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Product Highlights :
  • Circular Polarizing Filter
  • 4.5mm Thickness
  • Very Robust
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COKIN HARMONIE 55MM C-POL FILTER Original:$109.98! Save:$50.48!

Sale Price: $59.50

Ships next business day.

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  • Circular Polarizing Filter
  • 4.5mm Thickness
  • Very Robust
  • Compatible with All Lens Caps
  • Multi-coated with EVERCLEAR 5 Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions
  • Super lightweight for maximum AF performance
  • Ultra-shallow profile to prevent vignetting
  • Circular Polarizer filters are used to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces (windows, water and so on) and increase density within the sky and/or foliage by absorbing reflected light
  • They also allow to emphasize details such as clouds and makes pictures crisper, with deeper color tones
  • Their effect cannot be achieved with a computer software
  • Its transmission is among the best in its category in comparison with polarizers that often reduce the quantity of light that reach the sensor of the camera
  • Cuts reflections. Boosts colors:
  • Factor of only 1 f-stop when attached on the lens
  • It makes it very useful, especially when used in low light conditions or in combination with other filters

Filter Shape:Circular
Filter Type:Polarizing
Circular Size:55mm

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