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  • Included:
  • 1600J Flash Tube
  • Modelling Lamp
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  • Included:
  • 1600J Flash Tube
  • Modelling Lamp
  • Protection Glass Cover (Pyrex)
  • Also Included: Lamphead, Protection Cap, Lamp Base Cable 5 m, Bag with Replacement Fuse, Safety Bolt for Suspension Mounting
  • Lamp base with sturdy Noryl housing and grip
  • Bayonet mount with automatic lock for interchangeable reflectors and various area lamps
  • Plug-in flash tube with ceramic socket and spring for secure hold
  • Lamp base can be fitted either with 1600 J or 3200 J flash tubes
  • Switch and fuse for modelling light
  • Protecting glass is available in 5500 K or 5900 K as well as clear or mat
  • Safer protecting glass holder thanks to mechanical lock
  • Integrated tilting head with locking lever
  • Umbrella holder
  • Light angle may be adjusted by a rotary knob fitted at side
  • Focusing possible within 26 mm range, resulting in illumination angle adjustment from 60 degrees - 90 degrees (P70)
  • Equipped with thermal protection
  • Cooling fan for long flash sequences
  • Suitable for mains voltages from 100 to 240 V thanks to the stabilized fan supply (Attention: The lamp base must be fitted with a corresponding modelling lamp)
  • Also usable with battery-powered Mobil power pack (without modelling light when using
  • on battery)
  • Pulso G Lamp Base Specifications:
  • Flash energy max. - 3200 J
  • F-stop at 2 m distance 100 ISO, reflector P70 - 64 2/10 resp. 90 2/10 (with Grafit)
  • Modelling light (fuse value) - 650 W halogen (3.15 AF) 230 - 240 V, 300 W halogen (3.15 AF) 100 - 120 V
  • Length of cable - 5 m
  • Cooling - stabilized fan
  • Dimensions - over all 130 x 310 x 200 (mm)
  • Weight incl. cable - 3.145 kg
  • Stand support - for broncolor bolt 12 mm, 3/8" thread
  • and Manfrotto bolt 16 mm
  • Compatibility - Power packs compatible with all Broncolor Power Packs as from 1972
  • Special Restrictions
  • Flash tubes for the Pulso G lamp base are available with a maximum capacity of 1600 J respectively 3200 J. With each flash tube, two stickers labelled "max. 1600 J" respectively "max. 3200 J" are enclosed, which must be stuck on the blue square onto the lamp plug as well as at the side of the tilting head of the lamp base. The Pulso G lamp base must not be charged above the indicated value.
  • For thermal reasons the UV filter coating of the flash tube 3200 J has been applied directly onto the protecting glass. The flash tube 1600 J however has the UV filter coating directly on the flash tube, for price reasons. The clear protecting glass does not have any optical effect. If a uniform fitting of all lamp base types is intended, the lamp base Pulso G may also be fitted with a clear flash tube 1600 J and coated protecting glass.
  • Due to the improved protecting glass holder, new protecting glasses are now also available. These have a marking line and three grooves at the rim. When inserting the protecting glass into the locking device of the Pulso G lamp base, the marking line must be at the top. After engaging the protecting glass, it must be slightly turned, to prevent accidental loosening. The previous protecting glasses are not compatible with the Pulso G lamp.
  • Warning: For safety reasons the lamp must not be operated without protecting glass.
  • The Pulso G lamp base can be operated worldwide with all mains voltages on condition that it is fitted with the corresponding halogen lamp for the local mains voltage.

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