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  • 2 Wireless Flash Triggers
  • 2.4G Wireless Frequency
  • 6 Channels
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  • 2 Wireless Flash Triggers
  • 2.4G Wireless Frequency
  • 6 Channels
  • Max Range: More than 500m
  • Camera and flash are NOT included
  • 100% Reliable:
  • Trigmaster Plus II is an extremely reliable 2.4G wireless radio signal
  • Trigger your flash indoors or outdoors, without suffering from interference or misfires
  • Success rate is greater than 99.99%
  • Enjoy complete flash freedom
  • Long Distance Control:
  • Using "Super" mode, you can trigger your flash or camera further than 500m, and up to one kilometer
  • With this extended reach, capture scenes younever thought possible before
  • Four Zones:
  • Control up to four zones (A/B/C/D) individually or all at once
  • These are also known as 'groups'
  • Conveniently activate zones from the transmitter unit on your camera
  • Works not only with flashes, but also cameras as well
  • Relay Mode:
  • Relay Mode enables long distance control - fire your flash or camera up to 500 meters away
  • A 3rd unit relays the signal for further reach
  • Commonly used for shooting remotely, on safari, sporting events, etc.
  • Can also utilize zones, and can trigger multiple cameras or flashes, not just one
  • Interlink Triggering Mode:
  • Remotely trigger your camera AND flash at the same time with a trigger in your hand, while enjoying complete freedom of movement
  • It's useful for a range of applications, from remote portraiture, engaging with your subject away from the camera, etc.
  • High Voltage Flash Compatible:
  • Old flashes often have high voltage
  • Trigmaster Plus II works high voltage flashes up to 300v
  • This prevents potential damage to your triggers. Don't fry your circuits. Enjoy flashing peace of mind
  • Power Indicator:
  • Unlike any trigger before, Trigmaster Plus II has a battery power indicator
  • It displays power in 6 levels, and blinks red to indicate low battery power
  • It's designed for a long shooting life, so you don't have to worry about battery power
  • With 2 AA batteries, normal standby power is 200 hours, and 80 hours while in use
  • Trigmaster Family Compatible:
  • Trigmaster Plus II is compatible with all previous 2.4G triggers in the Aputure family
  • So if you've got others in your arsenal, don't worry, they will work together, extending your strobing possibilities
  • Specifications:
  • Signal: 2.4G wireless frequency
  • Max Range: More than 500m (SUPER mode)
  • Channels: 6 channels
  • Zones: 4 zones (aka groups)
  • Max Sync Speed: 1/320 sec
  • Dimensions: 92.5 x 53 x 29.5mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Standby power: 200 hours (1.2V, 2500mAH x2)
  • Working time: 80 hours (1.2V, 2500mAH x2)
  • Power Supply: AA batteries (x2)
  • Compatibility: TXII:
  • TXII: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony NEX-6, Sony A99, Sony A58

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  • *****
  • Good triggers BUT

  • July 27, 2016
  • By: James

The cold shoe has no locking mechanism, which means you can't lock this trigger to your cameras hot shoe and then use a speed light on top of it. 

I told the staff I was looking for triggers that would allow for on camera and off camera flash at the same time, these triggers are what they recommended, but they obviously never used them before. Time was an issue so I had no choice but to velcro one of the triggers to the bottom of my camera (connected via PC sync cable).

The build quality is good and the performance is excellent. I've used pocket wizards before and these triggers worked just as well for what I need (wedding reception/dance shots).

Aside from the cold shoe not locking, the triggers will not wake up a off camera speed light that goes to sleep. You have to disable the auto sleep function of your flash if you want to use it off camera with these triggers.

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