the motor selection for ROV. It had to be small but torquey, fast but quiet, and draw very little power. After testing dozens of stepper and DC motors we found a motor commonly used in medical and aerospace applications: Coreless DC technology. At low speeds it's super quiet and can still pull a 5lb DSLR up a 30 degree incline during a time-lapse.
  • Insane Battery Life:
  • Raise your hand if you like charging your gadgets. That's what we thought. No one. That's why we built in a high capacity li-po battery into ROV. During normal use, you can expect to shoot for at least 24 hours without recharging (normal usage at medium speeds).
  • Low Profile iPhone Mount:
  • Your iPhone is a beautifully designed piece of hardware, so why shouldn't your phone mount be also? We designed the iPhone mount on ROV from scratch. It has an integrated ball head so you can adjust the angle of your shot with ease. The internal spring is strong enough to hold your camera secure during long time-lapses but easy enough to mount with a single hand.
  • It also has a built-in cold shoe mount so you can use accessories like the ROV Shotgun Mic (Sold Separately) without needing a special case.
  • Flush Folding All-Terrain Legs:
  • We pioneered flush folding, all-terrain legs on our high end sliders. They're there if you need them, but they fold out of the way when you want to mount to a tripod. The legs on ROV us a click-lock mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the angle of the legs while still holding strong.
  • Tripod Mounting (on centre):
  • Being able to centre mount your camera slider is crucial when you're filmmaking on the go. We bolted a solid piece of aluminum to the bottom of the rail to ensure your slider doesn't flex when mounting to a tripod. It's tapped for both 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 and works perfectly with the ROV Tripod (Sold Separately).
  • ROV Specifications:
  • Traveler Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 5 lbs
  • Max Speed: 1"/sec
  • Minimum Speed: .05"/sec
  • Battery Life: 24 hours (normal use)
  • Max Angle: 30 degree (limited by mounts)
  • ROV Traveler Compatibility:
  • Everyday: 16 inches of travel
  • Designed for those looking to get longer slider shots in a compact form factor.
  • Travels easily with the ROV Traveler Backpack.
  • App-connected devices are only as good as the apps that control it. You can even use Rhino Storyteller without ROV to create amazing videos.
  • Rhino Storyteller:
  • For Smartphones.
  • Shoot long exposure time-lapse, slomo, and video.
  • Currently iOS only. Works with or without ROV
  • Rhino Storyteller: Four Modes:
  • Night-Lapse
  • This mode is amazing. Have you ever seen beautiful DSLR night time-lapses and thought "How'd they shoot that?". Well, now you can shoot those on your iPhone with ease. Use the full manual controls to get the perfect exposure. ROV even moves your camera between shots to ensure motion blur doesn't ruin your shot. After your time-lapse is done, Rhino Storyteller automatically creates a video and plays it back for you to review. No rendering or downloading your images, just an instantly rendered time-lapse.
  • Time-Lapse
  • In Time-lapse mode, select how long you want to shoot for and the length of your final clip. Press record and your time-lapse will begin. It's that simple. Choose a longer exposure during the day for an amazing effect. Use the Moment Wide V2 lens to capture more of your landscape with amazing clarity.
  • When a Time-Lapse is started the screen auto dims and only shows the most recent picture captured to save your phone's battery life. We've taken 8 hour time-lapses with our iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Slomo
  • In Slomo mode, choose your frame rate and increase the speed of your move for amazing actions sports shots. You can trigger your shot to start with a timer, by clapping your hands or using a bluetooth trigger.
  • Video:
  • In video mode you can use auto controls or easily enable manual mode by swiping up/down or left/right for focus and exposure. Use the loupe tool to make sure your focus is tack sharp. Set your shutter speed, ISO, and White Balance all manually if your shoot requires it. An electronic level makes sure your shot is level even when your slider isn't.
  • ROV Settings:
  • Setting up ROV in the app is extremely easy. By default the direction is set to "Auto" which moves to the opposite end of the slider each move and the speed is set to Medium. You can change the direction, speed, and even have your move loop from end to end if you're shooting a vlog or interview.
  • Editor:
  • Trim & Rearrange
  • We couldn't find an intuitive editor that we loved on the app store so we built one ourselves. The editor in Rhino Storyteller allows you to easily trim and rearrange clips using a vertical-style editing system. It makes it much easier to manage your edit on a mobile device. If you want to try it out, download the app now and work on the sample project to see how you like it.
  • Exposure, Speed, Muting & Music
  • On each clip, you're able to adjust the exposure, speed and mute it if the audio is annoying. When you're finished with your edit, add a compelling audio track and export your finished work.

What’s Included:

  • ROV Mobile Traveler Slider
  • ROV Smartphone Mount
  • International travel charger with Micro USB charging cable
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