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Product Highlights :
  • Compact Invertible Travel Tripod
  • All Metal Ultra-smooth Ball Head
  • Built-in Monopod with Foam Grip
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CAMERON T300BH TRIPOD W/MONOPOD & CASE Original:$200.00! Save:$50.50!

Sale Price: $149.50

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The difference is in the details.

Cameron is designed by photographers for photographers. They have thought of the little things that make all the difference on a day of shooting. Every Cameron product has been developed down to the material to maximize its usability and versatility.

Cameron T300BH
Cameron T300BH

It's the small things that set Cameron apart.

Sturdy, portable, and versatile - three things that define Cameron's sleek line of tripods. Whether you're setting up a portrait shoot or hiking the Bruce Peninsula, with features like a built-in level and monopod your Cameron tripod will make the perfect companion.

Cameron T300BH featuring a built-in Monopod with foam grip

Built-in Monopod with Foam Grip

Have you ever been on a hike and wished you had taken your monopod instead of your tripod? The photographers at Cameron have. That's why they've built a monopod right into the T300BH Tripod. With a quick twist you can remove a tripod leg and ball head to have an instant monopod. The comfortable foam grip on the monopod is just one of many small details that Cameron has added to make big difference in a long day of shooting.

Built-in Bubble Level

In can be tough to get your horizon line straight when shooting on uneven ground. Fortunately, Cameron understands this and has built a convenient bubble level right into the T300BH tripod. The smooth metal leg locks keep everything sturdy. Now that you're horizon is straight and your camera is stable, you're all set to capture the beauty of the landscape in its entirety. Use the panoramic markings on the all metal ultra-smooth ball head to capture the breathtaking view. Shooting on the edge of a cliff has never been easier.

Cameron T300BH featuring a built-in bubble level
Cameron T300BH featuring a reversible centre column for low angle photography

Reversible Centre Column

Perfer to shoot closer to the ground? The T300BH still has you covered. Cameron has designed the T300BH tripod with a reversible centre column for low angle shooting and macro photography. You can also use the fully invertible legs to get you as low as you need to go.

Ultra Compact Travel Tripod

With all these features, there is no doubt that you will want to bring the extremely versatile T300BH with you everywhere you go! That's why Cameron has made this tripod fully invertible, allowing it to fold up into an ultra compact size that is ideal for travel. They've also included a carrying case. With quick and easy take down thanks to the pro-quality fast, smooth leg extensions, you will be on the road to your next photoshoot in no time at all.

Cameron T300BH ultra compact travel tripod
Cameron T300BH 5 Year Warranty

Built Sturdy and Strong

Whether you are shooting in-studio or out on a trek - Cameron tripods are built to handle the job. Backed by a 5 year warranty, Cameron tripod are created to keep up with your most extensive shoots.

Additional Features:

  • Compact Invertible Travel Tripod
  • All Metal Ultra-smooth Ball Head
  • Built-in Monopod with Foam Grip
  • Carry Case
  • 5-Section
  • Strong, Durable
  • Fully Invertible
  • Reversible centre column for low level photography
  • Spring-loaded stabilization hook
  • Pro-quality fast, smooth leg extensions
  • Smooth metal leg locks
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Metal quick release plate
  • Ball head with panoramic markings
  • Specifications:
  • Load Capacity: 5kg
  • Leg Diameter: 26mm
  • Folded Height: 405mm
  • Maximum Height: 1595mm
  • Minimum Height: 395mm
  • Net Weight: 1610g

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