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  • Corner Clamp Kit with Frame
  • 10" x 14" Frame
  • Tensioners
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  • Corner Clamp Kit with Frame
  • 10" x 14" Frame
  • Tensioners
  • Staples
  • Archival Glue
  • Photos printed onto canvas and then mounted on a frame with the image wrapped around the edge of the frame
  • The look is very modern and is becoming extremely popular
  • Gallery wraps can be mounted unframed or they can be framed as a traditional art print
  • Gallery wraps have previously been restrictive because stretching required very specialized skills and tools to do a proper job so customers would have to source out framers
  • With the new gallery wrap system you can print on the canvas and stretch the canvas on the stretcher bars in about 5 minutes
  • There are no special tools you just need the mounting brackets and an Xacto knife
  • The wrapping system is so easy to use that anyone can product beautiful Gallerywraps after only 10 minutes of training
  • All stretcher sticks are sold in packs of one length, which will make a square frame
  • To create a rectangular frame you can purchase the second length separately
  • Reusable corners are required to position the sticks correctly
  • The standard Stick and Stretch (1-1/4" depth) can be used for 8" up to 24" lengths and the PRO version (1-3/4"depth) is designed for larger wraps up to 60" lengths
  • In the Box:
  • 10" x 14" Frame
  • Tensioners
  • Staples
  • Archival Glue

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  • *****
  • A great idea needing some work

  • September 03, 2013
  • By: DR Chevalier

Conceptually, this is brilliant and the videos over at the Amplis online store make it look dead simple. And it is dead simple. The issue is with the adhesive strips on the sticks. I bought two starter kits because that's what the local store had in stock. I printed two images on Breathing Color Crystalline Satin Canvas, an archival grade canvas. I followed all the instructions and the results looked exactly as expected. By the next day however, the tautness of the canvas had diminished as the edges that had been stuck to the sticks became unstuck and slipped. I had not only pressed hard, I had used a hard rubber roller to press the sticks into the canvas. Sadly the adhesive strips are not consistently reliable. I've since disassembled both kits and laid in via a popsicle stick some of the supplied archival glue. This has worked better, but the tension is lost once you use the sticks the first time. If the manufacturer were to improve the quality of the adhesive strips, I could give this a better rating. As it is, you may not get what you expect. Note that I only tried the Standard kit as the Pro kit was not available in store. There are tips on the web that advise not to trim your canvas to the edges of the sticks as instructed but to fold it over the back of the sticks and use a staple gun to tack the rear edges down. I will do this the next time I make a Gallery Wrap. Also please note that the kits branded Hahnemuhle Gallerie Wrap are EXACTLY the same product. The Stick & Stretch name is unique to Canada. The originating company is called IGWRAP.

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