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  • Neutral Density filter will slow down cameras shutter speed allowing you to creatively blur select moving subjects
  • Allows Control over Hero3+/3 Shutter Speed
  • Glass Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
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POLAR PRO H3/3+/4 FRAME 2.0 SLIM ND FILT Original:$39.99! Save:$20.00!

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Create Fast-paced Action

A Neutral Density filter is often used to make moving objects appear blurred. The filter essentially tricks the camera into thinking there is less light infront of it, causing it to slow down the shutter speed to compensate. When the camera's shutter speed slows down, moving subjects will have a slight blur, and everything not moving will still be in focus.

The Polar Pro Neutral Density filter is also a must-have accessory when using your GoPro together with a flying camera. That's because the filter reduces the "jello-effect" that can happen when a camera is mounted to vehicle with high vibration. Check out the comparison photo and video below to see what else this filter can do.

Polar Pro Slim Neutral Density Filter for GoPro HERO3 or HERO3+

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  • Neutral Density filter will slow down cameras shutter speed allowing you to creatively blur select moving subjects
  • Allows Control over Hero3+/3 Shutter Speed
  • Glass Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Easy SlideOon/Off Design
  • Perfect For Creating Blur Motion
  • 3-Stop Shutter Reduction
  • Make moving things blurred. The GoPro Hero3+ has a very high shutter speed so often times when moving fast, nothing is blurred, creating the illusion that you are not moving quickly
  • For aviation, remote control planes, and shooting with quadcopters: Filter reduces the jello-effect which happens when the camera is mounted to vehicles with high vibration
  • Tone down bright scenes: If it is really bright out the Neutral Density filter will reduce some of the blown out highlights and leave you will an even more crisp video
  • When to us a Neutral Density Filter:
  • To Create Motion Blur: If you want to give a high speed look and feel to your video like the image below, pop on this Neutral Density Filter
  • To Reduce Jello Effect "Wobble": GoPro videos are notorious for rolling shutter or "wobble" which makes your video look like jello. This is caused by heavy vibrations while: Flying Quadcopters, Suction Cup mounted to Cars, Biking, etc. The ND Filter will slow down the cameras shutter speed and reduce the amount of wobble
  • To Reduce Excess Light in Bright Conditions: The ND filter is like putting on an even darker pair of sunglasses than the polarizer. The ND filter will prevent oversaturated highlights, leaving you with great contrast and sharpness
  • Compatibility:
  • GoPro HERO3+ and HERO3 Naked Camera
  • Filter # P1006

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