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  • Monopod Stabilizer
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Simple Twist Lock
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  • Monopod Stabilizer
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Simple Twist Lock
  • Rubber Foot
  • Can be used Right Side Up, or Upside Down
  • Unique internal steel belt drive system adjusts the MoGoPod quickly to automatically telescope the MoGoPod to any height, and locks down with a simple twist lock
  • Markings on the Carry Speed MoGoPod allow you to remember your favourite settings, and the foamed handle provides a non-slip grip and comfortable handling
  • Accepts 1/4"-20 ball heads

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  • *****
  • It's the perfect run and gun equipment!

  • June 10, 2013
  • By: Darryl

I wish there were many reason for me to have kept this mogopod just like when I first bought it. Unfortunately it all had to come to an end. I'm one to bring a lot of required gear with me and this mogopod doesn't suffice the function I need it for. NOTE BEFORE BUYING: This mogopod is great for small DSLRs or ones without battery grip only and nothing else on top of it, such as GoPros, camcorders, or digital cameras. Why? Because when it gets really heavy, the weight of the equipment will cause the locking mechanism to drag down to its shortest form, thus making it unreliable for many shoots. Unlike the regular monopods with the 3 or 4-leg system locking mechanism that can take the weight no matter how heavy your gear is, this one isn't capable of such thing. Anyways, I'm giving it four stars because it still works for other cameras. I just wish that they would've made the twisting lock mechanism a whole lot tighter to prevent it from dragging down when the top load is too heavy. Also, the price posted above is not correct. I got mine for $79 and I know they haven't changed the price in a while so it's worth it investing on this. As for the future buyers, there are many things to like about this mogopod. Carry Speed will be releasing accessories for it in the near future. Stuff like the legs for more stabilized shots without spending too much like the Manfrotto 561BHDV, wheels for dolly shots, tripod fluid head, and more.

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