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  • 16.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor
  • 10 fps Continuous Shooting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
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  • 16.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor
  • 10 fps Continuous Shooting
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Full HD 60p Video Recording
  • 3.0 inch Tiltable LCD
  • Fast Hybrid AF
  • Two dials for DSLR-like operation
  • Electronic viewfinder (XGA OLED Tru-Finder)
  • 16.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor and Bionz Image Processing:
  • 16.1-megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor - the same size as found in larger DSLRs - works with BIONZ image processing to deliver images of astounding beauty. Brilliant lifelike colors, superb details and smooth tonal gradations are all hallmarks of this renowned duo
  • Whether viewing on a widescreen TV or making oversized prints, the high-resolution, low-noise images reveal every subtle nuance of a scene, be it a majestic landscape or slice of dynamic city life
  • In addition, the high resolution offers more freedom when cropping photos without sacrificing image quality
  • Low-light Scenes:
  • The ultra-high ISO of 25600 lets you shoot without flash for images that faithfully convey the ambience of the setting, while NEX-6's noise reduction technology markedly reduces noise that occurs when shooting at high ISO sensitivity
  • You'll also appreciate the freedom high ISO sensitivity provides, allowing you to shoot at fast shutter speeds to eliminate the need for a tripod or to capture fast-moving action
  • Autofocus system for DSLR-like response:
  • NEX-6 is equipped with Sony's Fast Hybrid AF ? an innovation that combines the hyper-responsiveness of phase-detection AF with the precision of contrast-detection AF
  • First, fast phase-detection AF quickly moves the lens to bring the subject into near focus after which highly precise contrast-detection AF finishes focusing
  • It all happens in the blink of an eye so you're always assured of capturing every fleeting moment
  • Four focus modes cover any scene or subject:
  • Matching the focus mode to the subject assures super-sharp results
  • Choose from Single-shot AF for static subjects, Continuous AF for moving subjects and Manual Focus or Direct Manual Focus (DMF) for close-ups
  • Keeping moving subjects sharply focused:
  • Automatically maintain focus on moving subjects with Object Tracking
  • Just select the subject and the camera locks on, keeping it sharply focused as it moves - a great help when shooting action scenes
  • 10 fps high-speed continuous shooting:
  • Rely on NEX-6 to flawlessly capture any fast-breaking action
  • Speed Priority Continuous mode is capable of a blazing 10 fps while maintaining focus on the subject thanks to Fast Hybrid AF, producing exciting action sequences
  • with each frame perfectly focused
  • Built-in flash (GN6) for a splash of light:
  • Brighten the scene with this convenient addition
  • Combined with the high sensitivity of ISO 25600, you'll never miss a shot even when the lights go down
  • It also produces alluring catch lights for daylight portraits
  • Accessory shoe expands shooting options:
  • Tap into the wide variety of optional accessories with the Multi Interface Shoe
  • The NEX-6 system includes external flash units, video lights, adaptors and more - everything you need when it's time to expand
  • Mode dial:
  • Conveniently positioned on top, the mode dial lets you change shooting modes - Superior Auto, P/A/S/M and others - using only your right thumb and without taking
  • your eye from the viewfinder
  • Control dial:
  • Adjust exposure, ISO, white balance and other settings
  • The control dial is located directly under the mode dialand provides the same easy operation so you can concentrate on the action
  • Fn (Function) button:
  • Adjust the camera without having to dig through menus
  • Located next to the shutter release, the distinct shape of the Fn button makes it easy to find
  • Use it during Live View to choose frequently used settings, or to adjust settings in the Quick Navi display, which shows all settings on the LCD screen for smooth DSLR-like operation
  • Built-in, ultra high-resolution electronic viewfinder:
  • Experience for yourself the brightness and clarity that define XGA OLED Tru-Finder
  • Boasting 2,359K-dot resolution and outstanding contrast, this superb viewfinder reveals every subtle nuance of a scene with remarkable accuracy, including defocusing effects, so what you see is literally what you get
  • Fast OLED response virtually eliminates motion blur and residual images when tracking moving subjects or viewing recorded movies
  • In addition, a digital level gauge displays camera roll (left/right tilt) and pitch (front/back tilt)
