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Henry's Extended Life Plan HELP

An extended life plan can pay for itself after 1 repair!

checkmark Anti-Lemon Protection

If your product requires repair more than twice during the warranty period it will be exchanged for a comparable model of like kind and quality. The product must have been repaired at an authorized Service Centre and the unit must comply with the terms of the warranty. Repairs caused by external damage or 'no fault found' repairs do not count towards a lemon replacement. If in the event that a direct replacement is unavailable or if the cost of repair is, in Henry's opinion, disproportionate with its value, Henry's reserves the right to exchange the product with a comparable model of like, kind and quality. Note that Henry's maximum liability in terms of a replacement is the original purchase price of the product.*

checkmark 30 Day Exchange for Defects

Extend Henry's 15 day defective exchange to 30 days by purchasing HELP! If your HELP warrantied product malfunctions due to a manufacturer defect within 30 days of purchase just bring it to your nearest Henry's location and receive an over the counter replacement. Your existing HELP will be transferred to the replacement unit. Note: If the product was originally purchased at Henry's Outlet Centre it must be returned to that location for exchange.

checkmark 30 Day Price Protection

Double the length of Henry's Price Match Policy by purchasing HELP! Henry's normally guarantees your best price for 15 days from date of purchase. HELP customers have the benefit of Price Match Policy for 30 days. Should you find a better advertised price from an Authorized Canadian Retailer, or if Henry's advertises the product for a lower price within the stated time frame, Henry's will refund you the value of the difference either by Henry's Gift Card or by your original method of payment. For more information on Henry's Price Match Policy please click here.

checkmark Global Coverage

We have you covered wherever you are. For the nearest Authorized Service Centre check the product manufacturer's website. All repairs taken directly to an Authorized Service Centre must be pre-authorized by Henry's Service Department. See below for contact information. In some cases, particularly if repairs are done outside of Canada or the Unites States, it may be necessary to pay a service provider for a repair and submit a claim to Henry's for reimbursement. Claims should be mailed to:

Henry's Service Department
119 Church Street
Toronto, ON
M5C 2G5

checkmark Available in 2 or 3 Year Plans

Henry's offers both 2 and 3 year HELP plans to ensure that you get the level of protection you think is best for your new purchase.

checkmark Waiver of S&H Fees for Repairs

Henry's charges a $15 shipping and handling fee on manufacturer warranty repairs. This fee is waived if HELP was purchased on the product being sent in for repair.

checkmark Transferable to New Owners

HELP is transferable to a new owner free of charge should you decide to sell a HELP warrantied product. HELP is also transferable to a new product through Henry's Half Back program. For more information on Henry's Half Back program, please click here.

checkmark 20% Off At-Fault Repairs

If your HELP warrantied product needs repair due to external damage (water, sand or impact damage) the cost of the repair will be discounted by 20% if the product is sent in for repair through Henry's.

Life Plans Extend the Manufacturer's Warranty for Longer Coverage!

HELP adds benefits from the date of purchase, plus adds years of coverage to the manufacturer's warranty.
HELP extends the manufacturer's warranty, instead of replacing it like other retailers.

Manufacturer's Warranty
1 Year
2 Years
Competitor's Warranty
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
Henry's Extended Life Plan
1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years

Example based on a 3 year life plan. 2 year plan also available.

What our Customers are Saying About HELP

"My back-up camera, Canon SX-10, is almost 4 years old and the extended warranty is running out in April. It has been given me some trouble, nothing major, but annoying trouble so Joe decided we should get it back to Henry's before the warranty expired. With the extended warranty, if the camera has to go back for repairs 3 times, they replace it. Now, Joe mentioned this to me on the way to Windsor but I said no way are they going to replace a camera almost 4 years old. They'll come up with some reason not to. I was wrong. He was right....and this time I'm glad he was right. They replaced it with - get this - a Canon SX-50! Wow! I went from a 10 - 50! Nice camera! So, if you are looking for a camera, I recommend Henry's and their extended warranty. Can't wait to get out birding and get some good shots."

- Violet, Windsor

"It pays to buy locally. When people ask me where to buy camera equipment, I always suggest buying from a specialized store near you. This way, not only we encourage local businesses but it is much easier if there is ever a problem with the equipment. Especially since digital cameras are quite sensitive ... During my trip to New Zealand, my 12mm decided it no longer wanted to speak to my camera. In addition, the power grip was behaving rather erratically. Yesterday I went back to Henry's on Bank, where I buy all my equipment. In addition, I always take the extended warranty, no matter what anyone says about it. I thought I would have to wait weeks before the return of my equipment. Today, Henry's replaced my lens, my camera body and my power grip in addition to renew all my warranties, test the rest of my equipment. All this without me asking and also without question. No need to tell you it was a wonderful surprise and a great recognition especially as a customer. So a huge thank you to all the staff at Henry's on Bank, especially Ryan and Meg. I do not believe that such a service would have been possible through the internet."

- Claude W., Ottawa

"As a parent you are on a constant guard for the safety and happiness of your children. I bought my daughter Leanne a camera with an extended warranty prior to her leaving for Australia 2 years ago to attend Teachers Training College, while in Ausie her camera broke and she contacted Henry's and was delighted and happy to find that there was no problem for you to not only fix but replace her camera. Leanne is an avid photographer and has thousands of photos or memories as she calls them. Leanne spent this summer back in Canada with us and told me that her camera had broken once again, I thought that the warranty must have run out by now, so I bought her a new camera from Henry's and while I was there I bought myself a new camera as well. On Wednesday prior to her returning overseas she once again went in to Henry's to see if the was a chance that her old and trusty camera could be fixed, and to her utter joy and happiness Henry's once more made my little girl very happy and excited. Leanne called me from your store, I haven't heard the sort of excited voice from her since she was a little girl. Thank you for the wonderful phone call from my daughter Leanne."

