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  • 8-: 70-79% of original finish. May have relatively large flaws in finish that does not affect functionality. Must be optically and mechanically perfect.
  • 7: 60-69% of original finish. Must be complete, but may be scratched or scuffed. Metal may show wear but should have no corrosion, rust or pits. Must be optically and mechanically perfect.

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  • Single-lens reflex digital camera
  • 6.1 Megapixel
  • 2.0" LCD Monitor
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  • Single-lens reflex digital camera
  • 6.1 Megapixel
  • 2.0" LCD Monitor
  • Near-instant power-up of 0.2 sec.
  • Image Sensor - RGB CCD, 23.7 x 15.6mm; total pixels: 6.24 million
  • Image Size (pixels) 3,008 x 2,000 [L], 2,240 x 1,488 [M], 1,504 x 1,000 [S]
  • Sensitivity - 200 to 1600 (ISO equivalent) in steps of 1/3 EV
  • Storage Media - CompactFlash (CF) Card (Type I and II) and Microdrive
  • Storage System - Compressed NEF (RAW): 12-bit compression, JPEG: JPEG baseline-compliant
  • File System Exif - 2.21, Compliant DCF 2.0 and DPOF
  • White Balance - Auto (TTL white balance with 1,005-pixel RGB sensor), six manual modes with fine tuning, preset white balance, white balance bracketing possible
  • Low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD with brightness adjustment
  • Video Output - NTSC or PAL
  • Interface - USB: Mass storage and PTP selectable
  • Text Input - Up to 36 characters of alphanumeric text input available with LCD monitor and multi-selector; stored in Exif header
  • Compatible Lenses - 1) DX Nikkor: All functions supported 2) Type G or D AF Nikkor: All functions supported 3) Micro Nikkor 85 mm F2.8D: All functions supported except autofocus and some exposure modes 4) Other AF Nikkor: All functions supported except 3D Color Matrix Metering, i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash for digital SLR 5) AI-P Nikkor : All functions supported except 3D Color Matrix Metering, i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash for digital SLR, and autofocus 6) Non-CPU : Can be used in exposure mode M, but exposure meter does not function; electronic range finder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster
  • Note: IX Nikkor lenses can not be used
  • Picture Angle - Equivalent in 35 mm [135] format is approx. 1.5 times lens focal length
  • Viewfinder - Built-in diopter adjustment (?1.6 to +0.5 m?1)
  • Eyepoint - 18 mm (-1.0 m-1)
  • Focusing Screen- Type B BriteView Clear Matte screen Mark V with superimposed focus brackets and on-demand grid lines
  • Viewfinder Frame Coverage - Approx. 95%
  • Viewfinder Magnification - Approx. 0.75x with 50mm lens at infinity; ?1.0 m?1
  • Viewfinder Information - Focus indications, AE/FV lock indicator, Shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure/Exposure compensation indicator, Exposure mode, Flash output level compensation, Exposure compensation, Number of remaining exposures, Flash-ready indicator
  • Autofocus - TTL phase detection by Nikon Multi-CAM900 autofocus module with AF- assist illuminator (approx. 0.5m to 3.0m) Detection range: EV -1 to +19 (ISO 100 equivalent, at normal temperature: 20°C)
  • Lens Servo - 1) Autofocus (AF): single-servo AF (AF-S); continuous servo AF (AF-C); predictive focus tracking automatically activated according to subject status 2) Manual focus (M)
  • Focus Area - Can be selected from 5 focus areas
  • AF Area Mode - 1) Single Area AF, 2) Dynamic Area AF, 3) Closest Subject Priority Dynamic Area AF
  • Focus Lock - Focus can be locked by pressing shutter-release button halfway (single- servo AF) or by pressing AE-L/AF-L button
  • Exposure Metering System - TTL full-aperture exposure metering system (1) 3D Color Matrix Metering with 1,005-pixel RGB sensor (2) Center-weighted: Weight of 75%(8mm circle) given to 6, 8, 10, or 12-mm dia. circle in center of frame, or weighting based on average of entire frame (3) Spot: Meters 2.3mm dia. circle (about 1% of frame) centered on active focus area
  • Exposure Metering Range - 1) EV 0 to 20 (3D Color Matrix or center-weighted metering) 2) EV 2 to 20 (spot metering) (ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens, 20°C/68°F)
  • Exposure Mode - Digital Vari-program (Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close up, Sports, Night landscape, Night portrait) Programmed Auto (P) with flexible program; Shutter-Priority Auto (S); Aperture Priority Auto (A); Manual (M)
  • Exposure Compensation - ±5 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV
  • Auto Exposure Lock - Luminosity locked at detected value with AE-L/AF-L button
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing - Two or three frames ±2EV in 1/3 or 1/2 steps
  • Shooting Modes - 1) Single frame shooting mode 2) Continuous shooting mode: approx. 3 frames per second 3) Self-timer mode 4) Delayed remote mode: 2 sec. delay 5) Quick?response remote mode
  • Shutter - Combined mechanical and CCD electronic shutter, 30 to 1/8000 sec. in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV, bulb
  • Sync Contact - X-contact only; flash synchronization at up to 1/500 sec.
  • Flash Control - 1) TTL: TTL flash control by 1,005-pixel RGB sensor ? Built-in Speedlight: i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash or standard i-TTL flash (spot metering or mode dial set to M) SB-800 or 600: i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash or standard i-TTL flash (spot metering) 2) Auto aperture: Available with SB-800 with CPU lens 3) Non-TTL Auto: Available with Speedlights such as SB-800, 80DX, 28DX, 28, 27, and 22s 4) Distance-priority manual available with SB-800
  • Flash Sync Mode - 1) Front-Curtain Sync (normal sync), 2) Red-Eye Reduction, 3) Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync, 4) Slow Sync, 5) Rear-Curtain Sync
  • Built-in Speedlight - Auto flash with auto pop-up [P], [S], [A], [M]: manual pop-up with button release Guide number (ISO 200/ISO 100, m): approx. 15/11 (manual full 17/12)
  • Flash compensation - 3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2EV
  • Accessory Shoe - Standard ISO hot-shoe contact with safety lock provided
  • Self-timer - Electronically controlled timer with duration of 2 to 20 seconds
  • Depth of Field Preview - When CPU lens is attached, lens aperture can be stopped down and previewed by pressing the preview button
  • Power Source - One rechargeable Nikon Li-ion battery EN-EL3a or EN-EL3, Three CR2 lithium batteries (with optional MS-D70 CR2 battery holder)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 140 x 111 x 78mm (5.5 x 4.4 x 3.1 in.)
  • Weight Approx. 600g (1 lb 5 oz) without battery, memory card, body cap, or monitor cover

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