  • Movie shooting at the press of a button:
  • When it's time to record movies, simply press the dedicated MOVIE button and you're good to go
  • Perfectly positioned on the back in the upper right corner, you don't even have to remove your eye from the viewfinder to operate it
  • When you want to stop recording, simply press again
  • Tiltable LCD screen for the greatest of viewing ease:
  • Enjoy the clarity of the 3.0-type (7.5 cm) 921K-dot LCD screen
  • Designed to vastly reduce reflections for easy viewing, it delivers rich blacks, brilliant colors and a realism that is nothing short of amazing, all beautifully displayed
  • in any lighting situation
  • For expanded viewing convenience, the display tilts approx. 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down
  • Full HD movies:
  • Record beautiful movies thanks to the Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and fast readout
  • NEX-6 supports a variety of movie formats, including AVCHD Ver. 2.0 at 60p/50p and 60i/50i as well as 24p/25p
  • Shoot carefree in fully automatic mode or use P/A/S/M modes when you want maximum control over the look of the movie
  • In addition, a wide variety of optional A-mount lenses are available to offer aspiring moviemakers all the tools they need to produce stunning cinema
  • Smile Shutter / Face Detection:
  • The camera waits until faces are smiling then automatically takes the shot
  • Smile detection is adjustable in three levels
  • Creative Style:
  • Six modes give you creative control over the ambience of photos and movies before the shot
  • Choose from Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset or Black & White
  • Soft Skin Effect:
  • Make people look their best by removing unsightly blemishes and wrinkles from faces when you shoot
  • Softening is restricted to faces and is adjustable in three levels
  • Scene Selection:
  • Take the guesswork out of difficult shots
  • Simply select from one of eight scenes - including Portrait, Sunset and more - and NEX-6 adjusts settings for optimal results
  • Superior Auto:
  • This convenient mode offers the ultimate in shooting freedom
  • The camera reads the scene then automatically adjusts settings for superb, hassle-free photos and movies
  • Sweep Panorama:
  • Majestic landscapes and cityscapes can now be captured with ease
  • Just sweep the camera in an arc while shooting and the camera automatically creates a stunning panorama
  • Auto Portrait Framing:
  • Give portraits a professional look
  • NEX-6 automatically crops images while you shoot for the most pleasing look
  • It also saves the original so you can decide which is best
  • Anti Motion Blur:
  • Sony's compositing technologies decrease blur when capturing scenes in which subject-motion blur can occur, such as in dimly lit settings or when shooting at telephoto focal lengths
  • Picture Effect:
  • Creativity comes easy with NEX-6 thanks to Picture Effect
  • 11 modes with 15 total effects - such as Partial Color, Posterization, Toy Camera, High Contrast Monochrome, HDR Painting and more - give you the means to transform everyday photos into impressive works of art
  • As you apply effects, results are shown in real-time on the LCD screen
  • Clear Image Zoom:
  • Digitally increase the focal length of lenses by 2x without markedly sacrificing image quality
  • This is like having another lens, providing extra reach when shooting distant subjects
  • MF Assist:
  • Always be assured of sharp images when focusing manually
  • This magnifies the area of the composition on which focus is being performed by 4.8x or 9.6x - ideal when shooting close-ups or at wide apertures
  • Auto HDR:
  • Eliminate blocked shadows and blown highlights in contrasty scenes
  • The camera takes three shots at different exposures then composites them for photos that closely resemble what your eyes see
  • D-Range Optimizer (DRO):
  • DRO is another way to tame contrasty scenes for more natural looking images
  • Unlike Auto HDR, which requires stationary subjects, DRO can be used when photographing moving subjects, even during high-speed continuous shooting
  • Peaking function:
  • See at a glance whether your subject is in focus with the Peaking function
  • A highlight appears over the area of the composition that is in focus for instant confirmation
  • Anti-dust system:
  • NEX-6's advanced ultrasonic vibration system removes dust from the sensor that can cause spots on images
  • The system automatically activates when the camera is turned off
  • Micro USB terminal:
  • Charge the battery without removing it from the camera
  • Just connect to a PC via the included micro USB cable
  • Multi memory card support:
  • For added storage capability and convenience, NEX-6's memory card slot supports a variety of media, including high-capacity Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo and SDXC memory cards
  • Long-life battery:
