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  • Apple ProRes Recorder & Deck
  • Pocket-size
  • Ultra Long Battery
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  • Apple ProRes Recorder & Deck
  • Pocket-size
  • Ultra Long Battery
  • Tiny Size, Featherweight
  • Cameras are NOT included
  • MPEG Assassin:
  • The Ninja Star upgrades your consumer video camera to a truly pro recording device
  • Record seamlessly form expensive camera, action cams and secondary production cameras to edit ready Apple ProRes files
  • Ultra Long Battery:
  • The Ninja Star is an efficient little beast, meaning it can keep on going for over 5 hrs on one battery
  • Record for the whole shoot and play back all on the included battery
  • Tiny Size, Featherweight:
  • At 3 inches and 100g it is small enough to fit in your pocket, strap to your tripod and light enough to hang from a quadcopter or mount to your DSLR
  • CFast Speed:
  • CFast cards are small, reliable and sold at up to 256 GB which gives the Ninja Star up to 2 hrs and 40 mins of Apple ProRes HQ recording, more than doubling the record
  • time of your action camera and equal to your DSLR
  • Extreme ProRes:
  • Apple ProRes is the default standard for on board camera recoring in today's professional landscape
  • The Ninja Star is designed to open up Apple ProRes recording to the mass camera market
  • From extreme sports to motor racing, strapped to a tripod or on top of a mirrorless compact or DSLR, the Star is the pocket powerhouse that let's you Be Really Pro
  • Automatic Triggering:
  • Triggering record and capturing time code in sync with your camera is essential to smooth production with external devices
  • We have teamed up with all the leading camera manufacturers, including Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon & Jvc to give you automatic frmae accurate time code and start/stop triggers over HDMI
  • Robust Flexible Mounting:
  • Defining a new paradigm in recorders means providing real solutions
  • The construction and robust design of the Ninja Star is one achievement you'll enjoy, however we are most proud of the endless simple mounting options for those crazy video recording endeavours
  • CFast:
  • Small, lightweight and highly reliable with fast read/write speeds - Dfast is a perfect indestructable recording media for the robust Ninja Star
  • Because we only need generation one CFast it's much more affordable than later generations
  • Up to 3 hrs of LT recording means you will never have media remorse
  • HDMI + LOOP:
  • The Ninja Star's HDMI micro input allows for connecting with any device that provides or receives HDMI - sports cmaera, mobile phones, DSLRs and professional video cameras
  • Loop out to larger monitors/TVs for client review and of course Atomos recorders
  • Add an Atomos Connect converter to make even HD-sDi cameras compatible with the Ninja Star
  • Audio Line In:
  • Record audio dirct from the camera on the 2 embedded digital channels or add an external mic via the audio line in for an extra 2 channels of analog audio
  • Includes:
  • Ninja Star Unit
  • Carry Case
  • 1 x 2600mAh Battery (N, L Series Compatible)
  • Single 1000mAh AC Battery Charger (US, UK, EU, AU Plug)
  • NOTE: Cfast card and Reader required

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