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  • Your Life!
  • Your Photos!
  • Your Game!
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  • Your Life!
  • Your Photos!
  • Your Game!
  • 2 to 6 Players
  • Ages 8 to Adult
  • No one takes a picture of something they want to forget!
  • Make a game that is unforgettable!
  • Where are your photos anyway? Photo albums?
  • Storeed on the memory card of your digital camera?
  • Stuffed in shoeboxes under the bed?
  • Calling all Photos!
  • Come Out and Play!
  • Choose 22 favorite photos and create a game for:
  • A Birthday
  • A Family Reunion
  • A Wedding
  • A Party
  • A Baby Shower
  • An Anniversary
  • Any Celebration
  • Any Event
  • You don't even really need an occasion!
  • Maybe you've just always wanted to make you own game!
  • It's Easy!
  • Materials and instructions are included for creating your game in many different ways
  • Print photos or use existing photos
  • Choose from 100 pre printed titles or create your own
  • Hand letter with enclosed art pen or use a printer
  • No Computer or Printer Necessary
  • Unleash your Creative Genius!

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