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  • PhotoKey 5 Lite Software
  • 200 Digital Backdrops
  • 20 Overlay Graphics
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Sale Price: $49.99

Usually ships in 24-48 hours but stock is low.

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  • PhotoKey 5 Lite Software
  • 200 Digital Backdrops
  • 20 Overlay Graphics
  • 5' x 7' X-Drop Green Screen
  • 2 Wall Hooks
  • Instant green screen removal
  • Spill suppression for green screen extraction
  • Easy background replacement
  • Ability to choose any background
  • 9 effects & color correction filters
  • No experience. No Problem:
  • Magically go anywhere in minutes with this complete Green Screen Photo Kit
  • Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, this kit contains everything needed to master the art of green screen technology
  • Simple software:
  • The included fast, fun and easy software automatically extracts the included green screen background from behind your subject
  • This allows for insertion of any one of the 100 included digital backgrounds
  • Provide finishing touches using the software's editing and positioning tools
  • How it works:
  • First, you take the included green screen background and two wall hooks out of the box
  • We always recommend putting the background in a dryer and tumble dry low on delicate for a few minutes
  • This will help insure your background is free from wrinkles
  • Then, hang the background onto any flat surface using the included wall hooks
  • These hooks are designed to be easily removed without leaving any residue
  • Make sure your background is straight and pulled taut
  • What's next?
  • Next, position your subject at least 2' (.6 m) in front of the green screen background
  • This helps prevent any shadows from appearing on the background
  • Then, take your photo HINT! Make sure that only your background and subject are framed in the photograph
  • The fun begins:
  • Now the fun begins
  • You simply import your photo into any MAC or PC computer
  • Using the software, with just one click the green screen background is automatically extracted Another click, and import any one of the 100 digital backgrounds included
  • Get creative:
  • Get creative with the included 100 digital backgrounds for any occasion including: holiday, sports, children, abstract, whimsical, landmarks, futuristic, music and more
  • High quality:
  • Most software programs include only low-quality images
  • All images included within this kit are high-quality allowing your picture to be crisp and blown up to larger sizes
  • Endless possibilities:
  • The fun doesn't stop there
  • This software is also designed so that you can import virtually ANY JPEG image as your backdrop So, get creative with even more endless possibilities
  • Place the final touches:
  • Once your background is chosen, put the finishing touches on with these included software features: crop, auto key color, spill suppression, brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, image flip, rotation, scale, transparency, overlay and more
  • Cutting edge green screen technology:
  • New advances in green screen technology give you finer control and better results than ever before
  • Enhanced user interface:
  • Improvements to the interface make PhotoKey 5 Lite faster and easier to use than ever before
  • The Home screen provides instant access to training videos, updates and the latest news
  • Choose your background:
  • You can use any image for your background
  • Work with your own photos or images from stock libraries to find the perfect complement for your green screen photography
  • Fast & easy to use:
  • PhotoKey 5 Lite's workflow-based interface guides you through the process, with basic green screen removal only taking a handful of clicks and a few seconds
  • The Home and Help screens provide easy access to training and assistance if needed
  • Ideal for portraits:
  • Green screen photography gives you maximum control over your images. Experiment with different backgrounds without needing lots of practical backings or expensive locations.
  • Enhance your photos:
  • Included with PhotoKey 5 Lite is a selection of color filters and special effects for adjusting the appearance of your images
  • Free video tutorials:
  • A series of free video tutorials are available for free from They'll turn you into a PhotoKey 5 Lite expert in no time
  • Comprehensive documentation:
  • In addition to the free video tutorials PhotoKey 5 Lite is provided with a detailed online manual
  • Quickly search for the feature you want to use and discover everything you need to know
  • Instant access to help:
  • Assistance is never far away with instant access to video tutorials and the online manual from right inside PhotoKey 5 Lite
  • Specifications:
  • Backdrop width: 5.0' / 1.5 m
  • Backdrop length: 7.0' / 2.1 m
  • Digital Backgrounds: 200 assorted themes; 20 overlay graphics
  • Packaged width: 5.5" / 14 cm
  • Packaged length: 10" / 25.4 cm
  • Packaged height: 8" / 20.3 cm
  • Packaged weight: 1.6 lbs. / 0.73 kg
  • Software: DVD
  • Mac requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 (or newer). Intel processor. 1024x768 display resolution. 1 GB RAM. 100 MB hard drive space.
  • PC requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP with SP3. Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron/Athlon 64 processor. 1024x768 display resolution. 1 GB of RAM. 100 MB hard drive space.
  • System requirements: DVD-ROM drive for installation. Internet connection for activation.
  • In the Box:
  • (1) PhotoKey 5 Lite Software
  • (200) Digital Backdrops
  • (20) Overlay Graphics
  • (1) 5' x 7' Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Green Screen
  • (2) Wall Hooks

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  • (1) PhotoKey 5 Lite Software
  • (200) Digital Backdrops
  • (20) Overlay Graphics
  • (1) 5' x 7' Wrinkle-Resistant X-Drop Green Screen
  • (2) Wall Hooks
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