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  • Anti-UV Multi-Coated Filter
  • 3.3mm Thickness
  • Very Robust
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COKIN HARMONIE 52MM UV FILTER Original:$54.99! Save:$15.49!

Sale Price: $39.50

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  • Anti-UV Multi-Coated Filter
  • 3.3mm Thickness
  • Very Robust
  • Compatible with All Lens Caps
  • Multi-coated with EVERCLEAR 5 Coating Technology to withstand almost any conditions
  • Super lightweight for maximum AF performance
  • Ultra-shallow profile to prevent vignetting
  • Used to prevent ultraviolet light from getting through the lens, by reducing haziness or fogginess caused by that type of light
  • Anti-UV filters offer a physical protection from dust or scratches to the lens
  • Made of extremely resistant glass with a very high level of light transmission
  • Due to its extreme thinness, it also prevents lens flare that could occur when using traditional UV filters

Filter Shape:Circular
Filter Type:UV
Circular Size:52mm

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