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  • 8 in 1 Reflector Solution
  • 2-Stop TriGrip Diffuser
  • A Set of TriFlip Covers
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Change It Up

The TriFlip Kit has been designed to increase the versatility of the TriGrip Reflector, by offering a variety of surfaces all in one bag. Simply insert the TriGrip into the TriFlip sleeve to instantly change your reflector to the surface you require.

  • 8 in 1 Reflector Solution
  • 2-Stop TriGrip Diffuser
  • A Set of TriFlip Covers
  • Fabric Bag
  • Reflector kit offers photographers an unprecedented 8 in 1 solution, allowing them to be ready for any lighting scenario
  • With reversible sleeves that feature a different reflective surface on each side
  • Allows the photographer to carry just one reflector instead of 8
  • TriFlip cover quickly slips over a TriGrip and are ready for use
  • The TriFlip cover can be left on the TriGrip when folding for added convenience
  • Reversible:
  • A different surface on each side giving you more creative options
  • Lifetime Rim Guarantee:
  • If the rim breaks or comes apart the item will be fixed free of charge
  • Triple Re-Enforced Stitch Line:
  • Over 30 stitches per inch ensures steel rims won't be popping out of the rim tape
  • Double Coated Reflective Surfaces:
  • Ensures reflective surfaces won't crack or split after numerous uses
  • Collapses To One Third Of Original Size:
  • In seconds the item closes down to a convenient size for portability and storage
  • Hand Grip:
  • An ergonomic hand grip to enable ease of use and precise control
  • Single Handed Operation:
  • Designed to be operated easily with one hand leaving your other hand free for your camera
  • Specifications:
  • Depth (in bag): 7.0 cm (2.76 in.)
  • Height (in bag): 36.0 cm (14.17 in.)
  • Open size (from handle to opposite side): 75.0 cm (29.53 in.)
  • Shape: triangular
  • Weight (in bag): 0.95 kg (2.09 lbs.)
  • Weight (out of bag): 0.73 kg (1.61 lbs.)
  • Width (in bag): 36.0 cm (14.17 in.)
  • In the Box:
  • 2 Stop TriGrip Diffuser
  • A set of TriFlip Covers
  • Fabric Bag

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • Portable - Best Choice for One-Person Operation

  • September 14, 2015
  • By: Robert

Packs up into a case slightly smaller than a typical 32" circular reflector. Great for suitcase and travel. Well built and has all the reflective surfaces needed. Easiest type to use for the photographer who has to hold their reflector in one hand while the camera is in the other.

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  • *****
  • Buy this first and save time and money

  • August 28, 2015
  • By: Ross Chevalier

Every photographer needs a decent reflector kit. There are cheaper units but they all require a stand and special bracket or a human to hold them. The Triflip can be held by the photographer or the subject, or used with a super clamp and a stand. It collapses to a small flat package and has all the reflector surfaces you will ever need. White, silver, silver/gold, gold/silver, black, silver /white, gold and a proper diffuser and I have missed one I think. All very useful other than the straight gold which is anathema to any one who doesn't want their subject to look jaundiced. But all gold reflectors are mostly useless, that's not unique to this one. They are super durable and one person can easily handle them via the convenient and comfortable grip. The only thing that prevents this from getting five stars is that this is the small kit and I prefer the larger one although I own both. Price point on this kit is ideal and will last you a long time.

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