- Greg S., Oakville

"My husband bought me a Nikon for our anniversary a few years ago. The flash stopped working and I brought it in for repair at that time. I checked in a few months later, and unfortunately, it was still not fixed. While on holidays, I received a call that because of the length of time (and our H.E.L.P plan) it was taking to fix our camera, it would be replaced with a Nikon D-5000. I went in to your store as soon as I got back into London.

I did not have time to research the camera that was going to be my replacement. When I got to the store I was greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative, Rachel. I asked her to explain all the details of this new camera to me, which she did with precision and detail. With her explanation I realized that this replacement camera would not meet my needs (as I wanted to use macro lenses) and was not exactly comparable to my current model. She quickly realized offered to talk to her manager to see if there was an alternative that could provided that would be better for my uses. She asked me to leave the new D-5000 with her and she would call me later in the week.

The next day, I had a voicemail from Rachel that they were going to replace the D-5000 with DX-90 that would be more comparable and a better fit for me. I went into Henry's and picked up my new camera, with bought a new H.E.L.P plan without issue.

Rachel has turned me into a happy customer who will never buy a camera anywhere else but Henry's North London Store. Congratulations on hiring such exceptional employees."

- Leela S., London

General Inquiries and Frequently Asked Questions

For general inquiries contact Henry's Service Department at 1-877-898-7880 (toll free in Canada and United States), or via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my product requires service?

Bring it to the nearest Henry's location or take it directly to an Authorized Service Centre. To find the nearest Authorized Service Centre consult the product manufacturer's website. All repairs taken directly to an Authorized Service Centre must be pre-authorized by Henry's Service Department.

What do I do if my equipment breaks down while I'm outside of Canada?

Bring your equipment to the nearest Authorized Service Centre. To find the nearest Authorized Service Centre consult the product manufacturer's website. In some cases, particularly if you are outside of Canada or the United States, it may be necessary to pay a service provider for a repair and then submit a claim to Henry's for reimbursement. Claims can be mailed to:

Henry's 119 Church Street
Attention: Service Department
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2G5

Do I need any paperwork to have my product repaired under Henry's Extended Help Plan?

A copy of your original bill of sale is all you need for coverage.

What if my product requires regular maintenance and cleaning?

Henry's Extended Life Plan does not cover regular maintenance and cleaning. Refer to owner's manual for recommended procedures.

What if my product is dropped, exposed to sand/water, or subject to any damage that voids a manufacturers' warranty?

Henry's Extended Life Plan will not cover the cost of repairing your product under these circumstances, but if your unit is sent in for a repair through Henry's you will receive a 20% discount off the cost of the repair.

How can I contact Henry's Service Department?

You can contact Henry's Service Department by phone: 905-760-5607 or 1-877-898-7880, by fax: 905-760-8230 or email:

Terms and Conditions

Henry's agrees with the owner of the new product stated on the purchaser's invoice to extend the Manufacturer's Warranty on the same terms and conditions, for a period of two (2) or three (3) years, subject to a maximum term of ten (10) years, upon the conditions listed below. Henry's agrees with the owner of the used product on the purchaser's invoice to extend the Henry's Used Warranty for a period of two (2) or three (3) years, upon the conditions or listed below.

  1. This Plan is transferable free of charge to a new Owner for the balance of time left on the Henry's Extended Life Plan.
  2. This plan is valid worldwide.

Along with the wording of the Manufacturer's Warranty, the following conditions will apply:

  • This plan does not cover repairs due to improper or abusive use of the product, liquid damage, bent pins, damage as a result of impact, exposure to weather conditions, sand or foreign objects found inside the product.
  • Accessories, bulbs, cables, batteries, cords, tapes, film, cartridges, ribbons, diskettes, media cards or any add-on devices or recordable media products are excluded, except those covered under the Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Replacement of batteries, bulbs, film, filters, fuses, cartridges, ribbons, recordable media products or any other products with a pre-determined life expectancy are excluded.
  • Cleaning and repairs due to deterioration of product appearance are excluded.
  • External adjustments, use of off brand parts and supplies, and damage resulting from failure to perform manufacturer's recommended maintenance are excluded.
  • Data recovery is excluded.
  • The Plan covers parts and labour only. It does not include phone support.
  • The Plan owner understands that Henry's is not responsible for any indirect, consequential damage (including damage for lost profit, business interruption, loss of data and the like) related to the repair of the product.
  • The Plan Owner releases Henry's from all liabilities due to damage to the product, replacement of the product or injury to any person that is not due to the fault or negligence of Henry's.
  • In the event that replacement parts become unavailable during the term of this contract or if costs of repairing the product is, in Henry's opinion, disproportionate with it's value, Henry's reserves the right to exchange the product with a comparable model (of like kind and quality).
  • Replacement of the covered product will, during the duration of the plan, fulfill this agreement in its entirety and will discharge all further obligations under this plan.
  • If, during the warranty period, your product requires repair more than twice for any problem, it will be exchanged for a comparable model. A repair caused by external damage or sent back 'No Fault Found' does not count towards a lemon replacement.
  • The maximum liability of this Plan shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product.
  • The Plan is void if product is repaired by an unauthorized service centre. If, after examining the product, the necessary repairs are not covered by the terms and conditions of the Plan, or if no defects are found, the owner will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  • Shipping, Duty or Brokerage costs are not covered by this plan.
  • Customer information is used to process your warranty registration and for after sales support purposes. Visit to view our privacy policy.

This agreement sets forth the entire contract between parties and no representation, promise or condition not contained herein shall modify these terms.

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