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  • Skylux Head
  • 36" Rapid Box XL
  • 10' Light Stand
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Special order - This item is not stocked in any of our stores.

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  • Skylux Head
  • 36" Rapid Box XL
  • 10' Light Stand
  • Beauty Dish/Deflector Plate
  • Dimmable daylight-balanced LED for motion and still capture
  • Pristine 5600K continuous output
  • Cutting-edge 94CRI LED technology
  • Quiet operation essential for video
  • Lightweight, solid metal housing
  • Diffused front emits shadow-free output
  • Built-in tilter bracket and umbrella mount
  • Attaches virtually any light modifier
  • Designed for constant lights and strobe heads
  • An ideal main or fill light
  • Provides soft and evenly reflected light
  • Built-in speedring
  • Robust and durable framework
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Opens and closes quickly like an umbrella
  • LED studio lighting:
  • Daylight-balanced studio LED with a CRI Rating of 94+ that allows photographers to utilize their favourite modifiers with the addition of a single Bowens Mount Speedring
  • Design:
  • The SkyLux is a beautiful, full-colour spectrum of light housed in a high-quality, compact, all-metal construction unit, which embodies a unique design with a flat front panel to protect the LED light source
  • There's no protruding bulb or globe to shatter
  • Built to use modifiers of all sizes:
  • The durable construction allows photographers to utilize their largest modifiers, like the Westcott 7' Octabank, with the simple addition of a Bowens Mount S-Type Speedring
  • The Bowens S-Type mount allows for the usage of softboxes, umbrellas, snoots, barn doors and gels
  • Built-in diffusion panel:
  • The built-in diffusion panel allows photographers to shoot without adding a modifier and still achieve a beautiful, soft, and consistent output
  • Recessed LED:
  • The frosted and diffused LED source is recessed for a shadow free output
  • LED impact resistance:
  • The LED source plate is spring mounted to ensure protection of the LED's if impact should occur
  • Simple & easy to setup and use:
  • Control the output of the SkyLux from 30% to 100% with the rear seamless control dial
  • Keeping things compact:
  • The accompanying external ballast aids to minimize the size of the SkyLux unit by moving large components away from the SkyLux housing
  • Extended cables:
  • Extended cables ensure a versatile and mobile SkyLux unit in the studio
  • Long lifespan:
  • Unlike units utilizing halogen or tungsten bulbs, the SkyLux gives off virtually no heat with it's unique LED design and has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Internal fan:
  • Photographers will find an internal fan to keep the unit cool, but don't worry about the sound
  • The SkyLux has virtually zero sound while in operation
  • The quiet fan and flicker free LED technology is a perfect setup for videographers
  • Metal construction:
  • Solid, all-metal tilter-bracket and umbrella mount minimizes the number of hardware components to carry around
  • details:
  • An umbrella hole can be found in the supplied parabolic reflector allowing the SkyLux to be positioned directly in the center of your umbrella-framed modifier
  • Robust and Durable:
  • The Rapid Box XL and XXL are constructed from solid aluminum to minimize weight and retain durability
  • Built-in Speedring:
  • The Rapid Box XL and XXL are equipped with many industry standard speedrings
  • Simply determine the mounting system for your light head, select the appropriate Rapid Box speedring option and you'll be shooting within seconds
  • Quick Setup and Tear Down:
  • The Rapid Box XL and XXL open and close like an umbrella
  • No support rods or additional speedring required
  • Sleek and Compact:
  • Both the Rapid Box XL and XXL are compact, easy to setup and ready to use in seconds
  • Durable Carry Case Included:
  • A durable carry case is equipped for travel and storage
  • Included:
  • (1) Skylux Head
  • (1) Power Ballast with Case
  • (1) 20' Power Cord
  • (1) Protective Cap
  • (1) Silver Reflector
  • (1) 36" Rapid Box XL with 1/4-Stop Diffusion Panel and Inner Baffle
  • (1) Beauty Dish/Deflector Plate
  • (1) 10' Light Stand
  • (1) Carry Case

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