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  • Softbox Connector
  • Rotating Softbox Ring
  • Heavy Duty Swivel
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PHOTOFLEX SHOE MT ROTATING HARDWARE Original:$130.00! Save:$30.50!

Sale Price: $99.50

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  • Softbox Connector
  • Rotating Softbox Ring
  • Heavy Duty Swivel
  • One Adjustable Shoe Mount Hardware
  • Mount one or two shoe flashes into any Photoflex softbox
  • Design allows softbox to rotate without moving the shoe flashes
  • Lightweight highly durable softbox connector with proprietary mounting design allows you to mount one or two speedlights to any xs, small or medium Photoflex softbox (HalfDomesmall only) and retain the ability to rotate for maximum flexibility
  • Heavy-duty metal outer OctoConnector ring to support any Photoflex softbox
  • Strong lightweight nylon rotating core with brass thread inserts
  • Easy to rotate softbox for horizontal or vertical shooting
  • Supports one or two shoe mount flashes utilizing the adjustable ShoeMount Hardware for each flash (one is already included)
  • Includes:
  • Rotating Softbox Ring
  • Heavy Duty Swivel
  • One Adjustable Shoe Mount Hardware
  • Note: Includes one Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware (AC-B222SM). To use a 2nd shoe mount flash, an additional Adjustable ShoeMount Hardware is needed

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  • Rotating Softbox Ring
  • Heavy Duty Swivel
  • One Adjustable Shoe Mount Hardware
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