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Product Highlights :
  • Ultra-wideangle DSLR Lens
  • Ideal for landscapes/close-ups
  • Equivalent to 16mm focal length
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NIKON AF DX FISHEYE-NIKKOR 10.5MM F2.8G Original:$999.99! Save:$30.00!

Sale Price: $969.99

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  • Ultra-wideangle DSLR Lens
  • Ideal for landscapes/close-ups
  • Equivalent to 16mm focal length
  • Filter - Rear-attachment 27mm
  • Close Range correction system
  • Achieves a full-frame 180&deg picture angle equivalent to a 16mm fisheye lens on a 35mm format camera
  • Delivers high-performance focus at extremely close range
  • Minimum focus distance is 14cm (5.5 in.)
  • ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass element minimizes chromatic aberration, for natural colours
  • Rounded diaphragm with seven-blade opening provides natural look to out-of-focus picture elements
  • Lightweight, compact size fits easily in hand
  • Optional Nikon Capture 4 software makes post-processing of images easier and more efficient, while also expanding the pleasure of exploring new possibilities with digital photography
  • Fixed flower-shape barrel-type hood greatly reduces stray light
  • Soft lens case
  • Lens Construction - 10 elements in 7 groups
  • Closest Focusing - 0.14m/0.46 ft.
  • Hood - Built-in

Lens Performance
Lens Type:Digital SLR Lenses
Focal Length:10.5mm
Maximum Aperture:f/2.8
Aperture (Max. & Min.):Max: f/2.8, Min: f/22
Camera Mount Type:Nikon F
Format Compatibility:Nikon DX, FX in DX Crop Mode
Angle of View:180 degrees
Minimum Focus Distance:0.14m
Maximum Close-Up Magnification:0.20x
Groups/Elements:7 Groups/10 Elements
Diaphragm Blades:7
Lens Features
Image Stabilization:No
Tripod Collar:No
Dimensions (DxL):2.5x2.5"
Additional Information
Warranty:5 year manufacturer warranty

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • Great Lens -- Not Just For Fun!!!

  • August 23, 2011
  • By: Scott Prokopetz

A lot of people have said not to use this lens for wide angle landscapes. However, I would like to argue that one. This lens makes superb wide angle landscapes if you know how to use it correctly. Keeping your horizon on the midpoint of the lens ensures it will not be distorted. I have made some truly unique images from points of view impossible with a regular wide angle lens (even an ultra wide) just because of the field of view of this lens (approx. 140 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees on the diagonal). If you don't want the traditional distored corners, the Fisheye-Hemi software from Image Trends Inc. does a wonderful job (for under $30 approx.) of tastefully correcting a lot of the distortion and allowing for a very pleasing rendition of a scene taken with a lens admonished by people as being both fun and wild. Sure, you can get some pretty funky effects but, when used properly, you can also get some shots you just couldn't have captured without a lot of contortions, and taking more images then "stitching" them together later in post production. That's a significant amount of extra work if you intended to take 5 or more bracketed exposures and run them through an HDR process. With this lens you can take 5 images, run them through your HDR process and then run them through Fisheye-Hemi (if you want to remove some of the more dramatic optical effects of the fisheye) as opposed to 10 or more images with another lens and then the post production stitching and HDR process. The Fisheye-Hemi does fantastic work to normalize people -- very good for handling large groups or people in a unique landscape location. The "Hemi" corrects the people and straightens your vertical lines while still preserving virtually all of your original image data! My experience has been that the "Hemi" software retains upwards of 96% of the image data (comparing my JPEG output files from before Hemi processing versus after Hemi processing). Compare that to the loss of image data through most rectilinear software conversion programs. Check out my "Around Durham" gallery for some examples shot with this 10.5mm fisheye lens and run through the Fishey-Hemi software. You can reach my gallery from my website: or directly from this link: This lens is sharp! There are already several reviews detailing the performance characteristics so I won't repeat them here. Simply put, I highly recommend this lens if you already have a standard zoom and are looking to give yourself wide angle coverage ... or just for fun. This will get you out of a jam in tight spaces and grants you a license for enhanced creativity at the same time. Personally, I find that outside of my 24-70 when I want a wide angle, I want a VERY WIDE ANGLE and this lens fits the bill perfectly! My standard case now contains these three lenses and gives me enough range for most purposes: 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye-NIKKOR, 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR, 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF Zoom-Nikkor.

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  • *****
  • Save your $ and Invest in a Nikon Fisheye

  • July 31, 2012
  • By: Steve

I have debated for a few years about getting a Fisheye to use on my D90. I was considering getting a generic brand fisheye over spending the extra money on the Nikon branded lens. After seeing some samples from both, I am happy that I didnt spend the $350ish on a generic lens. The Nikon 10.5MM F2.8 lens has amazing optics and speed. The biggest difference is that the Nikon will give you razor sharp images from the center of the picture all the way to the outer edges. Which you will drastically lose image quality around the outer edges with a generic named lens. Unless your budget can never allow you to spend the money needed to purchase the Nikon lens, I would recommend saving up a lil longer.

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  • *****
  • A Gem of Lenses

  • March 26, 2012
  • By: Alexander

Got this a few years ago to work with my D80 and what a joy its been :) This lens is fast, sharp and fun to use. Great for cool looking sports shots and i even use it for editorials on occasion. At f/2.8 you can shoot this lens handheld in pretty much any situation, even dark rooms at night (like parties). Just make sure you don't spill any drinks on it! The only downside to this lens is that fact that you cannot attach a front filter so you have to be extra careful with it, but all fisheyes are like that anyways. If you buy this lens, get ready for all your friends to be extremely jealous!

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