  • Shoot up to 360 images (approx.) on a single charge
  • The durable battery means less worry when shooting for extended periods, such as when touring or at lengthy events, and provides long movie recording and playback times
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with mobile devices and more:
  • Built-in Wi-Fi lets you view photos on just about any wireless-compatible device
  • For smartphones and tablet PCs, simply install PlayMemories Mobile - a free mobile app - and transfer photos directly from the camera
  • You can also connect wirelessly to compatible widescreen TVs to view photos, using the camera as a remote control
  • And when it's time to download photos and movies to a PC on which PlayMemories Home is installed, do it wirelessly
  • without bothering with cables
  • PlayMemories Home:
  • Easy-to-use image management software installs onto Windows PCs
  • Use it to download, view, edit, print and share photos and movies
  • PlayMemories Mobile:
  • Transfer photos to your smartphone or tablet PC via Wi-Fi with this free mobile application
  • Available for both Mac iOS and Android devices
  • General:
  • Camera type: Interchangeable-lens digital camera with built-in flash
  • Lens compatibility: Sony E-mount lenses
  • Image sensor:
  • Type: APS-C type (23.5 x 15.6 mm), Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with primary color filters
  • Number of pixels (approx.): 16.1 megapixels (effective),16.7 megapixels (total)
  • Image sensor aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Anti-dust system: Charge protection coating on optical filter and ultrasonic vibration mechanism
  • Recording system (still images):
  • Recording format: JPEG (DCF Ver. 2.0, Exif Ver. 2.3, MPF Baseline compliant), RAW (Sony ARW 2.3 format)
  • Image quality modes: RAW, RAW & JPEG, JPEG Fine, JPEG Standard
  • Picture Effect: 11 modes (15 effects): Posterization (Color, B/W), Pop Color, Retro Photo, Partial Color (R, G, B, Y), High Contrast Mono, Toy Camera, Soft High-key, Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Rich-tone Mono, Miniature
  • Creative Style: Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, B/W (Contrast -3 to +3 steps, Saturation -3 to +3 steps, Sharpness
  • -3 to +3 steps)
  • Dynamic range functions: Off, Dynamic Range Optimizer (Auto/Level), Auto High Dynamic Range: Off, Auto Exposure Difference, Exposure Difference Level (1.0-6.0 EV, 1.0 EV step)
  • Color space: sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Recording system (movies):
  • Recording format: AVCHD/MP4
  • Video compression: MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)
  • Audio recording format: Dolby Digital (AC-3)/MPEG-4 AAC-LC, 2ch
  • Media:
  • Media: Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, SD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card
  • Slot: Multi-media compatibility with Memory Stick Duo and SD memory cards
  • Noise reduction:
  • Long exposure NR: On/Off, available at shutter speeds longer than 1 sec., High ISO NR: High/Normal/Low
  • White balance:
  • Modes: Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Flash, C. Temp 2500 to 9900K, C. Filter (G7 to M7 15-step, A7 to B7 15-step), Custom
  • AWB micro adjustment: G7 to M7 15-step, A7 to B7 15-step
  • Focus system:
  • Type: Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF)
  • Focus point: 99 points (phase-detection AF), 25 points (contrast-detection AF)
  • Sensitivity range: EV 0 to EV 20 (at ISO 100 equivalent with F2.8 lens attached)
  • Focus modes: Autofocus, DMF (Direct Manual Focus), Manual Focus
  • AF modes: AF-S: Single-shot AF, AF-C: Continuous AF
  • Focus area: Multi Point AF (99 points for phase-detection AF, 25 points for contrast-detection AF), Center-weighted, Flexible Spot
  • Other features: Object Tracking, Predictive control, Focus lock, AF micro adjustment, Eye-start AF (only available with optional
  • LA-EA2 attached)
  • AF illuminator: Built-in LED
  • AF illuminator range (approx.): 0.5-3.0 m (approx., with E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS attached)
  • Exposure control:
  • Metering type: 1200-zone evaluative metering
  • Metering sensor: Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
  • Metering sensitivity: EV 0 to EV 20 (at ISO 100 equivalent with F2.8 lens attached)
  • Metering modes: Multi-segment, Center-weighted, Spot
  • Exposure modes: iAUTO, Superior Auto, Programmed AE (P), Aperture priority (A), Shutter-speed priority (S), Manual (M), Sweep
  • Panorama, Scene Selection
  • Scene Selection: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports Action, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Hand-held Twilight, Anti Motion Blur
  • Exposure compensation: +/- 3.0 EV (in 0.3 EV steps)
  • Bracketing: 1/3, 2/3, 1, 2 and 3 EV increments, 3 frames
  • AE lock: Locked when shutter button is pressed halfway. Can be disabled from the Menu.
