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  • Flexible, Lightweight Tripod
  • Ballhead X for Gorillapod Focus
  • Flexible, Wrappable Legs
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  • Flexible, Lightweight Tripod
  • Ballhead X for Gorillapod Focus
  • Flexible, Wrappable Legs
  • Supports up to 11.1 lbs
  • Cameras and Video Camera NOT included
  • Gorillapod Focus:
  • Heavy duty GorillaPod Focus, designed for the professional photographer, is a flexible, lightweight tripod engineered from machined aluminum
  • Intended for heavy-duty cameras with battery packs and lenses
  • Perfect for trips to heavily trafficked spots where standard tripods aren?t allowed--such as cathedrals and museums--or for your every day shoots, where the easy portability and stability of the GorillaPod Focus make it the perfect tool for your photography bag
  • High-quality injection molded leg joints and rubberized ring and foot grips secure photography gear weighing up to 11.1lbs (5kg) to virtually any surface, with stability in even difficult terrain
  • Built to support the weight - Sturdy machined aluminum sockets ensure that joints stay firm even after repeated use
  • Photo Shoot ready--Includes a permanent 1/4" universal screw and 3/8" adapter screw to mount both cameras and professional tripod heads
  • Compact and lightweight - the GorillaPod Focus is the ideal camera accessory for the professional photographer on-the-go
  • Holds up to 5kg (11 lbs)
  • Over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360 degrees
  • Designed for: Professional camera rigs with large zoom lenses; Professional video cameras
  • Holds up to: 5kg (11 lbs)
  • Size: 29×9.2×9.2cm (11.4×3.6×3.6")
  • Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs)
  • Connection: Permanent universal 1/4" tripod screw and 3/8" adapter screw
  • Materials:
  • Legs: Machined aluminum with an anodized gunmetal finish; High quality Japanese ABS plastic; Durable German TPE grip rings
  • Camera screw: Stainless steel
  • Ballhead X for Focus:
  • Ballhead X is lightweight and compact, yet still robust enough to support 5kg (11.1 lb) of equipment, cantilevered
  • Full 360 degrees panning, and 90° tilt. Position your camera at virtually any angle; get portrait or landscape shots with ease
  • Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction delivers durability with smooth movement
  • Universal quick-release plate stays connected to your camera. Switch between cameras quickly and securely
  • Separate knobs allow you to pan and tilt independently
  • Adjustment knobs with durable TPE easily lock the ballhead into place, securing it tightly
  • The clamp and plate are Arca-Swiss system compatible
  • Designed for: Professional SLR cameras with or without zoom lenses; Video cameras
  • Holds up to: 5kg (11.1 lb)
  • Size: 68.2 x 62.5 x 83.3mm (2.7 x 2.5 x 3.3")
  • Weight: 262g (9.3oz)
  • Connection: Removable anodized aluminum universal (Arca-Swiss system compatible) quick-release plate with 1/4" tripod screw
  • Bottom thread: 3/8" with 1/4" adapter screw (pre-inserted). Compatible with almost all tripods
  • Materials:
  • Ballhead and plate: Machined aluminum; Tough ABS plastic; Durable TPE grip rings
  • Camera screw: Stainless steel

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Product Reviews

  • *****
  • Rock solid

  • January 30, 2013
  • By: RCBP

I use a 4Ti with battery grip and my largest/heaviest lens is the Canon 70-300mm IS USM. Like any small, table-top style tripod, care must be given to placement, and this unit is actually more stable than some as the leg configurations can be positioned for very stable shooting. Additionally, using the Joby Gorillapod FOCUS & Ballhead X, portrait shooting is quite easy, and the camera stays as positioned without slipping or creep as the tightening mechanising is solid and secure. If you're debating the Joby SLR Zoom model, I'd go with the Focus for a more robust, stable rig. If mine was stolen, I'd buy another one.

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  • *****
  • Unsuitable for task

  • September 02, 2012
  • By: RLP

While the Gorillapod will hold a DLSR with a lens (D700 with 24-70 f2.8) it does so with poor balance and unless you put it in a tripod configuration with the one leg under the lens, then the whole thing tips. As well, there is no way the ball head can hold the camera/lense combination on an angle. The ball head is not tight enough and the camera starts to slip its position as soon as you take your hand away. There is no way to shoot using the gorillapod in a portrait format. What will work is getting the gorillapod without the ball head and then attaching a cheap Manfrotto onto the 1/4-20 screw and use that ball head. While all the balance issues still exist, once you get the gorillapod in place, your camera won't slip from position. While it may have other uses, such as holding a flash, there a less expensive gorillapods to do this task.

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