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  • 10' x 12' Muslin
  • High Key White
  • Handpainted
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PXW-FS7. Hand held. Long form. Just right.

What if you built a camera from the ground up for hand-held and long-form shooting? What if you were free to optimize everything from the lens mount to the recording codec to the media? What if you reconfigured and refined the body for an entirely new level of comfort? Now imagine giving it 4K resolution and a Super 35 sensor. The result would be Sony's PXW-FS7. It's the ideal camcorder for documentaries, unscripted TV, newsmagazines, indie features, corporate video and more.

Sony's Native E-Mount System: the smarter choice for moving pictures.

Sony PXW accepts extentsive range of other SLR lenses!

The E-Mount also accepts an extensive range of other SLR glass

Unlike still photography, motion pictures benefit from lenses with ultra-quiet and continuously variable power zoom and iris. That's what Sony's new generation of E-Mount lenses delivers, superb optical quality along with auto focus and the perfect balance of build quality, affordability and light weight. With an extremely shallow, 18 mm flange-back distance, the camera's E-Mount also accepts an extensive range of PL, Canon EF and other SLR glass via third-party adaptors.

10-bit 4:2:2 imagery at just 50 Mbps.

Long-form projects shine with Sony's XAVC-L recording system. Here's the superior grayscale rendition of 10-bit recording, plus the uncompromised detail of 4:2:2 colour - all at a budget-friendly 50 Mbps (HD mode). Other options include on-board 4K (3840 x 2160) recording, the same 113 Mbps XAVC-I recording as Sony's high-end F55, well-accepted MPEG HD 422, the Apple® ProRes™ codec*.

Sony PXW-FS7  with 10-bit 4:2:2 imagery at just 50 Mbps.

Next-generation memory.

Sony PXW-FS7 with read/write speeds up to 600mbps

Sizzling read/write speed up to 600mbps

Long-form programs need media that's both reliable and affordable. As specified by the CompactFlashAssociation, XQD™ memory cards score big on both accounts. Reliability comes from in-camera recovery. You get very low cost per minute compared to CFast™ cards. And robust communication between the camera and the card's controller enables read/write speeds up to a sizzling 600 Mbps.

Shoulder-mount comfort without rigs - or rigmarole.

It's ironic that so-called affordable cameras need to be outfitted with expensive rigs, cages, hand grips and accessory viewfinders before you can put them on your shoulder. The PXW-FS7 is different. It was designed from a clean sheet of paper to balance beautifully on your shoulder. Zoom, Start/Stop and Assign controls are comfortably located on the sculpted, telescoping hand grip. Sony supplies a proper viewfinder that's perfectly offset to the left with a huge range of fore-aft adjustment. Want more? A viewfinder extension box and a 15 mm rod mount provide even greater flexibility.

Sony PXW-FS7 with shoudl mount comfort.

Key capabilitiesSony PXW-FS7 Key Capabilities.

  • Sony's Super 35 Exmor® CMOS Sensor
  • Sony a-mount system with 18 mm flange back distance
  • On-board 4K (3840 x 2160) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) recording
  • Wide choice of recording systems
  • XAVC (Intra/Long GOP)
  • MPEG HD, 4:2:2, 50 Mbps (HD only)
  • Apple Pro Res codec (with future upgrade and extension unit, sold separately)
  • RAW recording (with extension unit and outboard recorder, sold separately)
  • Slow & Quick Motion for over-and undercranking
  • Dual XQD card slots
  • 16-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • ISO 2000
  • Supports S-Gamut3Cine/S-Log 3 encoding
  • Die-cast magnesium frame
  • Environmentally sealed electronics
  • Wireless operation with CBK-WA100, sold separately GPS
  • * The Apple® ProRes™ codec (with future upgrade and extension unit, sold separately), and even outboard RAW recording (with extension unit and outboard recorder, sold separately).

    • 10' x 12' Muslin
    • High Key White
    • Handpainted
    • Durable Fabric
    • 4" Rod Pocket and Grommets
    • Muslins are created through a special layering process, are usable on both sides, and can be draped, hung, gathered in different patterns or cinched under, over, behind or around products, props and people
    • Care & Handling:
    • Muslin backgrounds are not flame retardant
    • Backgrounds should not be machine-washed or dry-cleaned
    • Care should also be taken not to get the background wet
    • When your background is new, it is normal for some light paint dust to rub off on your hands during handling. (this will diminish in time)
    • We recommend spraying the background lightly with a fabric protectant spray. This will help with cleaning up dirt and spills as well as stabilize the curing dust mentioned above
    • Additional Tips:
    • Random wrinkle patterns are an attractive way to add texture and character to your background
    • This can be achieved by unfolding the background and then crumpling it up into a background bag
    • If a smooth background is preferred, a hand-held steamer may be used (with special care not to saturate the background with moisture)
    • Ironing is also an option, (we suggest covering your ironing board before ironing the background to prevent color from rubbing off onto the ironing board)
    • * Due to the nature of handmade backgrounds, the color and pattern may vary slightly from the sample shown
    • Please allow 5 to 10% shrinkage in the manufacturing process
    • Made from the highest quality 100% cotton seamless muslin material
    • Hand painted in a layering technique to add depth in final image
    • Crimped along the edges to prevent tears
    • Can be draped or hung
    • Excellent with back lights and colour gels
    • One end has 4" loop for background stand, other end has (5) 1" plated eyelets for ceiling mounted rail systems
    • Colours may vary slightly from section of muslin shown in image

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