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  • Portable Flash
  • Built-in Wireless Transmitter + Receiver
  • Flash Stand
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  • Portable Flash
  • Built-in Wireless Transmitter + Receiver
  • Flash Stand
  • Carrying Case
  • Wireless:
  • With a transceiver built-in, the RF60 can receive wireless triggering signal from a flash trigger and fire accordingly without having to attach an external receiver to the flash
  • When using with Cactus V6, both power output and zoom level of the RF60 can be adjusted remotely by Cactus V6
  • Also because of the built-in transceiver, the RF60 itself, without anything attach to it, can function as a commander to control other RF60s
  • If you place an RF60 on a camera hot shoe, you can wirelessly control other off-camera RF60s without using ANY flash trigger at all
  • Built-in wireless commander and receiver:
  • Cactus RF60 is a 2.4GHz radio-based wireless portable flash with a built-in transceiver that runs on 16 channels
  • It operates in three modes, Local for on-camera operation, Master and Slave modes for off-camera
  • To act as a commander, set an RF60 to Master and it can trigger an unlimited number of RF60 set in Slave mode
  • The effective distance between the Master RF60 and Slave RF60 is up to 100m (328 feet)
  • Remote control of power and zoom levels:
  • The power levels of the RF60 set in Slave mode can be adjusted from 1/128 to 1/1 full power in steps of 0.3EV
  • Zoom level can also be controlled from a wide 24mm zoom to 105mm With remote power and zoom control, you can place the RF6 units in hard-to-reach places and control its power and zoom level wirelessly
  • Group control of up to four groups with configurable Group Alias:
  • In a typical lighting setup, the ability to adjust, activate and deactivate groups of lights is vital in creating the desired lighting effect
  • The RF60 can be configured into four distinct groups
  • Power output can be adjusted in individual group or in all groups at the same time for fast adjustments
  • To streamline the shooting experience, user can rename each group to: KEY, FILL, SPOT, RIM, HAIR, LEFT, RIGHT, BACK and FRONT instead of remembering the placement of flash groups A, B, C and D
  • Optical Slave with delay feature:
  • The RF60 has a built-in optical sensor
  • The optical sensor captures pre-flash signals that are being emitted earlier than the flash sync
  • By setting the pre-flash optical trigger and the delay timer, you can set the exact time for the flash to start firing
  • This allows the RF60 to do not only first-curtain and second-curtain sync (also referred as front and rear curtain), but can fire at any given point of the image
  • High power up to Guide Number of 56 meters:
  • RF60 has powerful guild number GN56
  • The Fresnel lens was specifically designed to give out the best possible light
  • Compatible with Cactus V6 Wireless Flash Transceiver:
  • Flash power output on RF60 Slave units can be controlled by an RF60 Master as well as Cactus V6 Flash Transceiver
  • Cactus V5 also supports basic flash triggering on the RF60 but does not support power output control on the RF60
  • Multi-flash feature:
  • In Multi mode, a rapid series of flashes is fired to capture multiple images of a moving subject in a single frame
  • This feature is available in all three flash modes so its users can create the desired effects with both on and off camera flash
  • HSS Sympathy mode:
  • The HSS Sympathy mode of the RF60 is designed to support flash photography at shutter speeds beyond a camera's maximum sync speed
  • With the help of a TTL flash mounted on camera, RF60 fire flashes with an extended duration in order to produce even frame illumination at shutter speeds as high as 1/8000 second
  • The RF60 is meant for use in a multiple flashes setup and designed with the needs from the need of professional photographers in mind
  • Whether it's a wedding or commercial shoot, timing is crucial
  • RF60 users will not only find adjustments quick and easy, the LCD also displays necessary information photographer needs to know
  • Specifications:
  • Flash durations: 1/300s - 1/20,000s
  • Modes: Local (L), Master (M), and Slave (S)
  • Working radio frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Number of channels: 16
  • Number of groups: 4
  • Maximum wireless effective distance: 100 meters (328 feet)
  • Built-in optical slave mode: S1 (straight triggering); S2 (pre-flash ignored triggering)
  • Flash head swivel: 270-Degree (180-Degree left and 90-Degree right)
  • Power input: 4 AA batteries (LR6 alkaline or Ni-MH), rechargeable Ni-MH for best performance
  • Flash count per battery cycle: 100 (at 1/1 power); 2000 (at 1/128 power)
  • Minimum recycle time: 0.1-5.0 seconds (with alkaline batteries); 0.1-3.0 seconds (with Sanyo Eneloop)
  • Color temperature: 5600k +/- 200k
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 degrees C
  • Dimensions: 205 x 83 x 61mm
  • Net weight: 390g
  • Included:
  • Flash RF60
  • Flash Stand FS-2
  • Carrying Case FC-3
  • English User Manual

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  • *****
  • Works as promised

  • November 21, 2014
  • By: Edward

Using this with Cactus V6 transmitters and Nikon SB-600 and am able to control seperate power output and get results I previously thought impossible. Radio control at a really great price. Satisfied with purchase.

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