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  • Camera Strap
  • Works with any camera
  • Quick-connection System
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  • Camera Strap
  • Works with any camera
  • Quick-connection System
  • Ultralight and Compact
  • Quick-connecting sling strap, neck strap, safety tether and video stabilizer all in one
  • Leash is a quick-connecting, ultra-versatile and minimalist camera strap
  • It can be used as a sling strap, neck strap, safety tether and video stabilizer, and when you're not using Leash it's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse
  • Plus, Leash uses a quick-release system that is secure, unobtrusive and incredibly fast
  • Minimalist and adaptable, Leash is everything you need and nothing you don't
  • Each Anchor rated to over 100 lbs (45 kg) of weight
  • Smooth webbing glides over your clothing
  • Adjustable from 19 inches (48 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm)
  • Use with Capture Camera Clip (Sold Separately) or by itself

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • Good minimalist strap

  • January 11, 2016
  • By: Carl

I use this strap in conjunction with my other Peak Design products: the Cuff wrist strap, Clutch grip, and Camera Clip. When I get tired of one mode, I switch to another. The one big advantage of this strap is that it is indeed minimalist: it's easy to detach and you can roll it up to put in your pocket or in a Zip-lock sandwich bag. The disadvantage is that it is quite narrow, so that even a mirrorless camera hung off your should for several hours becomes uncomfortable. Because of this, I am considering purchasing the wider Slide Lite strap. Using this strap in the leash or stabilizer mode can come in handy, though I seldom use it in that configuration.

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  • *****
  • Great for mirrorless or point and shoots

  • October 31, 2014
  • By: Jeff

This is a great strap to slap onto your mirrorless or point and shoots. I would not recommend using this for a heavier DSLR. A DSLR, grip and long lens would put too much pressure onto the neck as there is no extra neck padding. The strap itself is made from a similar material as seatbelts which makes it easy to slip around, when shooting it's a simple tug to get at your camera if you're keeping it crossed on your chest. I am a bit weary of the durability of the strap. From my observation the strap edges may fray over time. I could be wrong though as longer term tests are needed. For the price and design, it's well worth the $40 price tag.

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