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Photography Courses


If you have an interest in photography and would like to figure out how to use your camera or boost your creativity Henry's Learning Lab in an excellent place to start your education. We work hard to provide you fun and informative learning experiences that cover a variety of different topics.

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Who teaches these classes?

Who teaches these classes?

Our Learning Lab instructors are experienced professionals who have an excellent understanding of the how a camera works; and understand a variety of camera interfaces and functionalities.

Our instructors all believe in a practical and hands on approach when teaching photography.

To meet some of our instructors, click here.

What do these classes teach?

Henry's Learning Lab offers a wide variety of classes. Topics vary from instructional classes that teach you how to use your specific DSLR or point-and-shoot, to creative classes that teach you a wide variety of techniques including composition, low light photography, video and how to photograph children.

We also teach software courses and host a variety of special events.

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What will these classes teach?
WHere can I take these classes?

Where can I take these classes?

Henry's Learning Lab classes are held in 28 of our Henry's locations throughout Ontario, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

For detailed location information, including maps and hours, visit our locations page and select the location nearest you.

Where do I register?

Registration for Henry's Learning Lab classes can be done at any of our retail locations or online at Visit our website for full course descriptions and scheduling details.

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