  • AEL button: Can be programmed to toggle AE lock on/off, or lock current exposure while pressed.
  • ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index): Still images: ISO 100-25600, AUTO (ISO 100-3200), Movies: ISO 100-6400 equivalent, AUTO (ISO 100-3200
  • equivalent)
  • Viewfinder:
  • Type: XGA OLED, 1.3 cm (0.5 type) electronic viewfinder
  • Total number of dots: 2,359,296 dots
  • Brightness control: Auto/Manual (3 steps between -1 and +1)
  • Field coverage: 100%
  • Magnification: Approx. 1.09x (with 50 mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1)
  • Diopter adjustment: -4.0 m-1 ~ +1.0 m-1
  • Eye point: Approx. 23 mm from the eyepiece lens, 21 mm from the eyepiece frame at -1 m-1 diopter (CIPA standard)
  • Display: Disp. Basic Info, Level, Histogram
  • Real-time image adjustment display: Exposure Comp., White Balance, Creative Style
  • LCD screen:
  • Type: 7.5 cm (3.0-type) wide type TFT (Xtra Fine LCD)
  • Number of dots (total): 921,600 dots
  • Brightness control: Manual (5 steps between -2 and +2), Sunny Weather mode
  • Field coverage: 100%
  • Adjustable angle: Up approx. 90 degrees, down approx. 45 degrees
  • Display contents: Graphic Display, Display All Info., Big Font Size Disp., No Disp. Info., Level, Histogram, For viewfinder
  • Real-time image adjustment display: Exposure Comp., White Balance, Creative Style
  • Quick Navi: Yes
  • Focus check: MF Assist (4.8x, 9.6x); Peaking (Level: High/Mid/Low/Off, Color: White/Red/Yellow)
  • Face Detection:
  • Modes: On, Off, Face Registration, Face Selection; max. eight faces detected
  • Other features:
  • Auto Portrait Framing, Smile Shutter (3 steps)
  • Clear Image Zoom:
  • Still images: Approx. 2x
  • Digital Zoom:
  • Digital Zoom (still images): Approx. 4x
  • Smart Zoom (still images): Approx. 1.4x / 2x
  • Digital Zoom (movies): Approx. 4x
  • Shutter:
  • Type: Electronically controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane type
  • Shutter speed: Still images: 1/4000 to 30 sec., Bulb, Movies: 1/4000 to 1/4 (1/3 step), up to 1/60 in AUTO mode, up to 1/30 in Auto Slow Shutter mode
  • Flash sync. speed: 1/160 sec.
  • Electronic front curtain shutter: Yes, On/Off
  • SteadyShot INSIDE (image stabilization):
  • Type: Not supported (image stabilization supported by lens)
  • Flash:
  • Type: Built-in flash
  • Guide No.: 6 (in meters at ISO 100 equivalent)
  • Flash coverage: 16 mm (focal-length printed on the lens body)
  • Control: Pre-flash TTL
  • Flash compensation: +/- 2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
  • Flash modes: Flash off, Autoflash, Fill-flash, Slow Sync., Rear Sync.
  • Recycling time: Approx. 4 sec.
