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Product Highlights :
  • 509HD Fluid Head (100mm)
  • 545B Twin Aluminum Legs Tripod
  • Middle Spreader
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  • 509HD Fluid Head (100mm)
  • 545B Twin Aluminum Legs Tripod
  • Middle Spreader
  • Padded Bag
  • The 509HD is the result of an important technical evolution - the perfect synthesis between an innovative "bridge architecture" and Manfrotto's cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology
  • Bridge leading the videographer and photographer to even better results with today's high-definition cameras
  • Maximum Height: 168.5 cm / 66.34 in
  • Minimum Height: 44.5 cm / 17.52 in
  • Load Capacity: 13 kg / 28.66 lbs
  • Weight: 7.3 kg / 16.09 lbs
  • 509HD Pro Fluid Video Head 100:
  • 509HD's FDS (Fluid Drag System) is based on variable fluid cartridges on both, TILT and PAN axes; the ergonomics of the controls have been noticeably improved to make use of the FDS even easier
  • Movement around the axes is smoothed by ball-bearing units which remove all unwanted vibration
  • All of this guarantees ultimate control and excellent video camera support, no matter what the situation, the shooting style, or the equipment set-up
  • The load capacity has also been improved: the 509HD supports kit up to 28.8lb (13kg) at 55mm c.o.g and two 3/8" threads on the top plate allow accessories, such as monitors and arms, to be fitted straight to the head, thus eliminating the need for extra clamps, saving set-up time and freeing the video camera's hot shoe for other components
  • 509HD features the ABR (Advanced Balancing Recorder) for precision when fixing equipment, ensuring a perfect balancing position, saving time and making this operation much more efficient, accurate and fast
  • The system can be leveled thanks to the 100mm half ball and the illuminated levelling bubble
  • Additional Pan Handle: 509HLV
  • Attachment: 3/8" male thread attachment type
  • Attachment Number: 1/4" and 3/8" screws attachment type
  • Balance Control: 4 step: 0kg ? 4.3kg ? 8.65kg ? 13kg
  • Front Tilt: -60 degrees / +90 degrees tilt range
  • Half Ball Diameter: 100.0 mm / 3.94 in
  • Independent Pan Lock: yes
  • Independent Tilt Lock: yes
  • Levelling Bubble: illuminated
  • Material: aluminum
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60
  • Minimum Working Temperature: -20
  • Pan Bar Positions: 2 number
  • Pan Bars Included (No.): 1 number
  • Pan Drag: continuously adjustable from 0 to max level
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360 degrees
  • Plate Type: 509PLONG
  • Quick Release: yes
  • Secondary Safety System: yes
  • Sliding Travel of Plate: 83.0 mm / 3.27 in
  • Tilt Drag: continuously adjustable from 0 to max level
  • Load Capacity: 13 kg / 28.66 lbs
  • Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.38 lbs
  • Working Height: 17.8 cm / 7.01 in
  • 545B Pro Aluminum Video Tripod 100/75mm Bowl 2 Stage Tandem:
  • Two stage, twin leg, lightweight aluminum professional video tripod
  • Due to optimization of the upper and lower collars, the tripod guarantees more torsion rigidity and payload (55 lbs.), plus improved shooting performance
  • The collars have also been redesigned to be aligned with the single tube tripods
  • The die cast aluminum crown features a built-in 100mm interface bowl, which can be adapted to a 75mm if needed
  • The tripod is equipped with an innovative mid-level spreader for improved tripod stability It comes with quick on-off rubber shoes for better grip on smooth floors
  • Highlighted Features:
  • * Built-in 10mm interface bowl, can be adapted to a 75mm if needed
  • * Spreader length regulation
  • * Spreader attachment
  • * Rubber shoes guarantee a better grip on smooth floors
  • * Designed collars, integrated in the overall product ergonomics for improved rigidity
  • * Mid-level spreader for improved tripod stability
  • Centre Column: no center
  • Head Bowl: 100mm
  • Leg Cross Section: round
  • Legs Tube Diameter: 16.25mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Spreader: mid level - variable arm length
  • Suggested Dolly: 114MV - 181B
  • Suggested Spreader: 165MV
  • Closed Length: 69.0 cm / 27.17 in
  • Leg Sections: 3 number
  • Load Capacity: 25 kg / 55.12 lbs
  • Maximum Height: 154.0 cm / 60.63 in
  • Minimum Height: 30.0 cm / 11.81 in
  • Weight: 3.5 kg / 7.72 lbs

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