  • External flash: Sony Alpha System Flash (compatible with Multi Interface Shoe and Auto-lock Accessory Shoe with optional Shoe Adaptor ADP-MAA)
  • Wireless control: Supported on external flash
  • Drive:
  • Modes: Single-shot, Continuous, Speed Priority Continuous, Self-timer (10/2 sec. delay), Self-timer (Cont.) (10 sec. delay; 3/5 exposures), Bracketing, Remote Cdr (with RMT-DSLR2; sold separately)
  • Speed (max.): Continuous mode: 3 fps, Speed Priority Continuous mode: 10 fps
  • No. of recordable frames in Continuous drive mode (Hi): Fine: 15 frames, Standard: 16 frames, RAW: 11 frames, RAW & JPG: 10 frames
  • Playback:
  • Modes: Single (with or without shooting information), RGB histogram and highlight/shadow warning, 6/12-frame index view, Enlarged display mode (L: 14x, M: 11x, S: 7.3x, Panorama (Standard): 24x, Panorama (Wide): 34x), Auto Review (10/5/2 sec., Off), Image orientation (On/Off), Slideshow, Panorama scrolling, Folder selection (Still), Forward/Rewind (Movie), Delete, Protect
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Playback on smartphone: Yes
  • Upload to PC: Yes
  • Playback on TV: Yes
  • Interface:
  • PC interface: Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0): Mass-storage, MTP, Micro USB type B
  • HD output: HDMI mini connector (Type-C), BRAVIA Sync (link menu), PhotoTV HD
  • Multi Interface Shoe: Yes (Sony accessories for the Accessory Shoe can also be attached.)
  • Auto-lock Accessory Shoe: Yes (requires optional Shoe Adaptor ADP-MAA)
  • Compatible OS (USB connection): Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1; Mac OS X (10.3-10.8); 64-bit and Starter Editions are not supported. The Windows Image Mastering API (IMAPI) Ver. 2.0 or later is required to use the function for creating discs
  • Audio:
  • Microphone: Built-in stereo microphone
  • Speaker: Built-in, monaural, volume settings in 8 steps
  • Print:
  • Compatible standards: Exif Print, Print Image Matching III, DPOF setting
  • Custom function:
  • Type: Custom key settings
  • Power:
  • Battery: Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-FW50
  • Still images: Approx. 270 images with viewfinder and approx. 360 images with LCD screen (CIPA standard)
  • Movies: Approx. 90 minutes with viewfinder and approx. 100 minutes with LCD screen (1920 x 1080, approx. 17 Mbps)
  • Internal battery charge: Micro USB type B
  • External power: AC Adaptor AC-PW20 (optional)
  • Weight:
  • With battery and Memory Stick PRO Duo: Approx. 345 g (12.2 oz)
  • Body only: Approx. 287 g (10.1 oz)
  • Dimensions:
  • W x H x D (excluding protrusions): Approx. 119.9 x 66.9 x 42.6 mm (4 3/4 × 2 3/4 × 1 1/16 in.)
  • Operating temperature:
  • Range: 0-40 degrees C (32 degrees - 104 degrees F)
  • System requirements of bundled software:
  • Image Data Converter Ver. 4:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1; Mac OS X (10.5-10.8)
  • CPU: Windows: Pentium 4 or faster; Macintosh: Intel Core Solo/Core Duo/Core 2 Duo or faster
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • PlayMemories Home:
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1
  • CPU: Windows: Pentium III 800 MHz or faster; for playing/editing HD movies, Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz or faster/Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66 GHz or faster, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz or faster (AVC HD (FX/FH))
  • Memory: 512 MB or more; for playing/editing HD movies: 1 GB or more
  • Lens support for Fast Hybrid AF:
  • The following lenses support phase-detection AF but initially require a firmware update (available from the Sony website) if not included as kit lens with NEX-6: E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS, E 55-210mm F4-6.3 OSS, E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS, Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA, E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS (does not require firmware update).
  • Other lenses can be used with NEX-6 but will employ only contrast-detection AF
  • Additional E-mount lenses will support phase detection AF in the future

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